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Shu Shirakawa (シュウ・シラカワ) is a fictional character from the Super Robot Wars series, making his first appearance in Super Robot Wars II. He is usually seen as an enemy character, although he has been known to join the player's side, depending on the scenario.


Super Robot Wars games appearances[]

Super Robot Wars animated appearances[]

Theme Music[]

  • Dark Prison (ダークプリズン) - Default theme in all appearances
  • Neo Granzon (Retitled ARMAGEDDON in later SRW series, where it is no longer attributed to him) - Used when piloting the Neo Granzon as an enemy unit
  • Dark Prison Ver. OG DP (ダークプリズン Ver OG DP) - Used when piloting the Neo Granzon as ally unit

Personality And Traits[]

Shu Shirakawa conducts himself in an extremely proper manner, but despite this propriety, he is not above condescending his enemies for their weakness. On top of this, Shu is an incredibly intelligent individual, and despite his young age, he has earned a number of PhD's and is a brilliant scientist. Not only that he actually comes from La Gias, where there are only highly developed alchemies and magics, but Shu managed to adopt himself into the Earth science very quickly and even managed to combine it with alchemies and magics. He also is an excellent alchemist and has an even higher amount of mana than prince Palelord. 

Shu is also very accomplished in mecha development. It is said that he single-handedly designed and created Granzon, which is one of the most technologically advanced mechas to ever exist, using 1/3 of DC's funding. To further enhance this, he was also able to channel Volkruss's power onto the machine to transform it into Neo-Granzon, one of the deadliest mechas in the SRW universe. After being freed from Volkruss, Shu later learnt to achieve the same effects using alchemy and magic alone.

Chika, Shu's familiar, is a foul-mouthed bird who cares exceptionally much about money, and very talkative. It is revealed by the creator of Masoukishin, Shu has created his familiar in order to obtain Cybuster. However Chika's personality annoyed Shu so much he didn't bother creating second familiar, required to utilize High Familiars of Cybuster.

In the event that he is allied or neutral with those around him, he tends to avoid joining any faction or unit, preferring to fight solo against his enemies. He shows a great deal of interest at improving the power of his Granzon and testing its abilities in battle.

Story-wise, Shu is usually a he-knows-all character, who is knowledgable of almost all events and treacheries to happen from the beginning of story due to his inhuman intelligence, but only gives little details to others in order to utilize his own plan. In most stories where he is present, Shu is usually a key character at the end, where he either provides the key to solving the mystery or is the dark mastermind behind everything.

However, deep inside Shu has a dark past - He was offered as a sacrifice by his very own Earthling mother, who wished to return home by the ritual. On the verge of death, he signed a pact with the evil god Volkruss who saved him from death and granted him supernatural intelligence, at the cost of Volkruss gaining control of his will. Shu has been in conflict ever since, and all his actions onward were ultimately targeted at freeing himself from Volkruss's grasp.

After being defeated by Masaki and his friends, Shu was resurrected by Luozorl Zoran Loiel, a high priest of Volkruss. The resurrection wiped out Shu's memories, but luckily for him (and unluckily for Luozorl) included his own pact with Volkruss. Seizing this opportunity Shu started to rebel and eventually destroyed the entire sect and their god in revenge for having controlled him.


Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental[]

Sometime before the war with the Divine Crusaders, Masaki Andoh had his first encounter with Shu on Earth, where Shu had already received his Granzon. Surprisingly to Masaki, Shu was already familiar with the young man, and, more importantly, his Masō Kishin, the Cybuster. He explains that he is not an Earthling, but a citizen of the Langran Kingdom -- one of the nations in the La Gias world, where the Masō Kishin come from. Reminding him that the Earth Federation will be coming to engage Masaki soon, he says that he should return to La Gias immediately.

The next time Masaki and Shu's paths would cross in a significant way would be under much more shocking circumstances. Masaki had already let it be known to his friends in La Gias that he could not trust Shu, and his feelings were validated when Shu, in the Granzon, launched an attack on the capital of Langran. Here, he renounced his royal bloodline and a declaration of war on the Langran Kingdom. He also renounced his original name, Cristoph Gran McSord, saying that if he must use the Cristoph name, the name Cristoph Zeo Volkruss may suit him better. As it is, he preferred the name Shu Shirakawa.

In a rage, Masaki launched in the Cybuster to meet Shu head-on; Shu, unimpressed with Masaki's hotheadedness, says he will show him just what kind of power the Granzon has compared to the Cybuster's. Masaki attacked Shu, and to his shock, didn't even scratch the paint of Shu's machine. Shu proclaims that that was what he was trying to tell Masaki: that it is useless to even try and fight back, since the Masō Kishin are not even close to being in the same league as the Granzon. To demonstrate this, Shu used one of the Granzon's weapons to damage the Cybuster. He criticized Masaki's lack of power, and told him that if he wishes to live, he will unlock Cybuster's true potential here and now. He went on to explain that the Granzon shares the same technology used by the Divine Crusaders' Armored Modules, Extra-Over Technology -- the extraterrestrial technology gathered from Meteor-3. He added that an alien force will eventually attack Earth, and the Granzon is the only machine powerful enough right now to withstand their weaponry. Furthermore, he warns Masaki that unless he can realize his Masō Kishin's full potential, his chances of being able to fight them are nonexistent.

