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Voltes V is a Japanese anime television series that was first aired on TV Asahi starting April 6, 1977. It was created by Tadao Nagahama as the second part of his Robot Romance Trilogy , of the Super Robot genre.

Conceived as a second part/remake of its predecessor Combattler V, was released Italy, Spain, and The Philippines, dubbed in their respective languages except initially in the Philippines, where the first airing, in 1978, was dubbed in English until 1999 before they switch their language from English to actual Filipino in early 2000's.

In 2020, both GMA Network and Riot Inc. created a live-action TV series remake named Voltes V: Legacy and it was currently on production and will be directed by Filipino director Mark A. Reyes who is best known for directing the Encantadia (2005 series) and (2016 series).

SRW Chronology[]


In 1997, an armada of horned humanoid aliens known as Boazanians invade earth and launch their "beast fighters" all over the world. Their first humiliating defeat by Super Electromagnetic Machine, Voltes V brings the invaders to focus their attacks on Japan. Voltes V was designed by Dr. Kentaro Gō, his wife Dr. Mitsuyo Gō and their trusted colleague, Dr. Hamaguchi and built by large scale construction effort backed by United Nations Earth Defense Force and General Oka. Voltes V is piloted by Ken'ichi Gō; five "Volt Machines" that comprise the robot are piloted by Ken'ichi, Daijiro, Hiyoshi, Megumi Oka, and Ippei Mine respectively. Kenichi, Daijiro, and Hiyoshi are three sons of Kentaro and Mitsuyo Gō. Megumi Oka is the only daughter of General Oka. Ippei is an orphan cowboy with considerable talent drafted into service.

Voltes V's home base is Camp Big Falcon, a fortress situated on a bird-shaped island along the coast of Japan. Voltes V's enemy are the Boazanians namely Prince Heinell, his advisors Rui Kazarin, Jyangaru and Do Zuuru. The series focuses on the struggle against Boazan invaders, and Gō brothers' search for their long-lost father, Kentarō Gō. As the series progresses, three major characters, Dr. Mitsuyo Gō, Do Zuul, and Dr. Hamaguchi' dies. Zuul and Hamaguchi are replaced by characters Belgan and Dr. Sakunji. Later in the series, the brothers learn of their unique heritage of being half Boazanian. The characters deal with their identity's impact on their own lives and that on both their close friends and bitter enemies.



The Voltes Team

After the disappearance of Dr. Gō, the Earth International Defense Force trained five young people to be highly skilled Earth Defense Agents. Resolute and dedicated fighters, these agents act as both special commando units and pilots of the Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V, against the invading Boazanians.

(Note: Bold items in parentheses indicate character names in the Philippines' English- and Filipino-dubbed versions)

