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SRG-03D RyuKoOh and SRG-03T KoRyuOh

RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh are fictional robots in the Super Robot Wars series. They have appeared as playable units in Super Robot Wars Alpha, 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, Super Robot Wars Original Generations, and Super Robot Wars 30. Their names translate to "Dragon Tiger Lord" and "Tiger Dragon Lord" respectively. Their upgrades are the Shin RyuuKoOh and the Shin KoRyuuOh, and have made a playable appearance in 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha only.


The RyuuKoOh is, in essence, a humanoid mecha with dragon-like aestethics, including its base, head, tail, and more. It has scales like those of a dragon, has a pair of wings, and is colored in mostly blue. On its chest is a white tiger head.

Its counterpart, the KoRyuuOh is also a humanoid mecha, but instead has tiger-like aesthetics including a tiger head and paws. A lot of its body is white with black stripes while its shoulder as well as knees are yellow with black stripes. The chest area is colored in blue and has some of the RyuuKoOh's parts.

Technical and Historical[]

The Chōkijin are ancient robots of unknown origin that are based on the four Chinese gods. These gods are based on various animals - the dragon, tiger, phoenix, and turtle. In Super Robot Wars Alpha, Dr Hell uses the RyuuOhKi (Dragon Lord Machine) and the KoOhKi (Tiger Lord Machine), which were found in ancient Chinese ruins, to attack the Londo Bell. These gods have their own artificial intelligence and soul in them, however, their full potential cannot be brought out on their own. After the RyoOhKi and KoOhKi are broken free from Dr. Hell's control, thanks to the Grungust Type-2's T-Link System, they allow the main characters (officially, Kusuha Mizuha and Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield) to perform a spectacular combination to become the RyuKoOh, where the RyuOhKi transforms over the KoOhKi and can transform into the KoRyuOh, when the KoOhKi combines over the RyuOhKi. The parts of the Grungust Type-2, which Kusuha and Bullet were originally meant to receive before it was destroyed by Big Fire, are integrated into the RyuKoOh.

In Original Generation 2, Kusuha and Bullet are piloting the Grungust Type-3. The RyuOhKi and the KoOhKi were excavated by a leading authority on ancient technology, Dr. Eri Anzai, in the Chinese Shiyuuzuka mountainous region, Cheu Hill. They select Kusuha and Bullet as their pilots and absorb the Grungust Type-3.

The history of the RyuuKoOh/KoRyuuOh has been one of many layers. At some point, they were buried and then unearthed by the ancient Chinese statesmen/craftsmen/philosophers, Mo-Zhi and Gongsu Ban. They improved on the designs to give them the form they have today. It seems some of La Gias alchemy went into this, since Mo-Zhi and Gongsu Ban came into contact with those people. However, this was contradicted by the events of Alpha 2, and seems to be mere misspeculation by Dr. Anzai.

The RyuuKoOh has tremendous amounts of power. If anyone merely pilots it, their life force will slowly be drained from them. This is why a Psychodriver must pilot it. After Kusuha and Bullet use this machine, they become linked to it so only they can be the pilots. The RyuuKuOh's main power source is the perpetual motion system, which contains the five elements. The absorbing of the Grungust Type-2 into its being allowed the absorption of the T-Link System, its parts to repair the Chōkijin. In Original Generation 2, the absorbing of the Grungust Type-3 allows the RyuuKoOh's parts to be repaired, the absorption of the T-Link System, the Booster Knuckle to become the Tiger Knuckle, and the drills to become the Variable Drill. The RyuuKoOh runs on sacramental water, which is water mixed with the ashes of burned talismans.

The RyuuKoOh and the KoRyuuOh's combat effectiveness vary. The RyuuKoOh can fly and has many more ranged attacks, however, the RyuOh Hazanken, the RyuKoOh's sword, is still its most powerful weapon. The KoRyuuOh excels strictly at up-close melee combat and cannot fly but is a very fast runner. For convenience, both of these machines have been assigned codenumbers - SRG-03D for the RyuuKoOh and SRG-03T for the KoRyuuOh.

After the end of the war with the Aerogaters from Balmar, the Earth Federation declared the Chōkijin to be Class A super machines that must be dismantled. Bullet manages to save them, hiding them away from the Earth Federation. However, in Alpha 2, the RyuOhKi returns to Kusuha while Bullet is being mind-controlled in the KoOhKi. Though the KoOhKi and Bullet are driven off, the RyuOhKi is gravely wounded. At G-Island City, it is repaired using the Grungust Type-2 mass production version parts and becomes the RyuJinKi. When the mind-control is broken, Kusuha and Bullet perform the combination once again. After the final battle with the Nashim Ganeden, the RyuuKoOh/KoRyuuOh leave its pilots behind, so that it can sacrifice itself against their foe. Though it would seem the Chōkijin are gone, Kusuha is sure they are alive.

