Night Fowl

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The Night Fowl is Haken Browning's customized rifle with a built-in pile bunker and bayonet. The main gun fire normal, solid rounds. The fold-out bayonet (kept in the rifle's stock), when extended, appears to have the same length as the main gun and is used for slashing and juggling the opponent. The underslung pile bunker is used for heavier, less flashy strikes, often launching enemies into the far wall in battle, and can even be used while the gun is held backwards. On the field, it can be used to jackhammer boulders and crystal formations. However, it required an upgrade made from the very crystals it was supposed to break. The Night Fowl appears to be built with technology similar to Alt Eisen's Revolving Stake, as seen in the manga that Haken pierced a Einst's armor and core while using the weapon.

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