  • Ken'ichi Gō (Steve Armstrong) is the Voltes V team leader. He is a marksman, a Motocross champion, an ace pilot, and the eldest of the three Gō brothers. He was a very adventurous child, but the disappearance of his father changed him. He became more responsible, caring for his younger brothers as well as for the people who depended on him. He is the main protagonist. Voiced by Yukinaga Shiraishi in the original version of Voltes V. In the Philippine-English versions in IBC-13, he was voiced by Tony Nierras who also voices their father Kentaro Gō. In the actual Filipino dub of the series, Ken'ichi was voiced by four Filipino voice actors within the two broadcasting systems. In the GMA Dub, he was first voiced by Earl Palma followed by Kim Atienza and was the last person to voice Ken'ichi in the Philippine-English dub and both Fourth Brilliantes Lee and Dennis Trillo voices Ken'ichi in actual Filipino. Miguel Tanfelix is confirmed to portray Ken'ichi in the live-action TV series remake of Voltes V: Legacy as he first appears on the second trailer, fighting the Boazanians from invading Earth and reusing Dennis' voice in the Hero dub to say the main catchphrase.
  • Daijirō Gō (Robert "Big Bert" Armstrong) is the defense tactician. He was once a playful child but Daijirō's outlook in life suddenly changed when his father disappeared. Alarmed by this change in his personality, Mrs. Gō sent him to live in the country where a martial arts master taught him different fighting styles and forms of meditation. Upon rejoining his brothers, Daijirō was already a master of different hand-to-hand fighting styles. The naginata (fighting staff) became his favorite weapon. Together with Ken'ichi and Hiyoshi, Daijirō started training as a member of the Voltes V Team. Unlike in the group portrait above his uniform was dark green, not brown. Voiced by Tesshou Genda in the original Voltes V. In the Philippine-English dub, he was voiced by Noel Mallonga who also voices the narrator of the series. In the GMA Dub, he was voiced by Bob Borjial and reprised his role in the last Philippine-English Dub. In actual Filipino Dub in the two broadcasting systems, he was voiced by Montreal Repuyan in the GMA Dub and Bob Dela Cruz in the Hero Dub. Kapuso singer and actor Matt Lozano is confirmed to portray Daijiro in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy.
  • Hiyoshi Gō ("Little John" Armstrong) is a genius in inventing automatons. He has been interested in learning mechanics, robotics, and electromagnetism since a very young age. He was considered a genius by many university professors. He even created a funny little octopus-robot called Tako-chan ("Octo-One" in the dubbed version). But to his big brothers, Ken'ichi and Daijirō, Hiyoshi will always be a little brother, a child who never felt the warmth and love of a real father. He also excels in swimming and diving. Because of his exceptional talents, Hiyoshi was asked to join the Voltes V Team as a technical handyman, specifically for repairs during field operations. Voiced by Noriko Ohara in the original Voltes V series. In the Philippine-English dub, Hiyoshi was voiced by two voice actresses, he was first voiced by Celina Cristobal who also voices Jamie Robinson and the middle episodes onward he was voiced by Geraldine Oca. In the actual Filipino Dub within the two broadcasting systems, Hiyoshi was voiced by Rowena Raganit in the GMA Dub and Igi Boy Flores in the Hero Dub. Raphael Landicho is confirmed to portray as Hiyoshi in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy as his Philippine dubbed name became as "Little Jon" without the letter "h".
  • Ippei Mine (Mark Gordon) is a rodeo champion. He was orphaned while still a young boy. His mother died trying to save him from a pack of wolves. After his mother's death, he grew bitter, aloof, but cool under crisis. He learned how to live in the streets and perform odd jobs. This kind of life strengthened his personality. Upon joining the rodeo, he learned to ride horses and how to use a whip. He found his greatest friend in a white stallion known as Aiful ("Alpha"). The two, man and beast, became inseparable. He won two rodeo championship contests with Aiful as his horse. Then one day, The Earth International Defense Force asked Ippeo to join the team. When he refused, he was taken forcibly, so for the first time, Ippei and Aiful where separated. Dr. Hamaguchi has Aiful brought to Big Falcon early in the series. Voiced by Kazuyuki Sogabe in the original Voltes V series. In the Philippine-English dub, he was first voiced by Cris Vertido and P.J. Ramos until 1999. In the actual Filipino dub within the two broadcasting systems, he was voiced by Neil Yu in the GMA Dub and Blair Arellano in the Hero Dub. Radson Flores is later confirmed to portray as Ippei in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy during his unveil along with Daijiro and Hiyoshi Go in casting, Ippei is shown to wield a handgun instead of his signature whip but being trained in rodeo techniques in preparation of portraying his character.
