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Z Series Super Robot Wars ZII

Super Robot Wars Z (スーパーロボット大戦Z Sūpā Robotto Taisen Z) was the first Super Robot Wars title to be created under Bandai Namco. In many ways, it broke certain precedents and traditions: for example, the number of new series is more than any previous SRW. In this game, you play as either Rand Travis, a wandering repairman/mechanic, who's partnered with the young Mel Beater, or Setsuko Ohara, a member of "Glory Star", a small military squadron in the Earth Federation, alongside teammates Denzel Hammer and Toby Watson, as they are pulled through many conflicts. The main plot point of the game is Super Dimension Century Orguss's dimension bomb, which fuses an array of parallel worlds into one.

Battle animations are affected by whether engaging parties are airborne or on the ground, and in the case of certain attacks, whether or not they are used to land the final blow. It is the 20th best-selling game of Japan in 2008.

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It is an age where the old cultures and environs of Earth have faded, in which different lands have given rise to different societies, different cultures. Though mankind has lost much throughout its history, it has always managed to build anew.

The privileged "Innocent" society, which controlled most of the largest continent in the Northern hemisphere, has been laid low by a new breed of humanity of their own making: the "Civilians". The central government of the rest of the globe, nearly eradicated fifteen years prior in the Seventh Space War, has nearly regained its strength. The same can be said for the central government's opponent, the Space Liberation Army. Their tribulations have also afforded the downtrodden "People of the Moon" the chance to act.

As the world approaches a time of change, the people are consumed with the struggle for their daily bread, unaware of what their future, or their past, holds...


  • Tri system. A variant on the previous Squad system in which squadrons of three can perform special collective actions in addition to normal solo or squad actions.
Tri attacks often gain special bonuses versus enemy barriers or terrain penalties;
Tri defense is proof against certain attack strategies. It is a very intuitive system which, when mastered, adds yet another intriguing aspect to the gameplay.


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