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Super Robot Wars V (スーパーロボット大戦V Sūpā Robotto Taisen V?) is a strategy role-playing game game developed by B.B. Studio and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game was released in Japan and Asian territories on February 23, 2017 as part of the 25th anniversary of the Super Robot Wars series, being the first mainstream Super Robot Wars game to receive an Asian-English release.

The game's catchphrase is "Into a New Voyage, Giants of Steel" (鋼の巨人達は、新たなる航海Voyage Hagane no Kyojin-tachi wa, aratanaru kōkaiboyāju e?).


New Correct Century Earth Edit

The creation of the first unified government over all humanity, the Earth Federation, marked the beginning of a new era: New Correct Century, and the beginning of humanity's expansion into space. However, it was also said to be the beginning of a new era of war. The battle between Earthnoids and Spacenoids that began with the One Year War raged on through Char's Rebellion, giving way to the so-called 10 Year Void, a decade-long gap in recorded history.

A century has passed since then, and after the end of the Jupiter War, the Earth Federation was invaded by an alien species known as the "Gamillas". The Gamillas established a forward base on Pluto, and launched planet bombs at Earth. The planet bombs destroyed the space colonies and devastated Earth. The oceans were evaporated, the air was polluted, and the survivors were forced to retreat to shelters deep underground. Scientists estimated that only one year remained before humanity's extinction.

However, the people of Earth have not yet given up, and there is one last hope for humanity: a promise of salvation from a distant planet known as Iscandar. In order to save mankind, the Space Battleship Yamato, constructed using technology from Iscandar, departs on a journey of one hundred and sixty-eight thousand light years to Iscandar in order to bring back a device that could reverse the devastation to the planet.

Universal Century Earth Edit

Approximately three thousand years ago, this world was invaded by a race of mechanical aliens with god-like powers known as the Mycenaeans, who intended to take over Earth and use it as a forward base in their intergalactic conflicts. Embryo, one of the world's top scientific minds and theoretical physicists, used his invention, the Ragna-mails, against the Mycenaeans. Originally designed for interdimensional exploration, the Ragna-mails are equipped with powerful weapons known as Space-Time Convergence Cannons. While the use of these weapons led to the defeat of the Mycenaean Gods and their subsequent sealing within dimensional rifts, it also caused Dragunium - the primary energy source of this world- to detonate on a global scale beacuse of embryos treachery, polluting the world and killing the vast majority of its population.

The surviving political leaders and loyal civillians of the conflict used genetic engineering techniques to adapt to the now devastated Earth, becoming the Dragons. They sealed themselves within a barrier, and began the process of rebuilding civilization. Meanwhile, a different breed of civilization who fought the dragons where going to far with changing them selves the serving military forces gathered them selves and surviving civillians where not allowed to leave began developing outside the barrier and which would eventually become the Earth Federation immediately later and had one thing in there mine avenge the fallen buy capturing or killing embryo.

Despite being entirely separate from the outside world, a select few individuals in this world know of the Dragons' existence. One of them is Dr. Saotome, a scientist renowned for his research on Getter Rays, a powerful form of cosmic radiation, since Dragunium is actually the crystallized form of Getter Rays. He even named the second generation of Getter Robo after the Dragons, due to their natural ability to absorb Getter Radiation. Others who are aware of the Dragons include Dr. Hell and the commanders of Nerv, who all refer to them as "Hermits of Wings".

In order to create a brand new utopia, free from war and pollution, Embryo stole Aura, the first Dragon, from this world, and shifted to a parallel Earth, using the Dragunium energy of Aura to create the World of Mana.

Anno Domini Earth Edit

Approximately five hundred years ago, Embryo shifted to this world, and created the Founding Nations. The residents of the Founding Nations are capable of using Mana, an advanced information sharing system capable of manifesting one's will into physical forms powered by the Dragunium energy of Aura. Through the use of Mana, the Founding Nations soon became free of war, poverty, and discrimination. However, humans who cannot use Mana due to the reemergence of ancient genes soon surfaced. Despite Embryo's best efforts, he could not prevent these "Normas" from being born. Therefore, he used them, spreading the idea that all Normas are dangerous and anti-social monsters and unifying the world of Mana against them.

