Seolla Schweizer
Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 character
Seolla schweitzer
Voiced by Yumi Kakazu (Japanese)
Aliases Bronzo 27
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Enhanced Human
Date of birth 164 (S.E)
Occupation Pilot
Military History
Affiliation Titans (Alpha 2),
The School (Before Alpha 2/OG 1/OGs),
Alpha Numbers (Alpha 2/3),
Neo Divine Crusaders (OG 2/OGs),
Aggressors (After OG 2/OGs/OG Gaiden)
Rank Sergeant Major
Units Piloted Lion F (OG 2/OGs),
Randgrith (OG 2/OGs),
Barzam (Alpha 2),
Wild Falken (Alpha 2/3, OG 2/OGs/OG Gaiden),
Bartool (OVA, OGs/OG Gaiden)

Seolla Schweizer is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In both Alpha and Original Generation canon, she pilots the Wild Falken and is joined by close friend and love interest, Arado Balanga and his Wild Wurger.


Seolla has appeared in the following games:

Theme MusicEdit

  • Wild Flug (Wild Flight) - Default theme in Alpha 2 and all OG series games beginning with Original Generations.
  • Ace Attacker Ver. W (Ace Pilot Ver. W in the English-language version of Original Generation 2) - Default theme in OG2 and Alpha 3.

Personality And TraitsEdit

An impatient, easily tempered person, Seolla Schweizer can be a very scary girl. She gives much respect to her senior officers, and is an excellent pilot. Seolla is quite considerate about the people closest to her, especially Arado Balanga, her long-time training partner at The School, though there are times when Arado would say the wrong things (up to and including teasing her about the size of her breasts, which is thought to be one of the biggest out of the Banpresto Original females), resulting in Seolla berating him, and at times, giving him a swift beating. Nevertheless, her attachment to Arado is unique, both forming an incredibly strong friendship.


Alpha TimelineEdit

Original Generation TimelineEdit

Seolla Schweizer was originally known as Bronzo 27, one of the specially-trained and altered children at The School, a project designed to create Personal Trooper pilots. The Bronzo series were designed and trained to work in pairs, and her partner at The School was Arado Balanga, then known as Bronzo 28. During her time at The School, she also befriended Latune 11 and Ouka Nagisa (known as Aurum 1), who became a kind of older sister to the three children, and others.

After the closing of The School, Seolla, Arado, and Ouka were transferred to the Divine Crusaders, a group formed by Bian Zoldark, to combat alien forces that were preparing to subjugate the planet. Accompanying them was Agilla Setme, one of the former instructors at The School, who still sought to perfect her training and modification methods. After the end of the Divine Crusaders War and the L5 Campaign, they joined the Neo Divine Crusaders, who still felt that the current government was unable to protect the Earth. In order to build up their strength, the Neo Divine Crusaders attacked many Earth Federation Army bases, in order to seize prototype mecha and weapons. On one such raid, Seolla and Arado were assigned to steal Mao Industries' new Wild Falken machine, as it was undergoing field tests in Hawaii.

However, the test pilot of the Wild Falken was their old friend, Latooni 11, now Earth Federation pilot, Latune Subbota, whom Seolla and the others thought had died in a training exercise before The School closed. Although Seolla was able to force Latune out of the Wild Falken and take it herself, Latune refused to accompany her and Arado back to the Neo Divine Crusaders. Convinced that the Federation had brainwashed Latune to fight for them, Seolla and Arado would confront Latune again, trying to get her to come back with them. However, Latune again refuses, and faces Seolla in combat. Latune attempts to disable Seolla's mech, but Arado intercepts the attack, and his Lion is destroyed, leaving Seolla to believe that he had been killed. Inconsolable after losing Arado, Seolla is temporarily put into hibernation. When Arado reappeared, alive and fighting against the Neo Divine Crusaders alongside Latune, her memories were altered, making she and Ouka forget about Arado as Bronzo 28, and believing that he had kidnapped Latune from them.

Seolla and Okua would again be sent out to attack the Hagane and Hiryu Custom, this time to destroy Arado as well as recover Latooni. Despite Agilla's reprogramming, memories of Arado still existed within Seolla's consciousness. Combined with Arado's constant attempts to remind her of her actual past, the rising tension caused Seolla's memory to override the reprogramming and restore it to normal. Finally convinced of the truth, Seolla chose to join Arado and fight alongside him and Latune. She was present in the final fights against the Shadow-Mirror, Inspectors and the Einst. During the liberation of the Earth Cradle, they attempted to save Ouka as well, but Ouka sacrificed herself to destroy Agilla, freeing her siblings from her influence forever. After the war, she and Arado would be recuited into the Aggressors, alongside Latune and Lamia Loveless

In Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation, Seolla was present on Earth, along with Latune, Arado, Lamia, and Kusuha Mizuha, in order to observe the unveiling of the newest mass-production mech, the Bartool. However, when the Bartools turned out to be under enemy control, she and the others quickly dispersed to retaliate, only to be captured and used as living cores. Unlike Lamia and the other captured humans, however, Seolla was not physically linked to her custom Bartool. After being awakened by Excellen Browning, she used the Bartool alongside Arado and Latune to fight the rogue mechs. In the bonus segment of Super Robot Wars Original Generations, however, Lamia ended up missing in action after an attack by Professor Wilhelm von Juergen. Extremely saddened, as she, like the rest of the cast, thought Lamia was killed in the attack, Seolla participated in the ensuing battle against Juergen, believing that Lamia had shared the same fate as Ouka.

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