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Super Robot Wars III (第3次スーパーロボット大戦 Dai-3-Ji Sūpā Robotto Taisen, lit. 3rd Super Robot Wars) is the third installment of the Super Robot Wars franchise, and the second game of the Classic Series. It was developed by Banpresto and released on July 23rd, 1993 for the Super Famicom. A remake was released for PlayStation as part of the Super Robot Wars Complete Box in 1999 and later separatedly on December 1999. The PlayStation version was later released on the PlayStation Network on January 26, 2011.


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Super Robot Wars III has improved audio and graphics, being the first game in the series to include backgrounds in battles. New to the series is the inclusion of multiple scenarios, with the story changing depending of the player's choices. Including story branches, the game has a total of 62 scenarios.


The story begins six month after the war against the Divine Crusaders (DC) in Super Robot Wars II. The war left the world in a great state of disorder and chaos, and the United Nations was powerless. To solve the crisis, the Earth Federation was established, replacing the United Nations. Members of the White Base were reunited and tasked with maintaining peace, but only old equipments were supplied to them due to the lack of power available.

While Earth seemed peaceful for a while, cases of sudden disappearances of federal troops began to occur frequently, and Londo Bell was ordered to investigate. Originally it was believed that DC remnants were responsible, but it is later discovered that the true reason behind the disappearances was a threat from outer space, an alien invasion like Bian Zoldark feared that could occur.

A new war begins, with Londo Bell troops fighting against DC (now led by the Zabi family) and the alien forces.

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  • This was the first game to feature a series outside the Gundam franchise or Dynamic Productions.