  • Megumi Oka (Jamie Robinson) is a kunoichi (female ninja) and the 18th Heir of the Kōga-ryū ninja. Young, slim, and beautiful, Megumi received special training during her childhood. By the age of 13, she already possessed extraordinary skills and lightning reflexes. She also learned the gentle arts from her mother. Through her mother's guidance, Megumi became a person with a calm yet alert disposition. Joining the Voltes V Team, she was the voice of reason among the male members, especially whenever Ken'ichi and Ippei were about to clash during personal conflicts. Her cool demeanor and uncanny skills qualified Megumi as the fifth (and only female) member of the Voltes V team. Voiced by Miyuki Ueda, who also played as the voice of Chizuru Nanbara in Combattler V, as Erika in the Daimos series, and as Marie Antoinette in Rose of Versailles; the latter was another series which Nagahama, the creator of Voltes V, was one of the contributing directors. In the Philippine-English, she was voiced by Celina Cristobal and Dada Carlos who later reprised her role to voice her in actual Filipino in the GMA Dub. In the Hero Dub, she was voiced by former member of 2NE1 and actress Sandara Park. Kapuso actress, Ysabel Ortega is later confirmed to portray as Megumi in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy during the unveil along with Keni'chi Go, and she was seen being trained in MMA for the fight scenes within her character portrayal.
  • Dr. Kentarō Gō/Prince Lagour (Dr. Ned Armstrong/Baron Hrothgar) is the father of the three Gō brothers and also of the Boazanian attack force leader, Prince Heinel; making Prince Heinel a half-brother of the three Gō brothers. He is a royal-blooded Boazanian born without horns. Due to this abnormality, based on Boazanian physical characteristics, he had to wear fake horns in order to avoid stigma and scandal. When his secret was revealed, he was branded a traitor, stripped of his title and imprisoned, until he was able to escape, leading him to earth. After the birth of his youngest son, Hiyoshi, he left earth with the intention of returning to Boazania and putting an end to the tyrannical rule of Emperor Zu Zambajil. Voiced by Yuu Mizushima in the original Voltes V series. In the Philippine-English, he was voiced by Tony Nierras also voices his son Ken'ichi. In the actual Filipino dub, he was voiced by Montreal Repuyan in the GMA Dub.
  • Dr. Mitsuyo Gō (Dr. Mary Ann Armstrong) is the human wife of Dr. Kentarō Gō and the mother of the three Gō children. She raised her children on her own when her husband left, and continued to care for them until her death. She sacrificed herself to help Voltes V when it was under the mercy of a beast fighter. She was voiced by Celina Cristobal and reprises her role until 1999. In the actual Filipino Dub, she was voiced by Rowena Raganit in the GMA Dub. Kapuso actress and TV show host, Carla Abellana is confirmed to play as Mitsuyo in the live action remake Voltes V: Legacy.
  • Dr. Hamaguchi (Dr. Richard Smith) is the commander of Camp Big Falcon fortress at the beginning of the Voltes V series. He helped to design and build the Voltes V robot. He managed Big Falcon on Dr. Gō's behalf until his death. Voiced in the original Voltes V by Seizo Katou. In the Phillippine-English, he was voiced by Joonee Gamboa and reprised his role until 1999. In the actual Filipino dub within the two broadcasting systems, he was voiced by Montreal Repuyan in the GMA Dub and Alex Agcaoili in the Hero Dub. Veteran actor, Albert Martinez is confirmed to play Dr. Hamaguchi in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy during the final trailer and was renamed as Dr. Smith but without a first name.
  • General Oka (Commander Robinson) is Megumi Oka's father. He is the 17th Heir of the Kōga-ryū ninja, a co-designer of Voltes V, and commander of the Earth International Defense Force. He dies late in the series saving his daughter from a Boazanian monster that was controlling her mind. Voiced in the original by Hiroshi Masuoka. In the live action remake Voltes V: Legacy, he will be portrayed by Gabby Eigenmann, the son of the late Mark Gil.
  • Dr. Sakunji (Dr. Hook) is another commander of Big Falcon. After Hamaguchi's death, Sakunji, a former student of Hamaguchi, is called upon to take over command of Big Falcon. He is a hard-nosed commander who continually pushes the Voltes V Team to their limits during training, sometimes to the point of risking their lives. Voiced in the original by Tamio Oki, who also played General Miwa in Daimos and Captain Tashiro in Gunbuster. Although he first appeared cruel, he has also shown his soft side as the series went through, especially that he was concerned about the people of the Earth more than anything else. In the Philippine-English, he was voiced by Joonee Gamboa also voices Dr. Hamaguchi and reprised his role until 1999. In the actual Filipino dub within the two broadcasting systems, he was voiced by Montreal Repuyan in the GMA Dub and veteran actor Michael De Mesa in the Hero Dub. Kapuso actor, Neil Ryan Sese is confirmed to portray as Dr. Sakunji in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy.


