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The Randgrith is a ground mecha used by the Shadow-Mirror. Its design is the basis of the RGC-034 Razangriff and assigned the RGV-30 model number.


Similar to the Laz Angriff, the Randgrith is a rather inelegant package of weapons built into a humanoid frame. It is less armored than the Laz Angriff, and is usually painted in green.

The Randgrith is equipped with missile launchers, a main cannon, a beam coat, a missile jammer, and a mecha-sized knife for use in emergencies or close combat. It normally carries a sidearm for situations where the missiles are less than ideal.


Model Number: RGV-30

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Weapon Systems:

  • Scissor Knife

A survival knife scaled for use by a Personal Trooper, used to slash at enemies. It is similar to the one the Laz Angriff carries. As the name suggests, it is capable of splitting apart into a giant pair of scissors.

  • M13 Shotgun

A Personal Trooper firearm also available to Federation forces. It is highly accurate and more powerful than the M90 Machinegun, but has less ammunition.

  • Matrix Missile

Mounted on the machine's shoulders, this weapon fires two missile containers, which break open to scatter smaller warheads at long-distance targets. This is in all ways identical to the one on the Laz Angriff.

  • Phalanx Missile

Another weapon system found in the Laz Angriff and shared by the Randgrith. The Randgrith only carries enough missiles for one salvo, while the Laz Angriff can fire two salvos.

  • Linear Cannon

The Randgrith does not have the F-Solid Cannon, but this weapon instead. This weapon is used to attack enemies that are out of the Randgrith's missile range, enemies that have some anti-missile defenses, or just to deal more damage.

Notable Pilots[]

Yuuki Jaggar also gets to pilot a Randgrith during his stint as an enemy in Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 2, as do Ricarla Borgnine and Seolla Schweitzer.

When Yuuki and Carla defect from the Neo Divine Crusaders, Carla joins the Original Generation cast piloting a Randgrith. If certain game conditions are met, Carla's Randgrith comes equipped with a powerful secret weapon in place of the M13 Shotgun.


  • Like most units created by the Shadow Mirror, the Randgrith has a self-destruct option called Code ATA, which stands for "Ashes To Ashes."
  • Like all of Valkyrie mecha, Randgrith's design is heavily based on the designs of Fang of the Sun Dougram.