The SRX (Super Robot Type-X or X-Type) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has

SRX-00 Super Robot X-Type

appeared as a playable unit in Shin Super Robot Wars, Super Robot Wars Alpha and the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation series.


The SRX is a very large robot with an oddly shaped head that is shaped like a giant mask similar to that of Banpresto's logo. The head also features a v-fin in reference to Gundam mecha. Much of the upper body and arms is colored with blue and while the stomach area and lower have an orange-red and white color. On the feet are very noticeable large white "blades". The SRX is very boxy in terms of its design but appears very formidable in terms of its defense.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

In Alpha, after Bian Zoldark warned the the Earth Federation government about a possible alien invasion, they listened to him carefully. One of the project responses was to form a formidable weapon using Extra-Over Technology from the meteor known as Meteor-3, that had crashed on Earth. This began the SRX Developmental Project that would be lead by Major Ingram Prisken. The SRX Developmental Project involved creating various real robots that would eventually be able to combine into an overwhelmingly powerful super robot that had both the benefits of a super robot, as well as a real robot. This began with the creation of the Real Personal Trooper Type-1, Real Personal Trooper Type-2, and the Real Personal Trooper Type-3 -- three real robots with various purposes.

The project was very demanding, however. First, were the technological factors. The technology going into the R-Series came from that of various series of machines (including Gespensts, Huckebeins, and then some), which made the project quite costly. While the R-1 and the R-3 were powered by conventional fusion reactors, the R-2 used a large Tronium Engine to generate the power required for the combined SRX. Tronium is a rare mineral found at Meteor-3, which is ten times more radioactive than uranium. Another problem was the selection of pilots. Various factors were taken into consideration because of this. Because the Tronium Engine would cause the machine to explode if it overloaded, someone was required to keep constant check on the engine. Also, because the SRX utilized the T-Link System, a telekinetic system that could be used by Psychodriver pilots to empower the machine and make use of certain weapons that used Zol Orichalcon, and the Uranus System, a powerful compliment to the T-Link System that activates when the Psychodriver pilot has an overload of power, allowing the pilots to see their life signs and damage situation, but if overloaded, could cause the pilots' brains to collapse, potent Psychodriver pilots were necessary. The final selection of pilots were Aya Kobayashi, who would maintain the T-Link/Uranus Systems and pilot the R-3, Raidiese F. Branstein who would maintain the Tronium Engine and man the R-2, and young Ryusei Date who would be in control of the SRX's attack power and man the R-1.

Eventually, a new R-Series machine would be made known as R-Gun, which could transform into its Metal Destroyer Mode (Metal Genocider Mode, in the original Japanese version), a cannon designed for use with the SRX. An R-Sword was to be built as well, but it would be canniblized to become the Boxer Frame for the Huckebein MK III Boxer. As the draining project continued, the R-2 and the R-3 would be upgraded to the R-2 Powered and the R-3 Powered, respectively. These upgrades contained vital parts that would allow the R-Machines to combine into the SRX. The R-Gun is also later given an upgrade to become the R-Gun Powered. A major event would occur, however - Ingram would reveal that he was a double-agent for the Aerogater invaders from the planet Balmar. He would soon be a threat to the project because of this. However, it seems that while he is loyal to the Aerogaters, he does still help the SRX Team indirectly, as his true goal is to really help them. Eventually, Ryusei is prompted to attempt the combination sequence, and the SRX is born. This SRX is actually a prototype for the planned upgrade that would be known as the SRX Altered Banpreios. Eventually, Aerogater member Levi Tolar would join the SRX Team and depending on the path taken in the game, would become the pilot of R-Gun (this occurs only in Alpha).

After the war with the Aerogaters in Alpha, however, the government deemed the SRX Developmental Project to be too much of a hassle and ordered the machines to be dismantled one by one. The R-1 and the R-2 Powered are dismantled, while the R-3 Powered and the R-Gun Powered are not dismantled until the end of the conflict in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden. All members of the SRX Team are even placed under arrest. But the threat of Balmar's full force becomes apparent, and the project is started once more. All four machines are rebuilt and used to help build the Banpreios. The original SRX would have its final sortie against Hazal Gozzo and his Vayikra, where the SRX would be destroyed and its Tronium stolen before its destruction.

The SRX Developmental Project would also help spawn a mass-production project. A less-powerful version of the R-1, called R-Blade, would be built for mass production in both the Alpha and Original Generation universes.


