Wodan Ymir
Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 character
Wodan ymir
Voiced by Kenichi Ono (Japanese)
Aliases W15
Age Ageless
Gender Male
Species Artificial Human
Date of death 179 (S.E)
Known relatives Lemon Browning (Creator), Sanger Zonvolt (Origin)
Military History
Affiliation Shadow-Mirror (OG 2/OGs)
Rank Unknown
Units Piloted Thrudgelmir (OG 2/OGs)

Wodan Ymir is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. He has appeared as a non-playable enemy character in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, but made a brief playable appearance in Super Robot Wars Original Generations. In canon, he pilots the Thrudgelmir.

Theme MusicEdit

  • The Gate of Magus

Personality And TraitsEdit

A man of complete mystery, Wodan Ymir fights with the strength of a monster and rarely speaks out of line. Proclaiming himself to be The Sword Of Magus (Magus no tsurugi), he guards the Earth Cradle facility and is a member of the Shadow-Mirror forces. To the Original Generation cast, his speech, along with his method of combat, reminisces that of their old ally, Sänger Zonvolt, leading them to believe he has sided with their enemy, like he did with the Divine Crusaders in the previous war.


Wodan Ymir's origin is Sanger Zonvolt, but a different Sanger who existed in the Shadow-Mirror universe and was listed as missing after an incident at the Earth Cradle. The Shadow-Mirror head scientist, Lemon Browning, used his form and personality as the basis of some of her W-Series androids. Thus, W15, codenamed, Wodan Ymir, was born. After the Shadow-Mirror jumped from their universe into the Original Generation universe, Wodan was placed in charge of protecting the Earth Cradle. To further his programming, Lemon had him interface with Magus Gebo, the supercomputer that sustains the facility, so that Wodan would have greater combat capabilities. This link-up also pulled Wodan into a conviction to protect the machine from his enemies, at the cost of his life.

When the ATX Team proved to be a difficulty for the Shadow-Mirror to advance their plans, Vindel Mauser ordered Wodan to sortie out in the Thrudgelmir and eliminate the team's leader, Kyosuke Nanbu. Though Wodan would fail in his first attempt, he would meet his enemies a second time. Just before he was close to accomplishing his mission, the Original Generation universe's Sanger Zonvolt arrives in his Grungust Type-3. Seeing the man who was his origin, Wodan's conviction completely changes. Instead of completing his objectives, he becomes obsessed with defeating Sanger, thereby ridding himself of his W15 status and become Wodan Ymir, rather than a mere shadow of his parallel self.

When Sanger and Rätsel Feinschmecker retreats to the Tesla Leicht Institute to retrieve their new Double-G units, they would be attacked by the Inspectors' Vigagi and his Galgau. However, Wodan would rush into battle, defending Sanger while he retrieves his new machine, the Dygenguard, for only Wodan, who challenged Sanger, can be the one to defeat him and neither of them can die before their fight is complete. Nevertheless, their duel would eventually end at the site of the Earth Cradle, where he and Sanger would clash for the last time. Seeing Sanger's own conviction of wanting to protect Dr. Sophia Nate, who was actually Magus, but with her consciousness fused into the computer, he admits defeat by Sanger's abilities. As one last act, he self-destructs the Thrudgelmir, killing Egret Feff and entrusting Sophia to Sanger. However, the self-destruct sequence would be retconned in Original Generations, as Wodan executes the Thrudgelmir's ultimate attack, the Zankantou Hoshinagi no Tachi, destroying Egret and all of his mass-produced Bergelmirs. With his ruined machine not standing the stress of delivering the attack, the Thrudgelmir explodes, killing Wodan.

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