  • Emperor Zu Zambajil (Emperor Zanzibal) Emperor of Boazan. He was extremely racist, cruel, and selfish, but ultimately cowardly, some of the typical characteristics of super robot villains of the time. The bastard son of the previous emperor and his mistress, he overtook the throne when he revealed the hornlessness of his cousin, Lagour. Driven by greed and the desire for conquests, he ordered his people to create beast fighters as a tool to expand his empire further. His ambition knew no bounds: under his rule, horned and hornless alike who dared oppose him were imprisoned, enslaved, and executed. He sent Prince Heinel, the son of Lagour, to Earth, as a means of removing a perceived threat to his rule. As time wore on, he sent others to pretend to aid Heinel while spying on him. When Voltes V and the Big Falcon reached Boazan, the people rebelled against him and the few still loyal to him turned against him and fled. He met his end when, while trying to escape with a wagonload of riches, he was found by Prince Heinel, who killed him in repayment for betraying his planet and people. In the Philippine-English, he was voiced by Cris Vertido and Bob Borjial until 1999. In the actual Filipino dub, he was voiced by Vincent Gutierrez and Neil Yu in the GMA Dub. The actor, Christian Vasquez is confirmed to portray Emperor Zu Zambajil in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy.
  • Prince Heinel (Prince Zardoz) The half-brother to the Gō brothers at their father's side. He was born the son of a traitor, bitter and more of the noble villain. As a child, he had a rough time being called a traitor's son, with no memory of his parents and only loved by his grandparents. He wanted to clean the stain, but being a possible heir makes his second-degree uncle Zambajil hate him secretly and was hesitant to appoint him. Though first shown as a villain and using dirty tactics, he is later seen to be having noble qualities like playing fair at times in contrast to most of his comrades who prefer to use cheating methods like most super robot princes that would eventually succeed him. Graduating as best student at the Institute of Military Science and Warfare, He has a high sense of honor, like most warriors and regards himself more of a soldier than a prince. Due to his repeated failure, his second degree uncle Zambajil removed him from duty. Prince Heinel sought to restore Boazania to glory; after all, he was only a scapegoat. He would rather die in battle than die a loser. He later realized that he was fighting against his own father and his own half-siblings. His mother was Lozaria, the Boazanian wife of La Gour/Kentaro Gō who died after giving birth to him. When he saw Zambajil try to escape, he threw a dagger (which came from his mother) to kill the despotic Emperor to redeem himself. In the end, he died a redeemed man, peaceful, enjoying a few moments of peace having saved his younger half-brother Kenichi's life. In the Philippine-English, he was voiced by Dodo Crisol and reprised his role until 1999. In the actual Filipino dub within the two broadcasting systems, he was voiced by Apollo Abraham in the GMA Dub and Joseph Bitangcol in the Hero Dub. Kapuso actor, Martin del Rosario is later confirmed to portray as Prince Heinel in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy and during the final trailer, he is shown to be brunette instead of blond in the anime.
  • Katherine Rii (Zandra) Prince Heinel's aide and would-be lover. Motivated by love, she remained loyal to her prince until the end, when she took a sniper's bullet, saving his life. As she died, she confessed her love to him, and he realized that he loved her, too. In the Filipino versions, she was voiced by five voice actresses. Her fifth Filipino voice actress is played by actress Nikki Valdez. Kapuso actress, Liezel Lopez is later confirmed to portray as Katherine Rii in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy.
  • Jangal Rui (Draco) The three-horned General sent to Earth with Prince Heinel and Katharine. Fiercely loyal to Heinel while also a wise strategist, he is the one who convinced Heinel, and himself, that the Gō Brothers are actually part Boazanian. He later chose death over surrender to the Voltes team. In the Phillipine-English, he was voiced by Chito Vicente and Earl Palma until 1999. In the actual Filipino dub within two broadcasting systems, he was voiced by Neil Yu in the GMA Dub and the main vocalist of the band "The Dawn" Jett Pangan in the Hero Dub. Carlo Gonzalez is later confirmed to portray as Jangal Rui in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy.
  • Zuhl (Zuul) The one-horned, aged, hunchback, toothless scientist, one of Prince Heinel's original aides. His invention of the Anti-Super Electromagnetic Device nearly destroyed Voltes V. Cunning and contemptuous, he discreetly captured Prof Go just before he returned to Earth and attempt to use him for his plans to kill Heinel and Voltes V. Eventually, his attempt to betray Heinel failed and he was executed. He was voiced by Cris Vertido and reprised his role in 1999. In the actual Filipino dub within the two broadcasting systems, he was voiced by Eric Resurreccion in the GMA Dub and Ricci Chan in the Hero Dub. Jeffrey Quizon is confirmed to portray as Zuhl in the live action remake, Voltes V: Legacy.
  • General Bergan (General Oslack) The second general sent by the Emperor, sent by Emperor Zambojil to keep an eye on Prince Heinel and kill him if necessary. He kept his identity concealed most of the time with a blank mask. Upon arrival, he created a combat beast with a special alloy called Maxingal, the same alloy used for his armor, which was supposedly impervious to Voltes V's weapons and sword. Using this alloy, he intended to defeat Voltes V and take over Heinel's position, but lost and became Zuhl's replacement under Heinel. Since his arrival, all beast fighters constructed has Maxingal as standard armor but they're still no match when Voltes V upgraded its sword with the Chōdenji/Superelectromagnetic Ball. Along with Gururu, he betrayed Heinel and attempted to blew up Earth with a Magmite Bomb. During the battle to liberate Boazan, he died when the starship he and Gururu were on was destroyed by Voltes V.
  • General Gururu (Baron Zander) The head of the Boazanian Military and the last commander sent to Earth. He re-captured Lagour/Prof Gō and betrayed Heinel with Bergan. Overconfident, he was killed during the liberation of Boazan.
  • Duke Zaki (ザキ侯爵 Zaki Kōshaku?) The chief inspector of Emperor Zambajil, and one of few who knew about Zamabajil's betrayal to Lagour and the Boazanian throne. He is well known to deliver bad news to the emperor from his scouting, thus many executions ordered by the Emperor was a result of his reports. Zambajil sent him to Earth to report on Heinel's progress, but discreetly wanted him to ensure Heinel's death at the hands of Voltes V. He plotted with Zuhl to have Heinel pilot a beast fighter, while at the same time leaked information to Big Falcon about the beast fighter's weak points. His plan backfired when Katharine overheard the plot. Heinel ordered Zuhl to reinforce the weak points, and in mid battle the beast fighter destroyed Zaki's nearby ship with him inside.

