Super Robot Taisen W - Valzacard Exhibition

The Valzacard(ヴァルザカード) is the largest and tallest Banpresto Original to ever exist. It is unique in terms of combinations as it features 2 mechs and 2 battleships fusing to become a destructive force of power. As mentioned before, the Valzacard is a combination of the Valhawk, Valstork, Arm Arcus and Arm Stora. It made it's debut late in SRW W and is piloted by the Ardygun family.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Valzacard in many ways resembles a fusion between the Arm Arcus and the Valguard. The additional parts from the Arm Arcus lengthen the legs, changing the stocky appearance of the Valguard to more normal proportions.

History[edit | edit source]

The Valzacard  was the original mecha in Super Robot Taisen W and it serves as the Ardygun family combat mecha. At that moment the Valzacard was born. Kazuma would be the main pilot and would plow his way using the Valzacard's immense power till the end of Super Robot Taisen W.

Armaments[edit | edit source]

The Valzacard carries no optional weaponry save for the usage of the Arm Arcus as a multipurpose weapon and its fixed Proton Cannon. The unit itself runs on a supernova reactor.

Proton Cannon[edit | edit source]

The same concept used by that of the Valstork, mounted in the Valzacard's abdomen. This is considered its weakest attack, though it is more than capable of tearing a battleship to pieces.

Arcus Blade[edit | edit source]

The Arm Arcus configures itself into Sword Mode and the Valzacard coats the machine in a crystal blade to wield it. The true power of the sword lies within the help of Regulate who empowers the Arm Arcus to break the walls of dimensions.

Exa Nova Shoot(Over)[edit | edit source]

The Arm Arcus configures itself into Archer Mode and splits into 2. the Valzacard would then use this bow to fire a supernova shot at the enemy which pierce the Universe until it goes through various dimensions. The Valzacard would then close into the enemy to deliver the final strike before causing an Supernova Explosion. Exa Nova Shoot is a MAP attack, while the Exa Nova Shoot Over targets only a single unit.

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