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Swarm of the Bartoll (群れなす機械(バルトール) Mure nasu kikai Barutōru) is the 1st episode of the Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation OVA series.


Inside an unknown location, mechanical parts are being welded together, forming the pieces of a newly constructed machine. As production continues and the assembly line moves along, traces of human blood can be seen splattered against a wall...

Somewhere in Siberia, Northern Russia, Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning are on their routine, daily patrol. Excellent reminds Kyosuke the broadcast is about to begin soon, saying they should return to base, though Kyosuke remains adamant to finishing the patrol, as the Alt Eisen Riese and Weiss Ritter speed through the snowy terrain. Meanwhile, high up in Earth's satellite orbit, the Real Personal Trooper Type-1 (R-1) docks into the hangar bay of the Hagane battleship. Too eager to complete his patrol report, its pilot Ryusei Date heads to the lounging area, where fellow teammates Raidiese F. Branstein, Aya Kobayashi, Villeta Vadim and Mai Kobayashi are waiting for the unveiling of the new mass-production mech on a televised channel. According to Villeta, this new mech, the VTX-001 Bartoll, was designed by Wong Heavy Industries, a fairly new contractor for mass-producing new mechs for the Earth Federation Army.

At the unveiling site, Kusuha Mizuha, representing the ATX Team at the event, awaits the arrival of the Bartolls, alongside Aggressors team members Lamia Loveless, Arado Balanga, Seolla Schweizer and Latooni Subbota. The show director is frustrated the Bartolls are late, until they are finally sighted. However, things do not go accordingly when the Bartolls attack the unveiling site. Elsewhere around the world, Earth Federation Army bases are under attack by more Bartolls, effectively destroying most resistance. On board the Hagane, Captain Tetsuya Onodera orders the SRX Team to prepare a sortie, while the ship descends back into Earth's atmosphere.

At the site of the ATX Team's backwater base, base personnel responds to Kyosuke that Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield just left when he and Excellen returned to resupply their mechs. Excellen correctly deduces that Bullet saw the attack on the televised broadcast, and rushed to the unveiling site in his Grungust Type-3, hoping the Aggressors and Kusuha are safe. While Excellen suggests they go after him, Kyosuke receives a message requesting back-up at a nearby base from a Bartoll attack. As the two hurry towards the conquered area, they enter into their first fray with the Bartolls, quickly destroying the opposition. Excellen comments their opponents were not so tough, but Kyosuke seems certain the enemy has something hidden up their sleeves.

Kyosuke and Excellen catch up with Bullet at the heavily damaged unveiling site, and while Kyosuke chastises Bullet's rash conduct in rushing out without orders, Excellen scans the area, revealing trace amounts of gas, which has all dissipated. Exiting their machines, they search for any survivors and their friends, but find nothing. Kyosuke questions how an attack of this magnitude can be so efficient -- not a single body is found. His analysis is interrupted when more Bartolls arrive at the location. As the ATX Team engages them, the movements and response time of the enemy machines appear to increase, as if the Bartolls are able to read the attacks and maneuvers of each pilot. It becomes difficult to land a hit on the enemy, and things seem out of hand for the ATX Team, until a voice on the communication channel tells the team to pull away from the incoming line of turret fire. The Hagane finally arrives, supporting the team with scattered cannon shots, and Ryusei, Rai and Aya deploy in their respective R-1, Real Personal Trooper Type-2 Powered (R-2 Powered) and Real Personal Trooper Type-3 Powered (R-3 Powered) units, reinforcing the ATX Team. Not long into the battle, the Bartolls retreat, leaving behind one unit disabled by Bullet during the fight, and the machine is quickly taken into the Hagane for investigation.

In the hangar bay, engineer Ryoto Hikawa does a thorough search of the captured Bartoll, revealing no emergency switch for the cockpit to open. The pilot inside is not responding either, so a cutting laser is used to force the cockpit open, on orders from Captain Tetsuya. However, the sight of the pilot brings shock to the crew of the ship, as the body of a young woman is suspended by wires from the cockpit, her life extinguished. The crew is astounded, and wonders what exactly could do this, until Earth Federation Army Intelligence Officer Gilliam Yeager appears, stating this is the result of the ODE System...

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