SRX Edit


Model Number: SRX-00

Height: 51.2 meters

Weight: 388.8 tons

Armor Material: Zol Orichalconium

Main Power Source: Tronium Engine

Defensive System: Nendō Field

Weapon Systems:

  • Telekinesis Missile (テレキネシス・ミサイル Terekineshisu Misairu)
    Missiles fired from the legs of the SRX. This is basically the R-3 Powered's "Telekinesis Missiles". This attack does not appear in the Original Generation games, but is utilized in Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars.
  • Hi-Finger Launcher (ハイフィンガー・ランチャー Haifingā Ranchā)
    The SRX fires ten solid energy beams from all its fingers. This is basically the R-2 Powered's "Hi Zol Launcher". Since Super Robot Wars Original Generations the SRX fires scattered energy shots, rather than solid beams, aimed at multiple enemies.
  • Gaun Genocider (ガウンジェノサイダー Gaunjenosaidā)
    The SRX fires a huge beam ray attack from its visor. This attack does not appear in the Gameboy Advance Original Generation games.
  • Blade Kick (ブレード・キック Burēdo Kikku)
    The SRX charges up the blades on its feet to perform a diving kick attack to cut enemies apart.
  • Dominion Ball (ドミニオン・ボール Dominion Bōru)
    The SRX creates a giant ball of energy from its fist and fires multiple balls of energy from it to damage the opponent and then launches the giant ball itself, causing great damage.
  • Tenjou Tenga Nendou Bakusai Ken (天上天下念動爆砕剣)
    This is Ryusei's name for the attack where the SRX uses its Zol Orichalcon Sword to perform a more powerful stab attack. The psychic blade remains inside the target after the SRX pulls away. The blade then explodes as Ryusei yells "Nendō Bakusai!" - hence the name. Since Super Robot Wars Original Generations, the SRX first uses the Dominion Ball to paralyze the enemy in a Nendo Field before initiating this attack.
  • Tenjou Tenga Ichigeki Hissatsu Hou (天上天下一撃必殺砲)
    This is actually known as the HTB Cannon (Hyper Tronium Buster Cannon), where the R-Gun Powered transforms into its Metal Destroyer Mode and is used as a giant gun (in Original Generations, the R-Gun Powered resembles a cannon, instead, and fitted onto the SRX's hand), where power from the SRX's Tronium Engine is combined with the R-Gun Powered's Tronium Engine (hence Ryusei stating, "Energy charge, 120%!") to perform a devastating attack.

SRX Altered Banpreios Edit


SRX-01 SRX Altered Banpreios


Model Number: SRX-01

Height: 75.3 meters

Weight: 431.8 tons

Armor Material: Zol Orichalconium

Main Power Source: Tronium Engine

Defensive System: Nendō Field

Weapon Systems:

  • Telekinesis Missile HP
    The Banpreios launches several salvos of missiles that bombard a specified range.
  • High Palm Detonator
    Banpreios fires several shots from the cannons on its palms at a target.
  • Gaun Genocider
    Like the SRX, Banpreios fires a powerful beam from its visor.
  • T-LINK Blade Knuckle
    Banpreios forms a blade on its fist and after slashing the target twice it stabs the target with the blade and detaches it before it explodes, this aattack is a combination of T-LINK Knuckle and Nendou Bakusai Ken.
  • Altered Full Burst
    A combat pattern starting with High Palm Detonator then Banpreios launches the Telekinesis Missile and ends the attack with Gaun Genocider.
  • Tenjou Tenga Nendou Hasaiken
    Ryusei signals for Rai to detach the blades from Banpreios's legs, Aya and Mai then performs Twin Contact and takes control of the blades to form both halves of the Banpreios's Nendou Musou Ken which then combine and descends to the ground as Rai cranks the Tronium Engine to Overdrive, The Banpreios pulls the sword from the ground and jets upward, Banpreios then lands in-front of the target and then stabs the target with the sword, Banpreios then pushes sword in further and the blades then open up slicing the target from the inside, Ryusei then closes the sword and prepares it and with the shout of "Ryusei Giri!!" cleaves the target in half and flies away.
  • Tenjou Tenga Ichigeki Hissatsu Hou Kai
    Banpreios's ultimate weapon, using the R-Gun Powered docked with the Ex Gunner, the Banpreios fires a massive beam at its unlucky targets destroying everything in its path.

Video GalleryEdit


When the SRX is deployed in the North American localization of Original Generation, Ryusei's names have been removed, and the names are the standard names for the attacks. This happens often, but is most notable with weapons like the HTB Cannon, due to the iconic nature of the names above. However, Ryusei has still been known to shout the Japanese names of the attacks, such as the Tenjo Tenge Nendou Bakusai Ken.


  • When SRX or Altered Banpreios perform Gaun Genocider the Banpresto logo and intro song can be seen and heard when it hits.
  • It is interesting to note that the blade of the Zol Orichalcon Sword is yellow in color for its appearances in the Super Robot Wars games, but takes on a green color in Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation.
  • In the Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars anime, while battling Septuagint, the SRX combines with the Dis Astranagant to form what fans dub as the DiSRX.
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