Mugen no Frontier Xiaomu
Name Xiaomu
Age 765
Appearances Namco X Capcom
Mugen no Frontier
Mugen no Frontier EXCEED
Seiyuu Omi Minami

Xiaomu (小牟) is an agent of the Shinra organization on Earth who first debuted in the action/tactical RPG, Namco X Capcom for the Playstation 2 as one of it's protagonists. She is a 765-year-old Chinese kitsune and Reiji Arisu's partner.

Namco X CapcomEdit

Mugen no FrontierEdit

After the events of Namco x Capcom, Reiji and Xiaomu were still chasing Saya. After Saya had escaped to the Endless Frontier, she and Reiji decided to follow using the flux.

After arriving in Mirabilis Castle, they had a run in with Haken and co. After Haken defeated the two, they both explained the events leading up to their battle and what both groups were after.

Reiji and Xiaomu then teamed up with Haken not only to find a way back home but to bring Saya back home with them.

Mugen no Frontier EXCEEDEdit

Lok Eye summons both Saya's group and Xiaomu in an attempt to fight Aledy's group, but it doesn't go entirely as planned, so he leaves. Xiaomu is later joined by Reiji to find their way home and bring Saya back with them ...again.


Suiren Ni no Kata - A series of slashes with the sword-cane "Suiren", ending with an overhead strike that shoots out a blast of water.

  • The "San" version in EXCEED adds more slashes.

Nicho Shigaisen - Juggles the enemy with the twin pistols "Silver" and "Platinum".

Senko Youjutsu Ryuukoranhou - Fires four beams from her fingers, followed by three energy waves.

Hakkin Tatsumaki no Kata - Xiaomu pulls out her pistols before spinning around, firing bullets all the while.

Suiren Shigure no Kata - An overhead strike that shoots out a blast of water followed by an uppercut slash, then several midair cuts followed by a final dashing slash.

Xiaomu Wizard - Xiaomu tosses a series of bombs at her enemy before leaping at them to knee them in the face, then playfully hitting her enemy with her hip.

Suzakatou Naminori no Kata - Slashes with "Suiren" that creates waves with each slash, then she rides a wave into the enemy.

Kimonfuji Haten Kou - Xiamou launches the enemy, then seals the target in a sphere of spiritual energy. She then puts more energy into the sphere, causing it to explode.

Senko Youjutsu Dakki no Kata - Xiaomu traps her enemy in a sphere of spiritual energy, dealing damage while healing herself.

Ougi: Yomeri no Kata - Xiaomu dons a wedding dress, tossing bombs at her enemies and food at her allies.

Senko Youjutsu Kimon Fuuji - Xiaomu dashes in from off-screen, then slashes with "Suiren" creating a wave that launches the opponent. As they fall, she traps her enemy in a sphere of spiritual energy.

Battou Ougi Shinra Banshou - Xiamou seals the enemy in a sphere before Reiji unleashes a series of attacks. Ends with a single slash from Xiamou's blade.

Senko Youjutsu Ougi Shishin Souou - Xiaomu launches the enemy with a wave-slash from "Suiren", then juggles her opponent with a bomb, a finger-beam, and an energy wave before sealing the enemy in a sphere. She then leaps at them to knee them in the face before riding them like a surfboard. Finally, she launches both herself and her enemy into the air and piledrives them into a wrestling ring that come out of nowhere.

Senko Kou Sappo Ougi Koshu Fuu Rei - Xiaomu launches the enemy with slashes from "Suiren" before sealing the enemy in a sphere. She then dashes through the opponent without her jacket, then in a high-school gym uniform, then in a maid outfit, then a naked apron, and finally in a wedding dress.

Video GalleryEdit


Just like how Reiji was based on Kyosuke Nanbu, her character was based on Excellen Browning.

Due to being over 700 years old, she is often a victim of jokes that mock her for her age.

The word Shigaisen in one of her techniques is homophonetic to the word for "ultraviolet rays". The alternate reading is "Togeyoroihirame" (Armor-Piercing Flash), and ultraviolet rays pierce our planet's "armor".

Koshu Fuu Rei means "Sealed Spirit of the Fox-Lord", but can be read as "Cosplay", referring to Xiaomu's cosplay switching during the move.

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