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Ryune Zoldark (リューネ・ゾルダーク) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series and daughter of Bian Zoldark, founder of the Divine Crusaders. In canon, she pilots the Valsione R.


Super Robot Wars games appearances

Super Robot Wars animated appearances

Theme Music

  • Flapper Girl (フラッパーガール) - Default theme in all appearances


Ryune's an outspoken tomboy with torn jeans and a high aptitude for mecha piloting. She was a member of the DC, but spent most of the time physically training in Jupiter. About her mecha, she was supposedly given a customized Valsion, but she didn't like how it looked, so Bian modified its look to resemble a giant, walking robot version of herself, theValsione, complete with hair and an emotion copy system (its face changes according to Ryune's current expression) She got the mecha, but later heard her father died, so she tried to avenge him by facing the Earth Federation Army, but found out the DC has gone into the wrong direction after her father's death. She fights briefly with the Federation, but later ends up joining them in order to straighten the DC up. She falls in love with Masaki and tries to get his attention all the time, however unsuccessfully.

In the Inspector Wars, Ryune is ambushed by the Inspectors along with the Hiryu Custom and is forced to retreat. She rejoins the EFA. In OG Gaiden, when visiting the Tesla Leicht Institute, she's attacked by Kyle Bean and a squad of Mirongas, but manages to survive along with Ibis Douglas and Master Rishu, additonally thanks to Masaki's Cybuster intervention and Shu's Granzon. When Masaki returns to La Gias, she bids him farewell. As the time continues, Ryune herself is thrown into La Gias when Prince Feil Lord pulls off a mass-summoning of surface-dwellers. Alongside with Masou Kishin no Hono Herald Hwang Yang Long, she gets the surface-dwellers back home, while dealing with the civil war in La Gias. She later returns to fight the Guests, but ultimately moves permanently to La Gias to be with Masaki, helping out the land's conflict.