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Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers (スーパーロボット大戦OG ムーン・デュエラーズ) is a tactical role-playing game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 developed by Banpresto and published by Namco Bandai Games, it is also the first Super Robot Wars game since Endless Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga that was commercially translated into English.

As the name suggest, the primary focus of the game will be adapting the storyline of Super Robot Wars J, as well as Super Robot Wars GC. Haken Browning from the Endless Frontier series also makes an appearance.

Differences from Super Robot Wars J[]

Despite the fact its a remake of SRW J, its story line is different by the following points.

1. Destruction of Ashuari Kreuzel Industries. In Super Robot Wars J, Al-Van was responsible for its destruction and its death of its employees. This changes in Moon Dwellers. Al-Van was not responsible for its destruction rather an other individual was responsible but was accused to caused it. Also in J, Calvina was injured during its destruction and was the sole survivor. This changes in Moon Dwellers as she was not there during the attack rather she was piloting Bellzelute during the time Ashuari Kreuzel was attacked.

2. Brand new characters for Fury faction. In Super Robot Wars J there were only 5 character of the Fury introduced. Al-Van, Fu-Lu,Jua-Mu, Gu-Landon,Shana-Mia.This changes in Moon Dwellers as more characters are added along a new faction with in the Fury, the Spies. New characters include Kalo-Ran, the head spy, So-Des, Da-Nia, the royal adviser and, finally, Seldore Shiun (E-Selda), Touya's Father who didn't make an appearance in J.

3.Time stopping ability. In SRW J the Fury are able to freeze time with special energy called Larseilam. The protagonist main mecha can move during this freezing moment. This changes in Moon Dwellers the Fury don't use it often as it is limited and the Larseilam Canceler that the protagonist had in J is taken away in Moon Dwellers and while Granteed has Larseilam of its own it is damaged by Kalo-Ran while E-Selda was taking Granteed, the Bellzelute isn't equipped with Larseilam as it is Earth made.

4. Main Mecha In SRW J the player was allowed to choose the main mecha and the origin of the main mecha is the same they are the prototype machine of the Raftclans, but in Moon Dwellers the mecha is already chosen and its origin differs with each mecha. Touya Shiun pilots in the Grandeed which is the Fury's Throne Machine (Gyokuza Ki) based on the Fury god where as Zui Gadin was developed later as a countermeasure to threats like the Ruina. Bellzelute is a human made base on Fury technology piloted by Calvina Coulange. Coustwell does make an appearance but only in its upgraded form Coustwell Brachium, whose origin is that of a bodyguard to Grandeed piloted by Jua-Mu. The Vorlent the secret mecha from J is not playable rather the Raftclans is playable with Al-Van joining the main cast.

5. Sub Pilots for Main Mecha. In SRW J the girls were kidnapped and experimented by the Fury, but in Moon Dwellers the girls were not kidnapped or experimented on. Their beginning is different.The girls were stationed at Ashuari Kreuzel Industries with their parents. But Tenia is the first sub pilot of Bellzelute, While Katia and Melua were at Ashuari Kreuzel Industries and are its only survivors. Katia becomes the first sub pilot of Grandeed while Melua becomes Bellzelute second sub pilot. The ability to change sub pilot is still allowed in Moon Dwellers. The girls origin to use the main mecha is the same as Touya which is Half Human,half Fury.

6.Fury's confusing goals In J the Fury's were responsible for the creation of humanity. This is not true for Moon Dwellers as they observe humanity and are connected to SRW D. Shana-Mia goal of integrating with humans does not exist in J. Rather Shana-Mia goal in J is rather ambiguous as she ordered the destruction of Ashuari Kreuzel something she admits herself but wish to live with humanity. In Moon Dwellers Shana-Mia is unaware of of Ashuari Kreuzel destruction rather Gu-Landon is the one who ordered its destruction. In J the Fury's were less concerned with retrieving the main mecha but in Moon Dwellers the Fury's wish to require back Grandeed as it's is a important machine to them. In J the Fury's were responsible for all the conflicts that happen this changes in Moon Dwellers as Gu-Landon is only responsible for the events of SRW D But Gu-Landon goal remains the same wishing for humanity destruction.