Touma Kanou
Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 character
Img chara14 in chara
Voiced by Yasuyuki Kase
Gender Male
Species Human
Known relatives Minaki Tomine (Love interest)
Military History
Affiliation Alpha Numbers (Alpha 3)
Units Piloted RaiOh (Alpha 3, 2nd OG),
DaiRaiOh (Alpha 3)

Touma Kanou is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. He has appeared as a playable character in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. In canon, he pilots the DaiRaiOh


Touma has appeared in the following games:

Touma also makes a short appearance in the anime Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: The Inspector.

Theme SongEdit

  • Toushi, Hatenaku  - Used when piloting the RaiOh.
  • Shippuu Jinrai  - Used when piloting the DaiRaiOh.

Personality And TraitsEdit

Touma Kanou is a hot-blooded character, has a strong sense of justice, and is probably one of the most innovative Banpresto Original pilots, as he invented new, stronger attacks with each upgrade to his machine (Rising Meteor and JinRai to RaiOh and DaiRaiOh, respectively). In Alpha 3, Touma is initially trained by Tetsuya Tsurugi of Great Mazinger and Guy Shishio of GaoGaiGar, and then later hones his skills with many pilots from almost all the Super Robot series (e.g. Kazuya from Tosho Daimos and Fan Li from Gaiking - the Alpha Numbers encompasses several gifted athletes). In his battles against the Balmarians, he develops a fierce rivalry with Baran Doban.


Original Generation TimelineEdit

Touma is once again a delivery boy, and first encountered when he had an assignment in Asakusa City, becoming an acquaintance of Kouta Azuma. He witnessed the Shura attacking the city, but couldn't do anything at the moment.

Several months after the ODE Incident, the Shura once again began an assault to Earth. Touma ends up being held captive by Shura General Magnaz Ald, but remained defiant against his oppression. He's saved in the nick of time by Kouta, now already mastered his alter ego as Fighter Roar, and although safe, he wouldn't be heard again during the whole Shura Rebellion events.

Following the formation of the Gaia Sabers, Touma once again resumed his job as a delivery boy, and eventually encountered the KouRyuu Sentai (the Hagane and Hiryuu Custom team) in yet another delivery job in Asakusa City. He recognized Kouta as a part of the team and thanked him for his assistance back in the Shura Rebellion. Their reunion was interrupted when the anti-DGG weapon, JinRai, wreaked havoc thorough the city, bringing mass-produced clones of itself. The KouRyuu Sentai managed to quell the chaos, and Touma decided to tag along as a civilian for the moment, as well as being hired by Fiona Gureden to join her L&E Company.

When the JinRai attacked the same city again and Touma was busy evacuating the citizens, he encountered Minaki Tomine, who was distressed with the fact that JinRai, her father's creation, was used to hurt innocent people. Touma managed to save her and eventually brought her to the KouRyuu Sentai. As time passed, Touma managed to convince Minaki to do something, and that turns out to be luring JinRai into a trap and eventually get it modified, eventually becoming the RaiOh.

After awhile, uneasy at the fact that he's not contributing much to the team, Touma decided to test the RaiOh, with Minaki's permission, by attacking several Mass Produced JinRai. The test run was a success, but Major Kai Kitamura shout him for doing a reckless action and told him to stay back as the squad will deal with the remaining Mass Produced JinRai. This made Touma a little confused , and in that time, the LIOH system within RaiOh took over Touma's mind, made him  berserk and attacking the KouRyuu Sentai.As a result they made him to stop and restrain it .

After recovery, Touma is given another chance by Major Kai Kitamura after discussing with Major Sanger Zonvolt and Major Gilliam Yeager, the RaiOh is going to be repaired and installed with the Direct Motion Link System, replacing the LIOH System, and he is trained in hand to hand combat by Axel Almer. Shortly afterwards, he faced off Minaki's father, Kaoru, and calls the latter out for making innocents and Minaki as well suffer for his own pride. Touma brushes off the LIOH System trying to take control of himself again and shows the result of his training by displaying the Rising Meteor attack. Eventually, he took down Kaoru himself, but shortly after, apologized to Minaki for what he had to do to her father.

After the defeat of Euzeth Gozzo, Touma stays in the Kurogane, still on his contract with Fiona, assisting Minaki in RaiOh's development and continuing to train under Axel.


In Alpha 3, if Touma Kanou is not chosen as the main character, Sanger Zonvolt would become Baran Doban's combat rival for the duration of the game.

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