In Alpha 3, the robots, GouRyuu Kai and RaiKou Kai, which are developed off of data on the Grungusts, while having designs somewhat based on the Chōkijin, were created for Kusuha and Bullet to use. Later on, it is revealed that the Chōkijin that Kusuha and Bullet used are of the Shishin series, while Son Ganlong's far superior Shin RyuOhKi (the real name actually being Shirei RyuuOhKi) is from the superior Shirei series. When all four Chōkijin of the Shishin series (RyuuOhKi, KoOhKi, ZakuOhKi, and BoOhKi) absorb the GouRyuu Kai and RaiKou Kai, they unlock the true power of the Chōkijin in the form of the Shin RyuuKoOh and the Shin KoRyuuOh.



Model number: SRG-03D

Height: 49.9 meters

Weight: 158.0 tons

Weapons Systems:

  • Scale Vulcan
Skin Scales are released and launched in a similar fashion to a Vulcan Gun. This attack does not appear in Alpha 2 and the Original Generation games
  • Rastaban Beam
Energy beams are launched from the eyes. This attack does not appear in the Original Generation games.
-Rastaban is the name of a bright star in the constellation Draco, and is located in the "eye" region.
  • Baraifuu

The RyuuKoOh launches multiple talisman to create a web of electricity to strike multiple targets.

  • Dragon Knuckle

As with the Grungust's Boost Knuckle, the RyuKoOh fires its fist at the enemy. This attack does not appear in the Original Generation games.

  • Mountain Pressure

The RyuuKoOh launches a talisman into the sky which opens up a warphole that releases a giant rock that falls to crush enemy units.

    • 'This attack is reminiscent to the mountain Buddha used to crush and imprison Sun Wukong of the Chinese epic, Journey To The West, as punishment for causing mischief in Heaven.
  • Magma Vasarl

The RyuuKuOh launches a wave of fire from its hand.

  • RyuOh Hazanken (Dragon King's Mountain Breaking Sword)

The RyuuKoOh summons its Hazanken with its talismans, flies high into the sky, and then comes down to deliver a pair of slashes to the opponent. Called Dragoon Blade in the North American localization.

    • In Original Generations, the Hazanken is actually the jewel, grasped from the tail of the RyuuKoOh. As it flies high into the heavens, countless bolts of lightning strike the ground. The RyuuKoOh dashes straight for the enemy inside a bolt and delivers a clean, horizontal slice, destroying its target.
  • RyuuOh Hazanken: Gekirindan (Dragon King's Mountain Breaking Sword: Imperial Wrath)

The RyuuKoOh summons the Hazanken with its talismans. It delivers a hard tackle to the opponent before delivering a final slash which also releases a wave of fire. Called Dragoon Fang in the North American localization.

    • In Alpha 2 and Original Generation 2, this attack has the RyuuKuOh flying high in the air then comes down to deliver the slash that releases a wave of fire.
    • In Original Generations, the Hazanken is actually the jewel, grasped from the tail of the RyuKoOh. As the Hazanken materializes from the jewel and assumes its true, bladed form, the RyuKoOh, now powered up to is maximum, swiftly pierces the enemy, tears the sword away and delivers a vertical strike of fire that literally rips apart the earth. With a roar of victory, the RyuKoOh flies away.
  • RyuOh Hazanken: Tenma Koufuku (Dragon King's Mountain Breaking Sword: Celestial Demon Subjugation)

The RyuuKoOh summons the Hazanken with its talismans. It flies towards the opponent and delivers a hard strike with it (same as with the Gekirindan). It then delivers a fast combination of multiple sword strikes before stabbing the opponent and then tearing upwards. This attack appears in 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha and 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation


Height: 45.1 meters

Weight: 158.0 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Fang Missile
    The KoRyuuOh fires a pair of missiles from its eyes. This attack appears in Second Super Robot Wars Original Generation for the Playstation 3.
  • Tiger Knuckle
    The KoRyuuOh launches its arm to perform an aerial punch.
  • Random Spike
    The KoRyuuOh summons a spiked nunchaku. It then attacks with multiple strikes from it at a fast rate.
  • Variable Drill
    The KoRyuuOh transforms its hand into a large drill that it drives into the opponent. This weapon was most likely derived from the Grungust Sanshiki's Drill Boost Knuckle. This attack does not appear in the Original Generation games.
  • Sonic Javelin
    The KoRyuuOh summons a javelin, a curved blade on a long staff. (The weapon resembles a glaive or guan dao, more than a throwing javelin) It delivers a fast-paced combo with it before launching the enemy into the sky and throwing the javelin through them. In Alpha 2, instead of launching the enemy into the sky, it merely gives a huge slash to knock the opponent away. This weapon is alternatively called Shinsoku Yari (神速槍) meaning "Godspeed Spear."
    • In Original Generations, the KoRyuuOh would stun its enemy momentarily with the Shin KoRyuuOh's KoOh Houkou (虎王咆哮 Tiger King Roar) attack, before engaging the enemy with the Sonic Javelin.
  • Tyrant Break
    Effectively a scaled down version of Tyrant Over Break. This attack appears in Original Generation 2 for the Gameboy Advance.
  • KoOh Rangeki: Tyrant Over Break (Tiger King's Violent Attack: Tyrant Over Break)
    The KoRyuOh's ultimate attack. It attacks with a flurry of punches first, then summons the Random Spike to deliver attacks with, and then the Sonic Javelin to deal damage with, and finally summons the Variable Drill to drive through the opponent. Called Tyrant Breaker in the North American localization.
    • In Original Generations, the KoRyuOh delivers a swift kick, and sends the enemy high into the sky with a powerful left cross. The Random Spike materializes and the enemy is pummeled mercilessly, then knocked back to the ground, while the KoRyuOh summons its Sonic Javelin. A flurry of lightning fast stabs pierce the unit and destroys the earth around it. The KoRyuOh furiously dashes to the enemy, breaking the ground beneath it and sending both units deep underground. With the enemy grasped in its left claw, the right claw becomes the Variable Drill, and the KoRyuOh drives it straight into the unit. The explosion crumbles the ground above it, and as the KoRyuOh climbs itself out of the earth, it lets out a thunderous roar.

