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Shin Getter Robo (真ゲッターロボ Shin Gettaa Robo) is a fictional mecha from Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa's Getter Robo universe. It first appeared in the last volume of the Getter Robo Go manga, then made famous by the Super Robot Wars series of video games. It has appeared in two separate OVAs and several of Nagai and Ishikawa's manga.


The Shin Getter Robo's first appearance was in 1993 in Ken Ishikawa's manga Getter Robo Go, before becoming the main mecha in the Shin Getter Robo manga, which served as a prequel to Go. Then in the 1995 in Super Robot Wars 4 .

In the original manga, Shin Getter is a new model of Getter Robo , a lot stronger than Getter Robo G , and it ends being Getter's Avatar(more or less). It's the most powerful form, and it's hinted it would end up evolving into the Getter Emperor.

In Getter Robo Armageddon, Shin Getter is Professor Saotome's ultimate creation during the prologue of the story. After breaking through a group of mass-produced Getter Robo Gs, Ryoma Nagare and Hayato Jin find it inside the Saotome Laboratory along with Go "Saotome", the professor's genetically engineered "son". When the trio learns that the military has launched a nuclear warhead at the newly-formed Shin Dragon, they use Shin Getter in an attempt to stop the attack, but ultimately fail, causing a Getter Ray contamination that kills most of the planet's population. Several years later, when the story picks up again, Shin Getter is piloted by Go, Kei Kuruma (Getter teammate Benkei Kuruma's adopted daughter, who later turns out is Dr. Saotome's second daughter; (in this timeline Dr.Saotome has 2 daughters) Geki Saotome) and Gai (who's family had studied Getter Ray research). The three continue to use Shin Getter Robo until late in the series, Ryoma, Hayato and Benkei taking over once Go is incapacitated. Once Shin Getter defeats the Invaders attempting to control Shin Dragon, Go, Kei and Gai infiltrate Shin Dragon, make themselves its pilots, and transform it into its final form - a super-sized Getter Robo. Together, the two Getters and their pilots combine their energy to create incredible attacks, capable of destroying Jupiter's Invader-infected moons, but Shin Getter ends up stranded in another dimension, fighting alongside Getters from other universes for all eternity.

In Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo, Shin Getter is once more the ultimate Getter. It was going to be used to fight the Dinosaur Empire, but was unable to activate without sufficient willpower from its pilots. After the Empire's defeat (at the cost of Musashi's life), the Japanese government puts an end to Getter Energy research, causing Shin Getter to be locked down in the now abandoned Saotome Lab. Five years later, the Dinosaur Empire attacks again, planning to destroy Shin Getter before the new Getter Team can use it. Thanks to the combined efforts of the team, Saotome, Hayato and a newly-returned Ryoma, Shin Getter is activated and replaces Neo Getter as the Earth's primary defense against the Dinosaurs. In the final battle, the united willpower of the Getter Team causes Shin Getter to metamorphose into a new form (nickname "God Getter Robo" by fans), defeating Emperor Gol in a single blow. Despite this, the Neo Getter version of Shin Getter Robo is considered one of the weaker incarnations; it displays no special attacks other than Getter Beam and a polearm tomahawk, and it is never tested against high-power enemies. Nevertheless, this is the only incarnation known to evolve further into God Getter Robo, which is far more powerful than any incarnation of Shin Getter.

In its many appearances in the Super Robot Wars series, while is based on the manga version, Shin Getter is often simply treated as an upgrade for the original Getter, much in the same fashion that Gundam characters upgrade from one mobile suit to a stronger one. The primary exception to this is the games that make use of Getter Robo Armageddon, Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo, and once even the manga continuity.

SRW Chronology[]

Statistics, Weapons, and Attacks[]

Note: Like Mazinkaiser, Shin Getter's attacks and abilities vary from appearance to appearance; as such, each attack will be labeled according to its appearances.

Shin Getter Machines[]

As with most versions of Getter Robo, Shin Getter is composed of three jet-like vehicles piloted by one of the three pilots. Shin Eagle is the red jet, controlled by the pilot of Shin Getter-1. Shin Jaguar, the white jet, is used by Shin Getter-2's pilot. Shin Getter-3's operator uses Shin Bear, the yellow machine. All three are armed with missiles, but are generally very weak and never used in combat unless absolutely necessary. They also appear when the pilots use the Open Get verbal command to break up the current form, so that they can change into another or so they can dodge an enemy's attack.

Shin Getter-1[]

Shin Getter-1 in Super Robot Wars Z2

(Formed from Shin Eagle+Shin Jaguar+Shin Bear)

