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Super Robot Wars 64 (スーパーロボット大戦64 Sūpā Robotto Taisen Rokujūyon?) is a strategy role-playing game for the Nintendo 64. It was released only in Japan in 1999. The game can make use of the Nintendo 64's Transfer Pak with the Game Boy Color game Super Robot Wars: Link Battler.

Series included in Super Robot Wars 64Edit


The player is able to choose 4 storylines: Super Robot Male, Super Robot Female, Real Robot Male, Real Robot Female. Each has a protagonist and rival.

The original robots of this game would later be re-used and upgraded in Super Robot Wars Advance

Super Robot Male RouteEdit

Protagonist: Brad Skywind
Piloting: Earthgain (predecessor of Soulgain)
Rival: Katz Folneus
Piloting: Virose (predecessor of Vysaga)
Both robots will later combine into Super Earthgain if Katz dies (supposedly the predecessor of Zweizergain)

Super Robot Female RouteEdit

Protagonist: Manami Hamill
Piloting: Simurgh
Rival: Aisha Ridgemond
Piloting: Elbulls
Both robots will later combine into Simurgh Splendid (predecessor of Angelg

Real Robot Male RouteEdit

Protagonist: Arklight Blue
Piloting: Soldifar, upgraded into Ashcleef (predecessors of Ash Saver)
Rival: Elrich Schtazen
Piloting: Norouz

Real Robot Female RouteEdit

Protagonist: Selene Meneth
Piloting: Svanhild, upgraded into Rathgrith Custom (part of the Valkyrie series, predecessors of both Randgrith and Laz Angriff)
Rival: Reese Greasewell
Piloting: Sigrun

If you take a real robot hero and choose the Oz road, a bug will occur (you will not be able to play with Daitarn 3 anymore during the game).

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