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Super Robot Wars L (スーパーロボット大戦L) is the seventh Super Robot Wars game for the Nintendo DS and the third traditional, anime-based game. Many of the anime featured in this game appeared in the previous three traditional GBA/DS games; however, the developer claims that the animations for those returning series will be improved upon. Like Super Robot Wars K, the roster is primarily new-school; the only series predating the '00s are Endless Waltz, Combattler V/Voltes V, and the debuting Iczer OVAs.

Featured Series[]

A list of the anime series that are featured in the game. Anime that debut in this game are marked with "(new)".

Gameplay Changes[]

Partner Battle System[]

  • Each unit has a "Partner Bonus" which raises the stats of its team.
  • Partners can be swapped between teams by moving adjacent to another unit.
  • "Individual Attack" allows the Main unit to attack the enemy's Main unit and the Sub unit to attack the enemy's Sub unit. (Similar to Super Robot Wars Z's Wide Formation)
  • If a Main unit and its Sub unit attack and the Main unit is destroyed, the Sub unit continues to attack. (In previous games, battle ends once a Main unit is destroyed).


  • Classic-style Support returns for single units. (In K, it was impossible for anyone except a Partner Unit to Support)
  • For the first time since Super Robot Wars II Gleam, there are no equip-able items.
  • For a sizable portion of the game, unit upgrades are limited to 5 points each. Eventually this will rise to the standard 10.
  • The 'favourite series' system is not making a return.


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