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The Ialdabaoth is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. The Ialdabaoth has appeared as a playable unit Super Robot Wars Compact 3. This unit made a brief, playable appearance in the bonus segment of Super Robot Wars Original Generations, but is fully playable once again in Super Robot Wars OG Gaiden.

The names of this unit is taken from the names of demons: the Ialdabaoth specifically is derived from an alternative Gnostic name for the Demiurge.


The Ialdabaoth is an unusual mech, given a predominantly red color scheme, with yellow highlights for the head, hands and feet. One of its main, distinguishable features is that it sports a long, thick, grey mane from its head, acting like its hair and cape.

Technical And Historical

The Ialdabaoth is the personal 修羅神 ( Shurashin) of Shura warrior Folka Albark. As a Shura God, it drains the life energy of anyone near its cockpit and turns it into its strength. The side effect of this system is that the user and any occupants will have his/her lifespan shortened. Folka has used his Shura God numerous times, whenever he enters into combat, although he seems unfazed in the long run at the hazards his machine can do.

Much like Axel Almer's Soulgain, the Ialdabaoth sports no visible weapons. Instead, it totally relies on energy manipulations and martial art techniques. A technology similar to the Direct Motion Link System, where the mech will move according to the pilot's physical movement, is implemented into this robot. What this device is called is unknown. Complimented with Folka mastering the Machine God Fist (機神拳 Kishinken) fighting style (a fictional martial arts-like fighting style) which goes greatly with the machine, this makes the Ialdabaoth a rather fearsome machine.

When Folka discovers his new reason to live for the Shura, other than fighting, the Ialdabaoth would resonate with his newly, awakened feelings and become strengthened. Its power is exponentially greater than its original form, giving its appearance a predominantly white color, with the mane-like hair on its hair shimmering in crimson red, and its faceplate removed. As well, this full-powered form of the Ialdabaoth, known as the Ialdabaoth (Apotheosized) (ヤルダバオト(神化) Yarudabaoto (Shinka)), no longer requires life energy for strength, bringing an advantage to Folka in his fight with his enemies.



Weapon Systems:

  • Machine God Fist (機神拳 Kishin Ken)
    In Compact 3, the Ialdabaoth rushes to the enemy and delivers rapid punches to the enemy.
    • In the Original Generation games, the Ialdabaoth jumps to the back of its enemy and delivers a stunning backhand strike. It follows up with a flurry of kicks that eventually sends the enemy upwards. As the enemy falls down, it delivers a powerful punch that knocks the enemy away.
  • Machine God Twin Beasts Attack (機神双獣撃 Kishin Sōjū Geki)
    The Ialdabaoth gathers energy around its fists and punches forward, launching two dragon-like blasts that enter the target's armor before bursting out.
  • Machine God Fierce Attack Fist (機神猛撃拳 Kishin Mōgeki Ken)
    In Compact 3, the Ialdabaoth gathers energy around its fists and delivers three punches and a series of strengthed punches that knocks the enemy far away.
    • In the Original Generation games, while powering itself up, the Ialdabaoth would walk towards the enemy, with a wasteland background in the horizon, then dash with its whole body, now glowing with life energy from its pilot. The energy paralyzes its target, and the Ialdabaoth delivers a combination of punches and kicks, and eventually launches the enemy up to the air. The Ialdabaoth would follow up by jumping to the enemy and delivers a shattering kick to the opponent, while Folka recites the name of the attack, with the Japanese kanji displayed on the screen. 
  • Roaring Supreme Machine God Fist (轟覇機神拳 Gōha Kishin Ken)
    In Compact 3, this is an extension to the Kishin Mōgeki Ken. After knocking the enemy away, the Ialdabaoth would gather more energy to its hand and dash to the enemy, grabbing it and releasing its energy at point blank range.
    • In Original Generation Gaiden, it involves the Ialdabaoth charging and exploding with Folka's life energy, leaving a massive crater. The machine quickly dashes forward and proceeds to hammer away at the target rapidly and lets out a final punch that causes a dragon-like ki to rise and pierce the enemy, as the area explodes and the Japanese kanji of the attack displayed on the screen. 

Ialdabaoth (Shinka)

Weapon Systems':

  • True Supreme Machine God Fist (真覇機神拳 Shinha Kishin Ken)
    The Ialdabaoth gazes directly at its target. With a flash of its eyes, the enemy is temporarily stunned, and the Ialdabaoth leaps towards its target. The Ialdabaoth then proceeds to strike the enemy with lightning-fast jabs, using only one hand, as it steadily continues to walk and punch its target. Finally, it jumps at the enemy and delivers a hard kick at its torso to finish the attack.
  • True Supreme Light Fist (真覇光拳 Shinha Kou Ken)
    The Ialdabaoth gathers energy around its hands and launches countless energy blasts at multiple enemy targets.
  • True Supreme Strong Palm Flash (真覇剛掌閃 Shinha Gōshou Sen)
    The Ialdabaoth charges and explodes with Folka's life energy. Upon completion, the machine quickly dashes forward and proceeds to hammer away at the target rapidly, breaking the ground around it apart. As the dust settles, the Ialdabaoth gathers enough energy in its hand to punch the airborne enemy through a mountain in the wasteland background, shattering it completely. As Folka recites the name of the attack, with the kanji displayed on the screen, the target explodes in a large scale.
  • True Supreme Fierce Destruction (真覇猛撃烈破 Shinha Mōgeki Reppa)
    The strongest attack of the Ialdabaoth begins with the machine resonating directly with Folka. The Ialdabaoth is now bursting with its pilot's undominable will at maximum, and summons a pair of energy-based dragons (SōHaRyu) from its hands. These dragons blanket the area with their energies, trapping the target in a dark and shadowy, inescapable dome, leaving only it and the Ialdabaoth inside. The Shura God moves in and begins to pummel the enemy -- its movements too quick for the enemy to evade. When the initial melee barrage is over, the Ialdabaoth blasts its airborne target with pure energy from the ground, sending it out of the dome. The dragons quickly assemble together and strike it, continuing to send it higher into the atmosphere. Finally, the Ialdabaoth emerges from the mouth of one of its dragons, and as Folka recites the name of the attack, the machine and the dragon pierce the target. The kanji is displayed on the screen, and the enemy explodes above the clouds.

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