When discovered, Normas are forcefully separated from the general population and sent to Arzenal, an island detention facility in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where they are forced to combat the Dragons from the Universal Century world (who are attempting to retrieve Aura) in machines known as Para-mails. While officially, Arzenal's purpose is to protect the rest of the world from the Dragons, its actual purpose is the collection of Dragunium from the corpses of the Dragons, which is then used to fuel Aura.

The sea area surrounding Arzenal is known as "Area D", and is avoided by all air traffic and satellite orbits due to the electromagnetic disturbances generated by the Dragons' Singularities. The area is also patrolled by unmanned mobile weapons of the Founding Nations (including GN-X mobile suits and Euclid mobile armors), which indiscriminately attack anyone attempting to enter the area, and are responsible for recovering the corpses of Dragons, but do not assist the Normas in combat. The existence of Arzenal is kept secret, but the Orb Union, which is geographically close to the island, secretly know publicly supports the Arzenal personnel, and the Celestial Being is also aware of the existence of Arzenal and the Dragons (though not even Veda has access to in-depth information regarding Arzenal).

Since the Founding Nations us to hold hold great sway of the states that became Earth Sphere Federation until it became the earth sphere federation, the other subjugated states do not interfere in their affairs despite their inhumane treatment of Normas. However, because of this, travels to and from the Founding Nations are rare due to their poor public relations when the became they interfered in there affairs and where force to acknolished things and manna users with strong wills who disagreed with embryo begin cause unrest in the founding nations.

The original inhabitants of the world, the Ancient Humans, opposed Embryo's plans and rebelled against him many times. In order to combat Mana, they created technologies that can modify human genes. To obtain the power to defeat Embryo, one of them created an organization intended to rebuild the world through destruction. In response, Embryo created Blue Cosmos and Logos, and manipulated the Innovators into turning on the Celestial Being. In the end, the Ancient Humans were force to surrender or be wiped out but . However, they managed to steal one of Embryo's Ragna-mails, the only weapon capable of killing Embryo, through many sacrifice, setting into motion centuries later the events of Cross Ange.

during this time some ancient humans never gave up on throwing back embryo shackles and become independent from him this dream finally happen thanks to ancient human manipulations in the bloody valentine wars using durandel destiny plan and the unrest of the war the highest ranking military leader in the atlantic federation the most serious problem and most controlled subjugated state who was ancient human who had come to positions where they throw his shutty shackles together with all ancient human military including most of there space force killed and manna using officer who did support there plan which was most of them there manna political leader who would not got along with them and non manna collaborators in any government and influence position if manna users tried opposed they where shot and all high ranking people people where publicly executed and it also with there military forces abroad and teaming up with zaft they manage two thirds of the planet before the revolution was in danger of falling embryo angerly and cussing was force two sign a treaty reckoning there control of there part of there planet and sense what others consider abazstan orb union traitors for supporting them and a stab in the back when they decide to join them south east asia was all what remained of there holdings

the earth sphere federation came into contact because of char aznibles sacrifice to open the door to anno dommi universe which they could not get into despite trying for century became Best friends for ever with the much more powerful galaxy spaning universal century earth federation both the dragons and founding nations and most of all embryo where shocked when they discover the progenitors have survived what should have been apocalyptic and extinction worthy and not only that they spread through out the milky way and other human universes the first thing they did was the federation sign a treaty with the dragons making them a member of the federation in name only which made there military part of the federation in war time and in times of need and than a pact with with the earth sphere federation

the earth federation of the UC universe don,t even have relations with the founding nations other than sending insults at them in stages Via the Orb union who where with embryo via they sent a replays the first they released was revling there leaders dirty laundry along with embryos into two the world which caused riots throughout out the founding nations allowing the territory nearby to be absorbed by the earth sphere federation nepal and Ceylon. the second replay was that they where pardoning the titans and reinstating them and with colonial agreement sent a record of there brutal deeds and that they would be sent on the earth sphere federation border garrisons incase war where to break out third replay was whole bench of insults and cussing every most insulting thing the could do and than some and the last replay of the first stage was F**K you and soon where first stage

this helps begin are story


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