Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector is a Japanese anime series, that retells the events from the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 game, a game that includes the original characters and mechs created by Banpresto for the Super Robot Wars franchise. Prequel of Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation.

Story Edit

The story starts out with the SRX destroyed as everyone is killed except Ryusei by Kyosuke in a blue Alteisen. Ryusei shouts "why is this happening" before he was killed by the Revolving Breaker, resulting the SRX team is murdered by Kyosuke. Axel Almer in his Soulgain then prepare to battle for the blue Alteisen rushing towards him. The two fight in a heated battle as Kyosuke overpowers him but Axel counterattacks and manages to destroy his right arm. Axel is then shocked to see that the right arm of the Alteisen regenerates and the machine begins to mutate to a more demonic form. Soulgain and the mutated Alteisen continues the battle as Axel finishes him off with Kirin and lands in the Lykeios dimension jumper. Kyosuke charges at him but is halted as Axel initiates Genbu Kodan and teleported and the Lykeios self-destructs along with the base they were in leaving Kyosuke to die.

New AD 187, Brian Midcrid as the new Earth Federation president reminds of past history of battles and the L5 campaign while a battle breaks out between DC remenants (Divine Crusaders) and EFA (Earth Federation Alliance). DC sends in a Lion and Barrelion squad to turn the tide but the ATX team arrives to obliterate the forces. Two Guardlions along with a new special unit appears in battle to fight the ATX team until suddenly DC units were shot in battle by a mysterious mech. The skies turn bright as if it were an angel's decent (ironically it practically is one) as everyone gazes upon the machine that takes form of an angel. Everyone retreats and the mysterious unit is an ally on the EFA. Another mysterious unit also appears next to the enemy's battleship as she gives instructions. The pilot of the new SMSC Angelg comes out of the cockpit after the battle but notices her words are out of line whenever speaking. Meanwhile, the LTR organization is excavating at an China archaeological dig site where a Chokijin is being held. Archibald Grims fires at the dig site claim the Chokijin for his own as he uses and excuse for firing at civillians: "we're at war". He confesses he loves unnecessary bloodshed, in terms he likes killing people.

The Shirogane arrives as the ATX team launches to stop the DC remenants from excavating the Chokijin. Suddenly, Bullet and Excellen feels a cold draft coming from dig site's mountain. DC's Yuuki Jagger and Ricarla Borgnine also feels the same thing, Bullet then cries out for DC to ceasefire on the civilians. The battlefield then turns cloudy all of a sudden while everybody questions what is happening, Lamia confirms it to be a spatial jump phenomenon. Multiple of unknown plant-like units appear around the mountain dig site as it spoke to Excellen and Kyosuke only: "we cannot let them awaken". Odd how nobody else heard them talking as the unknowns fire at the mountain triggering everyone on the battlefield weakening. The legendary Chokijin then reveals themselves and takes out all of the unknown, DC then takes damage from the attack and retreats. The Chokijin then leaves off to the unknown as Bullet faints.

At the Aidoneus Islands, South Pacific, EFA salvages a part of the White Death for the SRX project for unknown reason. Bullet investigates on the unknown units they encountered before while Kyosuke questions how Lamia knew it was a spatial jump just before they appeared. She answers the question with it was a simple intuition leaving Kyosuke puzzled that the Shirogane would have detected the jump. Meanwhile the SRX team is in a meeting for a mock battle to test out new prototypes (R-blade and the Wildfalken). DC then gets two new recruits (Seolla Schweitzer and Arado Balanga claiming themselves are from "the school". The mock battle commences in the next morning with Ryusei in the R-Blade vs. Latooni in the Wildfalken. Latooni shoots down his railgun as he pulls out his blade tonfas to counterattack with a plan. Ryusei manages to beat Latooni as the progress for the mass-production plans of the R-Blade continues. DC shows up on the radar as they pursue on the Wildfalken and battles the R-Blade and the Gespenst Mk-II (Kai). Seolla manages to pin the prototype down as she reunites with Latooni as they question why are they both on different sides. Seolla suddenly enters in a state where she shoots Latooni and enters in the Wildfalken as the DC escapes. The ATX team intervenes with the battle and ends it. Ryusei wonders why they only took the Wildfalken but not the R-Blade considering both machines are prototypes leaving them in confusion.



It was availaible on Crunchyroll between 2010 and 2014.

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