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The SRX Team (SRXチーム) is a squadron from the Original Generation Saga, first seen in Neo Super Robot Wars. They are composed of mecha pilots who participate in the SRX Project and give suggestions and such, some of them even piloting the products of the Project. The team is often stationed on the battleship Hagane. Later, the team is integrated as part of the Steel Dragon Squadron.


Commander of the SRX Team, Major Ingram Plissken is dedicated to the task of completing the "SRX Development Project" by recruiting Ryusei, Rai and Aya. Later betrays the team after revealing himself as a spy for the Aerogaters strength of The Federation. Ingram is the first clone of the mass-produced "Balshem" series created by from the Ze Balmary Empire and known as the "Originator", with the codename "Aleph Balshem". Ingram and the SRX Team fight on multiple occasions following his turn, and while many cannot understand his actions at joining the enemy, in reality, Ingram's been manipulated by his Balmar masters into doing their bidding, though Ingram's will is strong enough such that he desires to break free from their control.

The new SRX Team Commander replacing Ingram on the SRX Development Project, Viletta holds the rank of Captain. With exceptional piloting skills, she is always able to judge cooly on the battlefield, she currently pilots the R-Gun Powered. In actuality, Viletta is the fourth clone in the mass-produced Balshem series with the codename "Bet Balshem". In Original Generation, Ingram sent Viletta as another spy for the Aerogaters to infiltrate the Earth Federation in order to gather data. However, following the final battle with the entity known as "Septuagint", Viletta confides with Gilliam Yeager her real mission, created specifically from Ingram the Originator to act on his behalf once he becomes unable to do so of his own free will from the Aerogaters. Ingram created her before his mind was fully taken over, then sends her away to complete his will.

The second member to be recruited into "SRX Development Project" Ryuusei is the prime example of the Ascended Fanboy, especially regarding Video Games and Super Robots. Ryuusei enters the Burning PT National Tournament, in hopes of winning the grand prize money and accommodating his mother's hospital bills. Only to be attacked by unknown mecha, and pilots a Gespenst that shown his Psychodriver abilities, Ingram Plissken then decides to recruit him for the SRX Team.

The third member to be recruited into "SRX Development Project" Rai was a test pilot for the Super Prototype Huckebein at Mao Industries on the moon. However, an error with the Huckebein's "Black Hole Engine" leveled the facility, leaving Rai as one of three people to survive this "Vanishing Trooper Incident", although his left hand was crushed during the accident and replaced with a prosthetic. Afterwards, Ingram drafted him into the the SRX Team and he has remained there ever since. Though he's not a Psychodriver he still has the job of maintaining the Tronium Engine that powers the SRX, and can still keep up with the rest of the armada by skill alone.

The 21-year-old leader and captain of the SRX Team, Aya's the oldest daughter of Dr. Kenzo Kobayashi, head of Psychodriver research. The first one to be drafted into the "SRX Development Project". Her Psychodriver powers are very strong and is the telekinetic key when they form the SRX.

The forth member to be recruited into "SRX Development Project" Aya's younger sister, Mai was presumed dead after an explosion years before at her father Kenzo Kobayashi's lab. With no memories of her past, Mai remains a very quiet, gentle girl. In Original Generation, she appears six months after the L5 Campaign and is given medical treatment under Kenzo's care. Due to her exceptionally strong Psychodriver powers, Mai gets assigned to the SRX Team for learning purposes, and is selected to be the pilot of the R-Gun Powered and later the ART-1. In Alpha and Original Generation, the cause of the lab accident is due to the "Aerogaters" in secret: Mai was kidnapped, Brainwashed, and turned into one of the Aerogaters, taking the name "Levi Tolar", the self-proclaimed "Priestess of Judecca", piloting the mighty "Judecca".


  • R-1: The R-1 was the first of the R-Series to be developed, as a highly-mobile close combat-oriented unit with an alternate high-speed aircraft mode known as R-Wing. Due to its high mobility, the R-1 is often utilized as a scouting unit and/or for staging surprise attacks on the enemy. Lastly, there is also the T-Link System, which allows the pilot's innate telekinetic abilities to be utilized for offensive (T-Link Sword) or defensive (T-Link Field) purposes. The R-1 serves as the core unit for SRX.
  • R-1/Kai: Externally, the R-1 Kai looks exactly the same as the R-1, which makes the Kai's only visual difference compared to R-1 being the fact that it can hold the new GT-Revolvers as both tonfas and pistols, as opposed to the old G-Revolvers. The mecha is now incapable of combining to form SRX.
  • R-2: The R-2 is a somewhat bulky machine that is well armored. The reason the R-2 is so bulky and heavy is for two reasons:

The first is that the R-2 holds the Tronium Engine for SRX, which causes R-2 to overheat very easily.

