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'''Super Robot Wars F Final''' (スーパーロボット大戦F完結編 Sūpā Robotto Taisen Efu Kanketsu-hen, lit. "Super Robot Wars F Final Chapter") is a game in the Super Robot Wars series released for Sega Saturn on April 23, 1998 and PlayStation on April 15, 1999. The game also became available for the PlayStation Network on November 19, 2011.[1]

Super Robot Wars F Final is the sequel of Super Robot Wars F, and the two games together are a remake of Super Robot Wars IV, which was divided in two parts due to its large size. It is the final part of the classic timeline, the ending showing what the characters do after the war. The remake includes new content such as voice acting, most main pilots having several portraits expressing different emotions, and the inclusion of Dramatic Voice Events, which mainly contains famous voiced lines taken directly from their source material. The storyline was rewritten, having many differences compared to the original, such as the inclusion of Neon Genesis Evangelion in the story.

Special[edit | edit source]

Power of Love[edit | edit source]

It is possible for your team member's attack power to increase, if your attacking team member to close (next to?) his/her lover. Here are some examples:

  • Judo - Roux
  • Rain - Domon
  • Shou - Marvel
  • Bernie - Chris

Dream Trick/Exploit/Cheat[edit | edit source]


This has to be one of the best trick in the game. In order to do it, first you must:

  • Have at least one pilot with Dream
  • Have at least one unit that has more than one pilot (Dancougar, Super

Gundam, L-Gaim with Lilis, etc.)

To do it:

  • Use Dream.
  • Right after you choose Dream, then pick on the unit that has more than one pilot.
  • Press Cancel twice.
  • Press L or R.

Now, the Magic list would be a randomly picked pilot. If that pilot is not in the MAP (You didn't pick him/her in the beginning of the MAP), you can use his/her magic without using any SP! However, some warning:

  • The magic used must be Magic that effect other pilots or units, like Rally,

Confuse, Exhaust, etc., not Magic that effect the caster, like Spirit, Miracle, etc.

  • The combination (Dream user and the unit with more than one pilot) will also effect what pilot will be picked. It means that if you use Masaki's Dream on Dancougar, it will yield a different pilot if you have used Masaki's Dream on Combattler V instead.
  • The pilot they most likely to be pick is usually from the list of pilots that appear first in SRWF (basically the ones that appear earliest in SRWF has the better chance of being picked). Which means that it would usually pick Amuro, Emma, Bright, Chris, etc. if you're in Realistic Robot side or Kouji, Boss, Getta team, etc. if you're in Super Robot side.

Once the proper combination is figured out, just keep on doing it. I used Rally all the time and it works like a charm. My team always starts with 150 morale. It's even better if I am in Super Robot side, since I can also use Exhaust!

Mecha[edit | edit source]

List of all units in SRW Final F

Items[edit | edit source]

List of items obtainable in Super Robot Wars F Final.

Seishin[edit | edit source]

Seishins are spells which help you in battle. this does not depend on what mech you got.

Seishin are used by pilots therefor, the pilot can change mech, but will keep the same seishin.

It consume Seishin Points (SP), which is different for each pilot. The Seishin "Dream" ( 夢 ) is new to Super Robot Wars.

It allows the pilot to use a seishin of an ally but cost twice the SP.

Name Effect SP
根性 Restore 30% of your own HP. Heal 20 SP
ド根性 Restore 100% of your own HP. Heal 2 40 SP
熱血 Deals 2x Damage next attack. Hot Blood 40 SP
友情 Restore 50% of all ally's HP. Friend 70 SP
必中 100% hit for 1 turn Auto-Hit 25 SP
Restore 100% of all ally's HP. Love 90 SP
ひらめき 100% dodge for 1 attack. Flash 15 SP
てかげん If attacking the enemy with lower HP than you, and if the attack will kill the enemy, it will leave the enemy 10 HP instead Mercy 15 SP
気合 +10 Morale on your self. Motivate 40 SP
幸運 Gain 2x the money than normal Luck 45 SP
信頼 Restore 30% of 1 ally unit's HP Trust 30 SP
加速 Movement +3 Speed up 10 SP
覚醒 Get 1 extra turn Awaken 60 SP
集中 Hit and dodge +30% Concentrate 15 SP
激励 Morale +10 on a ally Rally 70 SP
補給 Restore 100% of your own or ally EN. Resupply 65 SP
Use a seishin of an ally for double SP Dream ?? SP

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