Shin RyuuKoOh[]

Shin RyuKoOh.jpg

Height: 52.4 meters

Weight: 170.1 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • RyuuOh Hajagan (龍王破邪眼 Dragon King Evil-breaking Eye)
    This is the Shin RyuKoOh's Rastaban Beam. The Shin RyuKoOh shoots lightning out of its eyes that cuts through all who are evil.
  • RyuuOh Izanhou (龍王移山法 Dragon King Mountain Transfer)
    The same as the one in the RyuKoOh. Kusuha chants and summons a giant mountain to crush her enemies.
  • Shinjintetsu Nyoi Kinkoubou (神珍鉄・如意金箍棒)
    The Shin RyuuKoOh throws the Kinkoubou outwards towards the enemy. In mid-flight, the Kinkoubou expands into an incredible size, which smashes the enemy.
    • The Kinkoubou is the weapon of Sun Wukong, and was originally a gigantic pillar, which Sun Wukong chose to wield, after he deemed all other weapons were too fragile for him to use. He shrunk the pillar to the size of a staff and used it as a cudgel. He could also alter its size to a needle or to a pillar at will.
  • RyuuOh Gekirin Kou (龍王逆鱗光 Dragon King's Imperial Wrath Light)
    The Shin RyuKoOh controls the Burinkou arbitrarily, spins twice then splits it into two separate mirror shields and it sends both off to two different directions. After then, it fires off a flaring beam from its chest. Should the enemy evade the attack, the mirror shield pieces of the Burinkou will reflect it back towards its target without fail. In Alpha 3, the enemy will always evade the first attack and then be blown to pieces from the reflection.
  • Shijin Shinka Hakke Jin (四神真火八卦陣 Four Gods True Flaming Eight Trigrams Formation)
    Kusuha chants as she summons the power of the Shijin, and the Shin RyuKoOh dances steps to form a Hakke circle. The enemy is engulfed in light and transported into another dimension. There, the Shin RyuKoOh summons giant stone slabs of the 8 Hakke elements. Kusuha ends with the Shin RyuKoOh's hissatsu attack and pelts the enemy infinitely with fireballs. When all is said and done, the Shin RyuKoOh turns its back, clasps its hands together and casts the enemy out of existence.
    • The Shinka Hakke Jin is the cauldron used by the celestials to impose capital punishment on Sun Wukong, after he wreaked chaos in Heaven. Since Sun Wukong was born of rock, blades could not cut him. With no conventional way to execute him, the celestials decided to cook him alive for forty days inside a special cauldron, but Wukong survived the ordeal and later escaped.

Shin KoRyuuOh[]

Shin KoRyuOh.jpg

Height: 50.9 meters

Weight: 170.1 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • KoOh Hiken (虎王飛拳 Tiger King Flying Fist):
    Although Bullet calls the attack "Tiger Knuckle", it is actually a ki blast from the hands, fired in the shape of a tiger.
  • KoOh Houkou (虎王咆哮 Tiger King Roar):
    The Shin KoRyuOh's version of the KoOhKi's Sonic Shout attack. The Shin KoRyuOh draws in its breath and lets loose a roaring cry at the enemy.
  • KoOh Gatouda - Souten (虎王牙闘打・蒼天 Tiger King Fang Fighting Strike - Blue Sky):
    The Shin KoRyuOh starts out with a flying kick, then a barrage of punches, ending with a slash of its katana.
  • KoOh Gatouda - Shouteki (虎王牙闘打・衝敵 Tiger King Fang Fighting Strike - Enemy Impale):
    The Shin KoRyuOh rushes the enemy with incredible speed, and lets loose an incredible amount of punches and kicks in all directions while performing Shin Bunshin no Jutsu, then ending with a Variable Drill.
  • KoOh Zanshin Rikkou Ken (虎王斬神陸甲剣 Tiger King God-Cleaving Earth Armor Sword ):
    The Shin KoRyuOh draws its katana. As Bullet chants, the four Shijin spirits endow their power into the blade. The Shin KoRyuOh rushes the enemy and ends in a single bisecting slash. The enemy freezes for an instant, and explodes as the Shin KoRyuOh sheathes its weapon.

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