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Super Robot Wars IV (第4次スーパーロボット大戦 Dai-4-Ji Sūpā Robotto Taisen, lit. 4th Super Robot Wars) is a Super Robot Wars game released for Super Famicom on March 17, 1995. The game was ported to the PlayStation as The 4th Super Robot Wars Scramble, and later received a remake divided in two parts: Super Robot Wars F and F Final.


4 Months has passed since the Inspector Conflict, the Earth Sphere is once again in peace. But the increased number of terrorists that appeared throughout the world caused by the Divine Crusaders escalates, and put economic strains into the colonies which leads to some colonies in rebelling again the Earth Sphere. Brigander General Jamitov Hymem formed the group Titans to strengthen the army against the terrorists.

As Londo Bell returns from La Gaias after the events of EX, Bright Noah decides to leave his position for a while in search for Lieutenant Quarto Bajena, who went missing for unknown reasons. He parted with the Getter Team under the direction of John Kowen for his search and unravel some events happening in the current world. Things go to worse as Ondora Poseidal declared war on the surface world and even worse, the Divine Crusaders is revived by Neo Zeon Leader Haman Khan under the name Neue DC to take over the Earth Sphere.

With the war escalates, an unknown army from another galaxy called the Guests has arrived in the Earth Sphere led by the United Solar System Army Commander, Teniquette Zezenan. The reveal themselves to be part of the Zovorg Alliance which is where the Inspectors originated. With no options left, the Londo Bell must initiate Operation Final with their last fight against the Zovorg for the survival of their planet.



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Super Robot Wars IV is the first title to feature a Banpresto Original character created specifically to be a protagonist, along with separate real robot and super robot paths, and the first Super Robot Wars to feature items that can be equipped to an unit to improve its performance or restore its HP or EN. Additionally, like the first game, most stages contain hidden items or money on the map, which can be collected by moving an unit onto the item's location. Also the first to allow players to manually decide whether to counterattack during enemy turns.

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