Masaki prepared for a counterattack, but was pulled off the battlefield when it was clear he could not sufficiently fight back. He was forced to watch Shu duel with -- and quickly defeat -- Zeoroot, who had become a father figure to Masaki. Shu's murder of Zeoroot is the primary event that stokes Masaki's burning hatred for Shu. However, Shu was forced to retreat, when he realized that Zeoroot had damaged the Warp Shield of the Granzon. Masaki gave chase and confronted Shu, initially driven by a desire to avenge Zeoroot, only to come to realize (thanks in part to Shu's own comments) that vengeance wasn't what was driving him to defeat Shu - it was simply the fact that for whatever reason he couldn't stand the pompous bastard, and felt something inside him telling him that Shu simply couldn't be left alone to do as he pleased. In response to Masaki's epiphany, Cyfis, the resident spirit of Cybuster, initiates "Possession," a mode where pilot and spirit share wills perfectly and thus increase the machine's capabilities far beyond their normal limit, at the cost of an immense amount of Prana. Masaki manages to defeat Granzon in a single blow thanks to the power of Possession, but it is of course a temporary victory, as Shuu escapes.

When the capitol of Langran was destroyed by the forces of the Shutedonias Alliance (another nation of La Gias), Shu and Masaki met once more. Despite the way that it looked to Masaki, Shu was not responsible for this attack, adding that he knew Masaki wouldn't believe anything he said. Realizing that Masaki would want his revenge, Shu went on to say that he had business to attend to on Earth. Masaki went back to Earth to track down Shu and make him pay.

Classic Timeline[]

The Divine Crusaders War[]

Shu collaborated with Bian Zoldark, who staged a coup towards the Earth Federation with his faction, the Divine Crusaders. The first obstacle facing him in this situation, however, was the weak-willed Earth Federation government, which saw fit to surrender to the alien threat, before they could begin their assault. Finding the secret meeting to sign their declaration of surrender in Antarctica, Shu used the Granzon to level the building and end the proceedings, before they could even begin. To the Earth's armed forces, this was seen as an act of terrorism; and it is at this place that Shu is reunited by Masaki. Meanwhile, various factions, that would become the Londo Bell, began rescuing prisoners of the Divine Crusaders, and amassing power to topple Bian. When Bian is defeated, Shu's intention, which was the same as Bian's, was revealed: to prepare the Earth's forces enough to face the upcoming extraterrestrial threat. Shu vanished into obscurity, afterwards.

The Inspectors[]

Eventually, Bian's prediction came true and the Earth Federation finds themselves under attack by the Inspectors. Shu eventually came out of hiding and joins forces with the Londo Bell to defeat the Inspectors, successfully defeating the child-like tyrant, Wendolo Bolverde. After Wendolo's defeat, however, Shu revealed his true intent -- he wished to challenge himself and become stronger by fighting and killing his enemies-turned-allies. To accomplish this, he unlocked the cursed power of the God of Destruction, Volkruss, transforming his Granzon into an even more devastating machine, the Neo Granzon. With this newfound power, he intended on destroying the Earth -- knowing that this impetus was necessary to push the Londo Bell to its full power, this is later known as Ragnarok. In this final battle, the combined might of the Londo Bell prevailed, and Shu's machine was destroyed, his last words indicating that he was proud of the Londo Bell and their ability to defeat even the Neo Granzon. He died with no regrets.


His death was shortlived, however, as his body and soul were brought from the void back to La Gias, summoned by a dark priest of Volkruss, Luozorl Zoran Loiel, but not his past memories. His plan was to use Shu to summon the true Volkruss and throw La Gias into chaos. Shu, unhappy from being used by Luozorl, quickly rebelled, and even defeated Volkruss itself, alongside his former enemies.

The Guests and Afterwards[]

Shu was later seen wandering on the surface world of Earth, when the Londo Bell faced the Zuvorg Alliance emissaries, calling themselves the Guests. He would eventually join forces with them again to drive away the Guests. In the second half of Super Robot Wars Gaiden, Shu and Masaki confronted a resurrected Luozorl, who caught Shu through brainwashing, and turned him against Masaki. Masaki helped Shu break free from Luozorl's control and together, they slew the mad priest. Afterwards, both settled with their differences and it is assumed that they somewhat become friends.

Alpha Timeline[]

Because the Divine Crusaders were not an enemy force in Alpha, Shu acted as a background ally for much of Alpha, only joining the Londo Bell at the end, when they prepared for their showdown with the leader of the Aerogaters, Laodicea Judecca Gozzo. His role in Alpha Gaiden was also limited to a short number of episodes, but much more significant. In the chaos surrounding the aftermath of the war with the Aerogaters and the activation of the Aegis Plan, Shu, with Saphine Grace and Monica Gran Bilseir in tow, arrived on Earth in front of the grounded Macross battleship, declaring that he must provide a sufficient number of sacrifices on the surface to resurrect a certain something in La Gias. In addition, he felt a compulsion to bring about an end to the forces trying to divert the wheel of balance in the universe, the Londo Bell, and doom the Earth to its one true destiny: destruction.