Beast Fighters[]

  • Dokugaga- Appears in episode 1. Powers include flight, claws, pink cement from the mouth, a 2-tube missile launcher on the chest, pink eye beams, and mouth missiles.
  • Baizanga- Appears in episode 2 and in the opening title of the series. Powers include a double chained mace, flight, yellow eye beams, fire balls from the mouth, launchable hair needles, buffalo horns, chest missiles from each pectoral, a 4-way grapple chain in the chest, and a belt buckle extendable pincer.
  • Bonzarus- Appears in episode 3. Powers include extremely fast flight, a stinger tail that can detach and be used as a sword, propeller missiles from the lower arms, mouth flamethrower, shoulder missile launchers, an orange mouth ray, and detachable wings to form flying double swords.
  • Gardo- Appears in episode 4. Powers include a Gelama alloy sword, Gelama armor that is extremely resistant to electricity and explosives, and flight.
  • Gladiator- Appears in episode 4. Gladiator is only used to show off Gardo's might and is equipped with a chained mace and sai.
  • Neegu- Appears in episode 5. Powers include swimming, levitation, orange energy bolts from the mouth, extendable neck spikes, spiked mines from the neck holes, and can combine with Daiga.
  • Daiga- Appears in episode 5. Powers include flight, finger rockets, green eye beams, mouth flamethrower, and can combine with Neegu.
  • Daineegu- Appears in episode 5. Is the combined form of Neegu and Daiga and powers include shoulder machine guns, shields from the leg armor, a Combine Beam from the energy bolts and green eye beams, extendable spikes from hips and shoulders, finger rockets, launchable pincers from the belly, and a roller mode where it forms a giant spiked tires.
  • Bad Hair- Appears in episode 6. Powers include flight, back spikes, sword arms, bat bombs from the shoulders and abdomen, bladed shurikens from the pelvis, mouth flamethrower, regeneration, and detachable trapping wings.
  • Karakaras- Appears in episode 7. Powers include flight, green eye beams, talons, mouth missiles, wing missiles, hurricane winds from the wings, mouth flamethrower that is very strong, razor feathers, and a gas propelled ram.
  • Gargo- Appears in episode 8. Piloted by Prince Heinel himself and powers include an energy absorbing bite, swimmer, flight, reinforced armor in the sides after being upgraded, and mouth missiles. Highly resembles the Bengal Tiger.
  • Gondum- Appears in episode 9. Powers include flight, wing bombs that contain throwing stars, a pink heat beam from the mouth that is rather weak, slicer missiles from the chest, a chained ax on the head), and razor feathers.
  • Bombos- Appears in episode 10. Powers include flight at mach 1, pink energy bolts from the mouth, slicing dragonfly wings that can cause hurricane force winds, a propeller spinable tail used for projectile deflection, and X-Ray vision.
  • Namazungo- Appears in episode 10. Powers include flight, purple energy bolts from the head, swimming, 3-tube missile launcher in the mouth, hooked catfish whiskers, and can change into its super form.
    • Super Namazungo- Appears in episodes 10 and 11. Powers include flight, explosive mouth flamethrower, spiked tank treads, 3-tube missile launcher in the mouth, green lightning spawned from its whiskers touching each other, and an Anti Super Electromagnetic Ray from the head that can prevent Voltes V from forming.
