Shine Hausen
Super Robot Wars character
Shine hausen
Voiced by Reina Kaihara (Japanese)
Age 12
Gender Female
Species Human Psychic
Date of birth 167 (S.E)
Nationality Riksentian
Title Crown Princess of Riksent
Military History
Affiliation Dukedom of Riksent (OG1, OG2, OGs)
Rank N/A
Mobile Weapons Valsion Custom (OG1, OGs),
Fairlion-G (OG2, OGs, OGG, 2ndOG, OGTMD)

Shine Hausen is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, she pilots the Fairlion-G.


Shine has appeared in the following games:

Theme MusicEdit

  • Fairy Dang-Sing (Fairy Dan-Cing; retitled Dancing Fairies in the North American localization of Original Generation 2) - Default theme

Personality And TraitsEdit

Princess Shine Hausen is the last of the royal family of the small, Mediterranean fictional nation of Riksent. A straight-forward, well-mannered young girl of high nobility (though at times, she may speak casually out of line), 12 year-old Shine holds her country and its citizens close to her heart, and wants nothing more than to protect her home. At first, her nature of being royalty makes her unlikable, as she orders people around, to an extent, but SRX Team member Raidiese F. Branstein reminds her though she might hold a title, she cannot have her way with everything. Shine was instantly smitten by his words, and developed a romantic attachment to the pilot.

Shine possesses a form of precognition, enabling her to accurately anticipate future events. This ability is not unlike the abilities of a Psychodriver. However, Shine is not considered to be one herself. According to Joyce Luducl, her abilities are the strongest and most potent her bloodline has ever produced.


When Bian Zoldark of the Divine Crusaders was defeated and killed in battle, Dr. Adler Koch would temporarily head the faction. In his experimentations with his newly developed GEIM System, he had Tempest Hawker and Tenzan Nakajima kidnap Shine Hausen, as her precognitive abilities would allow the system to be used at its fullest, but the crew of the Hagane and the Hiryu Custom reached Riksent in time and prevent the abduction. Seeing a need to protect her, Shine would be entrusted to the Earth Federation Army, with Latune Subbota as her bodyguard.

However, Divine Crusaders operatives within the Federation would successfully kidnap Shine and bring her to Adler, who placed her in the pilot's seat of the new Valsion Custom, equipped with the GEIM System. Under the control of the system, she would pilot the machine and fight against the Hagane and Hiryu Custom crews, but they would successfully free her from the system's control and retrieve both her and her Valsion unit from the Divine Crusaders. When the L5 Campaign was over, she returned to Riksent and her duties as its princess.

But the threat of the Neo Divine Crusaders, in Original Generation 2, would force her to retreat from the country and inquire the help of the Federation Army, to fend off the occupiers. Shine would utilize the twin Fairlion units alongside Latune to liberate Riksent from Neo DC occupation, and join the Hagane and Hiryu Custom crews to fight their remaining battles with the Shadow-Mirror, Inspectors and the Einst.

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