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VangRay (ヴァングレイ VanguRei) is an original unit from Super Robot Wars V.


The VangRay packs a Super Robot's silhouette into a Real Robot's stature. For example, while scarcely taller (and visibly bulkier) than the famously svelte Fairlion, it weighs about the same (and almost half as much as the similarly short and petite R-3).

Despite this, much of its frame is slender and elongated, with a relatively small head by comparison. Its skirt and leg armor is considerably wide and thick, but its footpads fairly compact. It boasts a protruding pair of missile pods on each shoulder, and an enormous drive engine on its back. All of which gives it a burly, muscular shape reminiscent of much larger machines, despite its diminutive height.

Technical And Historical[]

A prototype mobile weapon for anti-alien warfare developed at the Third Special Strategy Research Institute. A multi-role machine intended to balance three core elements - high mobility, heavy armor, and high firepower. The name originates from the Gardim word 'Vang', meaning 'hope'.

The product, however, is an improvised machine, with various equipment piled on an extant frame. As such, it has problems with poor balance, high pilot load, and insufficient durability of some parts. The degree of completion of the machine is quite low. The one saving grace is that the area around the cockpit is equipped with an omnidirectional monitor and linear seats, as well as a safety measures that allow it to be operated even without a pilot suit.

Dubbed by Soji as a "flying arsenal" or "an aircraft with limbs on its weapons," it has been criticized by many, including Chitose , as a "failure."

It is thanks to the excellence of System 99, the installed control OS, that this defective machine with so many problems can be put into actual battle. According to Nine, her hands are dexterous, and both her android body and the reinforced parts that can be purchased at the factory are made using this machine.


Height: 16.4 Meters

Weight: 28.2 Tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 2 x Chest Machine Cannon:
    Machine cannons in the chest. When in use, the cover lifts up and the rotary barrel extends.
  • 2 x Booster Missile Pod:
    Multi-tube missile pods mounted on the shoulders.
    • 2 x Variable Speed Particle Cannon "Senpuu":
      Rapid-fire weapons mounted to outer side of each missile pod.
  • 2 x Leg Missile Pod:
    Multi-tube missile pods mounted on the legs.
  • 2 x Shield:
    A flat, roughly oval shield is mounted on each forearm.
    • 2 x Electromagnetic Acceleration Gun "Tsukikage":
      Pistol-shaped railguns, hand-operated in use. One is stored on the underside of each shield.
  • Electromagnetic Acceleration Cannon "Gekkou":
    A rapid-fire railgun that serves as the VangRay's primary firearm, wielded with the right arm.
  • Large-Caliber Positron Shock Cannon "Jinrai":
    A particularly long-barrel positron cannon connected to the back via a subarm. When not in use, it folds in half and rests behind the right shoulder. After firing, the overheated barrel is flash-frozen with coolant.



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