  • Gamenza- Appears in episode 11. Powers include shell missiles, swimming, flight, and shell spinning. Highly resembles Gamera.
  • Kanigan- Appears in episode 12. Powers include swimming, crab claw arms, flight, an Anti Super Electromagnetic Ray like Super Namazungo's, spike missiles from the arms, green adhesive foam from the sides of the head that can break down to electrify, forehead horn missiles, and pink energy bolts from the sides of the head.
  • Gonguru- Appears in episode 13. Powers include swimming, pectoral missiles, and a hidden drill in the head. Highly resembles a gorilla.
  • Kuragenyara- Appears in episode 13. Powers include flight, extendable tentacles, and produces electric shocks. Highly resembles Dogora.
  • Garuman- Appears in episode 14. Powers include flight, talons, three extendable tongues, a roller ball mode, projectile deflecting feet, burrowing, a mace tail, and a mouth flamethrower
  • Jaguard- Appears in episode 15. Powers include flight, swimming, speed, sharp claws, throwing stars from two slots on each shoulder, red mouth flames, mace bombs from the mouth, extendable fanged sabers, metal chained claws from the shoulders, and can increase body temperature to set itself and the area ablaze.
  • Suneizaa- Appears in episode 16. Powers include swimming, coiling homing missiles from the mouth that emit electricity, fire balls from the mouth, a spiked tail, and a nasal horn for each of its four heads.
  • Zaizarus- Appears in episode 17. Powers include flight at mach 17, a 4-tube missile launcher hidden in the back, swimming, and two machine guns on each wing. Has a roar like Rodan's.
  • Gokiiru- Appears in episode 18. Powers include space flight, chest missile launchers, mouth cluster missiles, and a bolt reflective breast plate. Surprisingly, it also posses Godzilla's roar.
  • Tobiurago- Appears in episode 19. Powers include flight, hurricane force winds from the wings, mouth missiles, nose horn, triangular bombs from the chest, and a Sword hidden in the back.
  • Zoru- Appears in episode 20. Powers include double sided lances that can absorb projectiles and reform if destroyed, regeneration, roe missiles, and can combine with Geru. Highly resembles a medieval knight.
  • Geru- Appears in episode 20. Powers include flight, regeneration, launchable horseshoes, hoof drills, and can combine with Zoru.
  • Zoru/Geru Fusion- Appears in episode 20. Powers include flight, slicer spikes from the body, and a rocket speared drill formed from its amoeba-like body structure that emits energy.
  • Octopus Guard- Appears in episode 21. Powers include swimming, tentacles with spikes in suction cups, horn electric bolts, and can self destruct.
  • Sazaras- Appears in episode 21. Powers include swimming, pincer claw arms, a spiked hermit crab shell that has hidden missile launchers, and flight.
  • Zemingo 1- Appears in episode 22. Powers include a left arm extendable drill, a right arm chainsaw, back spike missiles, and can morph into its second form.
  • Zemingo 2- Appears in episode 22. Powers include light, a left arm sword, nose spike missiles, a horn drill hidden in the forehead that coils upon detaching from body and regenerates new one), and launchable stingers from the abdomen.
  • Garus- Appears in episode 23. Powers include speed, claws that emit electricity, reinforced fangs, flight, size changing, spiked collar missiles, extendable body spikes that emit heat, and a mouth flamethrower. Highly resembles a wolf.

