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FF6 Kefkaart.jpg
Name SetanBedul
A.K.A Landavia
Job Class Wanderer
Race Unknown
Hometown Jakarta
Date of Birth July, 22 1981
Age 20+
Height 6' 10"
Blood Type A
IQ -120 (huh??)
Accomplishments Finish FF Game & SRW Game
Polical Affilation Rebel to any Political

Hello Everyone and welcome to my user page. I am Landavia and I kick ass. My love for Final Fantasy 6, is only equal to my hatred of Final Fantasy 8. That game don't receive my gratitude

Explaining the name: 'Landavia' is the default name I use for all video games in which you choose the main character's name. While 'Setanbedul' was name I always used in Internet.

In every FF, I like the default name. Only for 'Gogo' (FF 6), I named him/her as 'Gogon', named from one of comedian in my country. When I found Rename item, I like to use to reverse the name (Character) to default.


i'm just new here. and i still manage to edit this wiki..

fyi.. i like SRW since SRW3!! and I hope this wiki will interest you more