  • Height: 55 meters (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Weight: 290 tons (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Construction: Polyformic Alloy (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Power Source: Getter Core
  • Pilots: Ryoma Nagare (Super Robot Wars, Armageddon, manga), Go Saotome (Armageddon), Go Ichimonji (Shin vs Neo, manga)
  • Weapons and Attacks:
    • Split Beam (Daikessen): Shin Getter 1 fires rapid beam shots from its palm.
    • Getter Razor (all versions): The large serrated blades on Shin Getter-1's forearms can be used as melee weapons.
    • Getter Battle Wing
    • Tomahawk Boomerang (all versions): Shin Getter-1 can throw its tomahawk as a boomerang-type weapon. In the anime versions, it throws the whole tomahawk, while its appearance in the last two games of the Super Robot Wars Alpha series have it simply throwing the head.
    • Tomahawk Lancer (Armageddon): Similar to the Tomahawk Boomerang attack except more than one is thrown in rapid succession.
    • Getter Blast Cannon (Super Robot Wars, manga): A hand-held beam gun.
    • Getter Tomahawk (all versions): The primary melee weapon of the Getter series has always been the tomahawk. However, Shin Getter-1's version is a bit of a misnomer, since the weapon in question is a two-headed battle axe with a very long handle. In Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo, the tomahawk was called Double Tomahawk Lancer.
    • Getter Scythe (Armageddon): Contained in the bud on Shin Getter-1's right shoulder is a scythe of similar style to the Getter Tomahawk.
    • Getter Lancer (Armageddon): A lance of similar style to the Getter Tomahawk.Used to strike.
    • Shin Getter Beam (all versions): A beam of focused Getter Energy released from Shin Getter-1's abdomen. Getter Energy is especially detrimental to reptilian life-forms, causing Dinosaurs to melt and eventually die, and causing the over evolution of Invaders.
    • Getter Beam (Armageddon): A weaker secondary Getter Beam, which is fired from its forehead.
    • Stoner Sunshine (Super Robot Wars, Armageddon, manga): Shin Getter-1 gathers a ball of energy in its hands, eventually growing to incredible size before it's thrown at the enemy. This is Shin Getter's strongest attack in many of its forms. Though the Neo Getter version never uses it in the anime, the Super Robot Wars games give the attack to its God Getter form. In the manga it's used without any apparent difficulty.
    • Shin Shine Spark (Super Robot Wars): An improved version of Getter Robo G's Shine Spark attack. Shin Getter charges its body full of energy, then flies headlong into the enemy, releasing the energy before flying away to safety. This attack is often given to another Getter, the Shin Getter Dragon.
    • Stoner Sunshine Spark (Super Robot Wars A): Ryo throws Stoner Sunshine on the Musashi's Getter Dragon and Musashi use it to strike instead of Getter Shine.

Shin Getter-2[]

Shin Getter-2 in Super Robot Wars Z2

(Formed from Shin Jaguar+Shin Bear+Shin Eagle)

  • Height: 55 meters (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Weight: 290 tons (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Construction: Polyformic Alloy (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Power Source: Getter Core
  • Pilots: Hayato Jin (Super Robot Wars, Armageddon, manga), Kei Kuruma (Armageddon), Shou Tachibana (Shin vs Neo), Messiah Taiiro (manga)
  • Weapons and Attacks:
    • Scissor Arm (Daikessen & Armageddon): Shin Getter-2's left hand is a sharp pincer.
    • Drill Shaker (Daikessen): Shin Getter-2 thrusts its drill into the ground, triggering shockwaves. This attack only damages enemies on or under the ground.
    • Getter Drill / Drill Arm (Armageddon and Super Robot Wars): Shin Getter-2 uses its powerful thrusters to fly at the enemy at top speed before ramming its rapidly-spinning drill arm into them, causing massive damage.
    • Drill Missile (all versions): The massive drill arm can be fired as a projectile, drilling its way through an enemy before flying back to the Getter.
    • Drill Tempest (all versions): Shin Getter-2 spins its drill arm at incredible speeds, generating a cyclone that buffets the enemy. This attack is also called Drill Hurricane in some media.
    • Plasma Drill Hurricane (Armageddon): A stronger version of the Drill Tempest attack in which Shin Getter-2 imbues the hurricane with plasma energy.
    • Mirage Drill (Super Robot Wars): Multi-colored beams are shot from Shin Getter-2's drill, converging on the enemy.
    • Shin Getter Vision (all versions): Shin Getter-2 moves at high speed, creating illusionary copies of itself to fool the enemy.

Shin Getter-3[]

Shin Getter-3 in Super Robot Wars Z2

(Formed from Shin Bear+Shin Eagle+Shin Jaguar)

  • Height: 30 meters (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Weight: 290 tons (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Construction: Polyformic Alloy (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Power Source: Getter Core
  • Pilots: Benkei Kuruma (Super Robot Wars, Armageddon), Gai (Armageddon), Gai Masamichi (Shin vs Neo), Go Ichimonji (manga), Musashi Tomoe (Super Robot Wars Z2: Hakai-Hen)
  • Weapons and Attacks:
    • Getter Blow / Hammer Punch (Super Robot Wars): A punch combo, performed as Shin Getter-3 charges towards the enemy. In the case of the Getter Blow, Shin Getter-3 does a 1-2 punch combo ending in a jumping double axehandle.
    • Getter Crash (Armageddon): A body tackle attack.
    • Getter Missile (all versions): Shin Getter-3 mounts two homing missile launchers in each shoulder.
    • Getter Homing Missile (Armageddon): More powerful versions of the Getter Missiles.
    • Missile Storm (all versions): Shin Getter-3 also mounts countless powerful missiles in its large rear section, released all at once. In Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo, this attack is called Missile Bomb.
    • Daisetsuzan Oroshi (Armageddon and Super Robot Wars): An improved version of Musashi's Judo throw, first employed by Getter-3. Shin Getter-3 uses its extendable arms to grab the enemy, then spins them around over its head at incredible speeds, disorienting them before throwing them high into the sky and letting them come crashing down to Earth.
    • Daisetsuzan Oroshi Nidan Gaeshi (Super Robot Wars): Appearing in the Super Robot Wars Alpha series, this attack is mostly identical to the Daisetsuzan Oroshi. The main difference is that after throwing its opponent, Shin Getter-3 fires the Missile Storm attack straight up, further battering the helpless enemy.
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