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Super Robot Wars Z Z Series SRWZ2: Reborn the World

Super Robot Wars Z II (第2次スーパーロボット大戦Z 破界篇 Dai-2-Ji Sūpā Robotto Taisen Z Hakai-hen, lit. "2nd Super Robot Wars Z: Break the World Chapter") is a game from the Super Robot Wars series released for PlayStation Portable in 2011. It is the second instalment in the Z series, following on from the first Super Robot Wars Z and its Special Disc release on the PlayStation 2. This is the first part from a 2 part game, the second being Super Robot Wars ZII: Reborn the World (Saisei-hen).


The story takes place in a different universe from the previous installment, which was also affected by the dimensional bomb, again causing many other universes to merge with this one. 40 years have past since the merge. Torn between the Three Nations (Advanced European Union, Human Reform League and Britannia-Union), the world is still unstable and dimensional beasts (Jigenjuu or also known as DAMON) pop up from time to time when there's a dimensional quake. There's two moons and two japans. One of them is occupied by the Britannia-Union and is known as Area 11.

Britannia-Union, Chicago suburb. 22 years old, Crowe Broust is an ex-member of the Firebug unit. After he left his father's home, he enlisted in the army. He left the army when his father was sick but he couldn't make it to his deathbed. When his father died, he left Crowe with a debt of 1 000 000G. He hates women and says beautiful ones can't be trusted. Nobody knows why he's like that. Left with only 1 G, he's torn between going back to the army or finding another way to pay off the debt. He tries flipping for it but he meets a debt collector. Suddenly terrorists attack the nearby lab. They say they're the WLF and they're gonna change the world by destroying it, beginning with the Axion Foundation to which the lab belongs. Crowe asks the lab chief, Tria Scoat, for any available machine so that he can fight off the terrorists. She likes his guts and lend him the Brasta.

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