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Viletta Vadim
Super Robot Taisen character
Voiced by Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese)
Aliases Bet Balshem
Viletta Prisken
Gender Female
Species Balmarian Clone
Known relatives Ingram Prisken (Older Brother)
Military History
Affiliation Aerogaters (Alpha 1),
Alpha Numbers (Alpha 2/3),
SRX Team (Alpha 3, OG1/2/OGs/OG Gaiden)
Rank Captain
Units Piloted Huckebein 008 L (Alpha 1, OG1), Gespenst MK II Type-S (Alpha 1, OG1), Grungust (Alpha 1, OG1), Huckebein MK III L (Alpha 2), Huckebein MK II M (OG 2/OGs), Gespenst MK II Type-R (OG 2/OGs), R-Gun (OG 1/OGs), R-Gun Powered (Alpha 3, OG 1/2/OGs/OG Gaiden)

Viletta Vadim is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, she pilots the R-Gun Powered.


Viletta has appeared in the following games:

Theme Music

  • Woman the Cool Spy  - Default theme music.

Personality And Traits

A mysterious, straight-faced woman, Viletta Vadim possess exceptional piloting and leadership skills. Similar to Ingram Prisken, during battles Viletta maintains a very analytical look of the situation. Also, she is calm, forgiving and adaptive with her fellow members in SRW.


Original Generation Timeline

Viletta Vadim is the second clone of the mass-produced Balshem series, based on Ingram Prisken, the first in the series of Balmarian clones, created by Euzeth Gozzo. Under the codenamed Bet Balshem, she was sent to Earth as a spy by Ingram, under the Aerogaters, infiltrating the Earth Federation Army and working alongisde Ring Mao at Mao Industries with the R-Gun, in order to gather data for their impending invasion.

When Ingram betrayed the SRX Team, she became the new SRX Team Commander, and given the rank of Captain. During the final battle with Septuagint, Gilliam Yeager questions her real identity and alignment. Viletta reveals her origins, stating she is Viletta Prisken, a clone of Ingram to act on his behalf, once he became unable to act of his own free will. As such, not only was she working for the Aerogaters, she would be fulfilling Ingram's own objectives. With Operation SRW over, Viletta holds her position on the SRX Team, siding with the Earth forces, knowing Ingram's prediction of a future Balmarian invasion, while keeping her identity a secret from the rest of her teammates.

In Original Generation 2, Viletta stays in Japan with Irmgult Kazahara to test out the prototype R-Blade, while assisting Dr. Kenzo Kobayashi with further research on his T-Link System. When the remains of the Judecca is found, and Levi Tolar still alive, she would suggest the Psychodriver become the new pilot of the R-Gun Powered, while integrating her into the Earth Federation Army as the former Mai Kobayashi. With the threat of the Inspectors, Shadow-Mirror and Einst, Viletta knows she couldn't keep her identity a secret any longer, and was about to reveal herself even though she might not be an Earthling, she is still trustworthy to be a part of the SRX Team.


  • Like Ingram, Viletta shouts "Dead End Shoot!" & "Dead End Slash" when in the R-Gun.
  • Viletta is the only original character to be appeared in every game in the Alpha series.