Raidiese Fujiwara Branstein
Shin Super Robot Wars character
Voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese)
Aliases Rai
Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality German
Known relatives Elzam von Branstein (Brother),
Maier von Branstein (Father),
Cattleya Fujiwara-Branstein (Sister-in-law),
Leona Garstein (Cousin)
Military History
Affiliation Londo Bell (Shin, @1, @Gaiden),
Alpha Numbers (@3),
SRX Team
New Aggressors Team (OG2, OGs, OGG)
Rank Second Lieutenant
Units Piloted Huckebein 008 R (Before Shin, @1, OG1, OGs),
Schutzwald (OG1, OGs),
R-Blade (SHO)
R-2 (Shin, @1, OG1, OGs),
R-2 Powered,
Huckebein MK II M (@Gaiden, OG2, OGs),
SRX Altered Banpreios (@3)

Raidiese "Rai" F. Branstein is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, he is one of the pilots for the SRX Altered Banpreios, and is joined by fellow pilots Ryusei Date, Aya Kobayashi and her sister Mai Kobayashi in the Alpha timeline, and pilots the R-2 Powered, combining it with Ryusei's R-1 and Aya's R-3 Powered to form the SRX in all other timelines.


Rai appears in the following games:

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Theme MusicEdit

  • Everywhere You Go - Default theme in Shin Super Robot Wars
  • Ice Man (Retitled Cool As Ice, in the North American localization of Original Generation 2) - Default theme in all appearances
  • Variable Formation - Used when he, Ryusei and Aya perform "Formation R" combination attack.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Although not a Psychodriver like his fellow SRX teammates, 19-year old Raidiese "Rai" F. Branstein has exceptional piloting skills, with a unique sense of judgment on the battlefield. Hailing from the esteemed Branstein family, he is the second son of Maier von Branstein, and the younger brother to Elzam von Branstein. A calm and loyal individual, Rai holds great respect for the Branstein name, and holds his friends and family close to his heart. However, his relationship with Elzam is strained for several years: Rai blames him for the death of his beloved sister-in-law Cattleya, after the attack on the Elpis colony, the Branstein clan's home. His relationship with Princess Shine Hausen isn't quite clear, but he makes sure she feels safe whenever he's around her.

Only one man is capable of truly breaking Rai's calm demeanor -- Archibald Grims, the man behind the Elpis Incident.


Before the start of Original Generation, terrorists seized one of the space colonies where Raidiese's sister-in-law, Cattleya Fujiwara-Branstein, was held hostage. She was killed, at her request, along with the terrorists, and the man who executed it was none other than her husband, Elzam V. Branstein. Completely distraught over his brother's decision, Rai renounces his family name, even going so far as to changing his middle name to Fujiwara, in honour of Cattleya. He soon leaves the colonies and joins ranks with the Earth Federation Army. By the time Original Generation starts, he is given the rank of second lieutenant, and is sent to Mao Industries on the moon, in order to test the Huckebein 008 R. However, the Black Hole Engine test on the machine fails; as a result, Rai loses his left hand. He is given a prosthetic one, just before Ingram Prisken recruits him as the final member of the SRX Team.

Although he and the young, prominent psychodriver Ryusei Date have initial scuffles with one another, he begins to respect him as his performances on the battlefield improves. When Ingram defects to the Aerogaters, Rai is told that he is not needed on the SRX Team anymore, as the SRX machine requires three Psychodrivers to utilize its full potential. Instead, he responds that as long as he exists on the team, his seat in the R-2 will always be his. As such, Rai continues to do battle with the Divine Crusaders and Aerogaters in the war, alongside his teammates.

After the L5 Campaign against the Aerogaters, the SRX Team is temporarily disbanded; Ryusei stays in Japan to train with Viletta Vadim, Irmgult Kazahara, and Aya Kobayashi, while Rai is transferred to the reformed Aggressors, with Latune Subbota and Kai Kitamura. When the Neo Divine Crusaders attacks Hawaii and hijacks the prototype Wild Falken, Rai is forced to retreat with his teammates and rendezvous with the Earth Federation Army forces stationed at the Izu Base in Japan.

In addition, the formation of the Neo Divine Crusaders brings a more personal side to the battle for Rai. Though normally a cool and collected individual, he finds himself face to face with the man responsible for Cattleya's death: Archibald Grims, now a major for the Neo Divine Crusaders. To avenge his sister-in-law, Rai swears to defeat Archibald himself. He eventually fulfills his vow by teaming up with his brother, Elzam, and killed Archibald in the battle at the Earth Cradle. With the war against the Shadow-Mirror, Inspectors and the Einst over, Rai revisits Cattleya's grave one last time, finally making peace with himself.

Trivia Edit

  • Ryotaro Okiayu (Rai's voice actor) and Ai Maeda (Cattleya's voice actress) are married in real life. Ironically Ai Maeda also plays Iladoya Kujua, one of the Rai's enemies in the game.
  • It is strongly hinted that Rai developed a romantic infatuation with Cattleya due to Elzam's constant absences, often stating that he'd make more time for her if he'd been in his brother's position.
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