Mugen no Frontier Suzuka-hime
Name Suzuka-hime
Age Over 100 years-old (appears to be 15)
Appearances Mugen no Frontier
Mugen no Frontier EXCEED
Seiyuu Mamiko Noto

'Suzuka-hime' (錫華姫 , "Princess Suzuka") is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation spin-off series, Endless Frontier series for the Nintendo DS and one of the protagonists of Endless Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga.

Endless FrontierEdit

Endless Frontier EXCEEDEdit


  • Suzuka Beat- Launches the enemy by tackling with Jyaki-Gun Oh, then juggles with fan attacks. Finishes with an aerial bombing from Jyaki-Gun Oh.
  • Jyaki-Gun Bomber- Launches enemy with bullet barrage, juggles with missiles, then sends enemy flying forwards with dual cannons.
  • Jyaki-Gun Dancer- Jyaki-Gun Oh launches and juggles with wrist mounted gatling guns, finishing with dual shoulder-mounted gatling barrage.
  • Jyaki-Gun Fever- Lauches enemy with gunfire, then juggles upward in a pseudo-launch.
  • Jyaki-Gun Finger- Launches and juggles with fan attacks before being tackled by Jyaki-Gun Oh guns blazing
  • Jyaki-Gun Disco- A disco ball drops from nowhere while Jyaki-Gun Oh unleashes a series of attacks, ending in a full-weapons barrage.
  • Suzuka Trance- Suzuka dances wildly, singnificantly healing the HP, SP, and COM of one random combantant. Dances again, and causes massive damage to another random combatant.
  • WARNING! This move is notorious for healing enemies and teamkilling.
  • Jyaki-Gun Heavy Metal- Essentially, the all-weapons barrage finisher of Jyaki-Gun Disco. Hits multiple targets.

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