SRWXO-Olive (Spacesuit)

Olive with a Solis pilot suit

Solis (ソリス Sorisu?) is an organization from Super Robot Wars X-Ω. After the dissolution of Alpha Omega, Solis was formed to continue its work on Mars and to also investigate what happened with Alpha Omega, with most members being trained as pilots to be able to defend themselves with Heinhelms against possible attacks. Besides combat training, Solis members also conduct other external ativities, such as participating in commercials and promotions.

Known MembersEdit



  • Nicola Nicolaus (ニコラ・ニコラウス?) - Solis sponsor. He is a childhood friend of Catalina's father and president of the toy company Nicola Enterprise (ニコラ・エンタープライズ?). In recent years he has been expanding his business to not be limited to toys, also becoming a sponsor of Solis. He has a generic NPC appearance and appeared as a Support Unit.[1]
  • Mechanics - Mechanics from Solis with generic NPC appearances.


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