Super Beast Fighters[]

Every beast fighter after episode 23 has nigh-indestructible Maxingal Alloy; these beast fighters are often referred to as super beast fighters.

  • Okozenia- Appears in episode 24. Powers include levitation, red eye lasers, launchable shuriken fish fins with extendable spear fingers, a forehead trident, and a back fish fin buzz saw.
  • Desraa- Appears in episode 25. Powers include a submarine mode that moves up to 300 knots, twin pink horn bolts, bow and arrows, and a sword sheathed on the left hip.
  • Daimon- Appears in episode 26. Powers include swimming, a right hand shield that can easily block the Voltes Bazooka, a left hand claw, a pincer head claw, pink eye lasers, and flight.
  • Saimon- Appears in episode 26. Same powers as Daimon although pink eye bolts are not used.
  • Gagamikiri- Appears in episode 27. Powers include flight, a chest 6-tube missile launcher, and green ionizing bolts from the double head fin.
  • Giron- A naturally large Boazanian that appears in episode 29. Powers include flight, a double bladed ax that acts like boomerang and a second one is stored in right shoulder, and a chained Net concealed in his mace.
  • Daruda- Appears in episode 29. Powers include flight, finger lasers, a head laser gatling gun, and cargo storage in the chest.
  • Kamagurira- Appears in episode 30. Powers include eye tractor beams, flight, mantis arms that are extendable by chains within the arms, mouth missiles, self duplication, and electric nets from the mouth.
  • Daiand- Appears in episode 31. Powers include a diamond form that can possess others by physical contact, flight, red mouth heat ray, teleportation, and crystal spears launched from the body.
  • Zanion- Appears in episode 32. Powers include swimming, lobster claw arms, a mouth 4-tube missile launcher, extendable whisker whips that can disperse electricity, and extraordinary jumping.
  • Dorion- Appears in episode 33. Powers include swimming, flight, launchable homing back spikes capable of burrowing, a drill from the mouth that releases Boazanian germs upon penetration, launchable fists, and regeneration.
  • Aringa- Appears in episode 34. Powers include flight, purple antennae bolts, green mouth acid, and burrowing
  • Gorgo- Appears in episode 35. Powers include remote controlled pincer claw arms, flight, hidden arm drills, a launchable tail drill, and green eye beams.
  • Destroid- Appears in episode 36. Powers include light while encased in a fire ball, laser gatling gun hands, tank treads, a back 4-tube missile launcher, head heat beams at the scalp, and three head lasers on the face.

Other Boazanian Forces[]

  • Boazan Fighter Saucers - Appears throughout the series. Powers include levitation, pink energy bolts, three red energy bolts from the underside, buzz saw structure, projectile resistance, and an underside tractor beam.
  • Skullrook - Appears throughout the series until episode 37. Powers include levitation, an orange forehead laser, twin forehead machine guns, eye bolts, an electric barrier, eye missiles, and electric drill in the mouth.
  • Zantal (translates as Mechanical Eagle) - Appears in episodes 24, 25, 26, and 27. Powers include mach 30 flight and anti maxingal bolts used to weaken out beast fighters with maxingal armor.
  • Heinel's Fighter - Appears in episode 30. Powers include flight and can emit electric surges.
  • False Voltes Machines - Appears in episode 35. Powers include flight presumably mach 20 and energy bullets.
  • Boazanian Flagship - Appears in episodes 38 and 39. Powers include pink energy bolts, and yellow energy barrier.
  • Zeltan - Appears in episodes 38 and 39 and it the capital ship of General Gurur. Powers include a particle wave field that is space disturbance particles that cause explosions with their effects lost in atmospheres and volleys of missiles.
  • Sodom and Gomorrah (Posi-Negatron) - Appears in episode 38 and 39. Boazan's ultimate defence system; they are two giant spheres that generate an extremely powerful electron stream that can destroy just about anything that passes through it. Named for the twin cities in the Bible that were destroyed by the power of God.
  • Shugoshin Godor - Appears in episode 40. Powers include a statue disguise, a sword, and green mouth flames.

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