The second is that the R-2 is outfitted to carry large, ranged weapons, so a lot of armor is needed to support these weapons.

Although the reinforced armor hinder the R-2's mobility, it makes up for it with it's powerful long-to-mid-range weapons.

  • R-2/Powered: After receiving the Plus Parts, the R-2 Powered is now outfitted with a pair of 5-barrel Hi-Zol Launchers and large shoulder armor. Fulfilling the R-2's role of being a long-range support unit as well as preparing the R-2 for the combination into SRX.
  • R-3: The R-3 is a nimble and rather feminine-looking humanoid mecha. It seems frail, but it's mobility as well as the various long-range telekinetic weapons it has make up for it.
  • R-3/Powered: After receiving the Plus Parts, the R-3 now rests inside large dedicated support carrier which will become SRX's legs.Tturning the PT into a long-range sniping and bombarding commander unit, the new support carrier utilizes a T-Link Flight System to allow it to fly, along with carrying multiple Tesla Drives that will allow SRX to fly after the combination sequence is done.
  • SRX: The SRX, also known as the Super Robot X-Type, is the result of the "SRX Development Project". That would involve creating a variety of real robots that would combine into a single, powerful super robot, having advantages of both types in its combined form.
  • Banpreios: The Banpreios serves as the completed version of the prototype SRX. It's official name was supposed to be "SR Altered" due to no longer being an experimental prototype, however as Ryuusei wished to keep his old mech's name, it was changed to "SRX Altered". "Banpreios" is a name given to the Altered by Ryuusei and the robot is usually referred to by this name.
  • R-Gun: Part of the SRX Project, the R-Gun was developed as the Heavy Metal Particle Cannon Hyper Tronium Buster Cannon, a.k.a H.T.B Cannon or Metal Genocider, a "R-Weapon" for the SRX's use. However, due to its large size and portability issues, a transformation gimmick into a Personal Trooper was integrated into the Cannon, allowing it to both serve as an individual combat force and, through transforming into its Metal Genocider Mode, as a weapon for the SRX. I
  • R-Gun/Powered: The R-Gun Powered is basically the R-Gun equipped with the new Hi-Twin Launchers on its back (along with the T-Link System in the case of OG), allowing it to be fired by SRX (and by extension, Banpreios) as the H.T.B Cannon in the mecha's Metal Genocider Mode. However, in order to be used by Banpreios, an external module known as the Ex-Gunner is required to connect the Metal Genocider with Banpreios and synchronize their systems.
  • ART-1: The ART-1 was built as part of the RXR Project, itself belonging to the larger ReEOTH Plan, which aims to improve the stability and reliability of EOT technology. The mecha serves as a culmination of currently available EOT knowledge, while also incorporating data from other mobile weapon development plans, such as the R-Series, ATX Project, Huckebein Series and Project TD.
  • Mass-Production Gespenst Mk-II Type-TT: A white-painted variant of the MP Gespenst Mk-II installed with a T-Link System for pilots with innate telekinesis abilities, which is utilized with the unit's remote-controlled T-Link Rippers. Only 3 units were built, respectively given model numbers RPT-007TT-01, RPT-007TT-02 and RPT-007TT-03.
  • Schutzwald: A Personal Trooper developed by Mao Industries, after the initial Gespenst series, the Schutzwald differed greatly from the previous Gespensts, since it is used for bombardment purposes, during the Divine Crusaders War, valuing the use of thermal power. However, due to high production costs and the difficulty of maintaining the machine, mass production of the Schutzwald was put off. Only three units exists: Unit 01 was sent to the SRX Team to gather data for its R-Series of mechs. SRX Team member Raidiese F. Branstein would field the first unit in the DC War. This unit would eventually become the prototype for the R-2. Radha Bairaban would utilize the second unit in her own custom colors in both Original Generation games. The location of the last unit is currently unknown.