Rightfully angered by his proclamations, the Londo Bell engaged Shu in his Neo Granzon and even managed to badly damage it, however, the result of which was a rip in time and space that threw the Londo Bell centuries into the future, one where they failed to activate the Aegis Plan, bringing about an apocalyptic world.

When the Londo Bell returned to their original timeline, Shu was there for one more challenge, intending (as in the Classic Timeline) to destroy the Earth, and provide the souls required for Volkruss' resurrection, with Ragnarok. In a hard-fought battle, the Londo Bell overcame the Neo Granzon a second time, destroying the monstrous machine for good. Shu died without regrets, realizing that it was simply his time to be destroyed, as part of the universal cycle of life.

Original Generation Timeline[]

Shu first appears in Antarctica and attempted to wipe out the SRX Team with the Granzon, along with the base, only to be stopped by Masaki's arrival. Afterwards, his story generally stayed the same with the Classic Timeline version of the Divine Crusaders War.

In the war with the Inspectors, Shu was generally inactive, only appearing at unexpected times, such as rescuing Ratsel Feinschmeker from the assault of the Inspectors' Aguija and Mekibos. He is not seen afterwards.

In OG Gaiden, Shu first shows up during the Bartoll uprising, and much to Masaki's chagrin, he helped him defeating Kyle Bean and his Mironga. His whereabouts were unknown afterwards, but he showed up again to help the Cry Wolves squadron, Axel Almer and Einst Alchimie, to drive away the newly, risen Einst threat and the homunculi of Duminas, Tiz. Shu later shows up for the last time in the Swordian Fortress and helps the Earth Federation Army defeat Duminas and the Dark Brain.

After the Dark Brain's defeat, however, just as in the Classic Timeline, Shu betrays his allies and attempts to execute Ragnarok once more, with the Neo Granzon. He is shortly defeated and killed.

Like in Classic Timeline, afterwards Shu is revived by Volkruss's cult and has his memories wiped (along with the contract being accidentally nullified). Shu works behind the scenes to regain his memories and eventually betrays Volkruss to put down the Evil God. His tales in this timeline will be chronicled in the download-only game Super Robot Wars OG: Dark Prison (the original 2nd OG does not cover his scenario).

Shu later resurfaces in the surface again and becomes vital in exposing the innocence of Kouryuu Sentai. Later on, he, along with Saphine and Monica, join forces with the Kouryuu Sentai to destroy the Guests, and eventually the Ruina, Baral Garden, AI-1, the Gun Eden and Euzzeth Gozzo. He once again vanishes once all the ordeals are done.

Revelations of Evil God[]

Despite eventually mending his relationship with Masaki, Shu once again stood as an antagonist or sorts months after the destruction of Volkruss, and the surrounding information of Volkruss possibly coming back made him more suspicious. He also seems intent to kill Masaki's sister Precia, but it was later revealed that Shu never wanted anybody else to suffer the same fate as his, being a puppet for a God. Due to Volkruss' defeat by the Zenosakis clan, a curse was put on the clan, making many of them unable to age after a certain point. Such was one of the reasons Shu killed Zeoroot, to relieve him from the curse. He was about to do the same to Precia, but Masaki managed to prevent that by cleansing her from the Volkruss curse. Afterwards, Shu resumed being allies with Masaki, and he is able to join him with his gang in certain paths.

Coffin of the End[]

In this new game, for the first time, Shu would taste true defeat when a mysterious force not only decimated La Gias and the Lord of Elementals, but also destroyed and wrecked his Neo Granzon. Shu remained determined to investigate the source of chaos, and became the captain of his own ship to pursue that goal. Following him aside of his normal group of Saphine and Monica was also the only herald that survived the force's onslaught, Tyutti Noorbuck (Masaki was instead listed MIA), along with a familiar face that Shu faced during the battle against Euzzeth Gozzo, Amara, who is listed as following him.


Video Gallery[]


  • Shu and Masaki are voiced by Takehito Koyasu and Hikaru Midorikawa, a pair who often portray rival characters in various animated series, such as Zechs Merquise and Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing, Zelgadis Greywords and Rezo from Slayers, and Tamahome and Hotohori from Fushigi Yūgi.
  • Whenever Shu and Neo Granzon are present as the last-level final boss of the game, the stage name will always be "Ragnarok".
  • Shu is the half-brother to Senia, Monica and Prince Palelord (sharing the same father but different mother).
  • Shu always addresses everyone he sees in an extremely polite manner, and he has never (in the course of any game so far) lost his temper even once.
  • Shu's most famous line is "Anyone who tries to manipulate me, shall not be forgiven".