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The Raftclans (ラフトクランズ) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Wars J and Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers.


In keeping with the medieval theme of the Fury , the Raftclans evokes the image of a armor suit, similar to its predecessor, the Vorlent. In the game, the player's characters encounter three different Raftclans units. It is also piloted by Al-Van Ranks, Fu-Lu MuLu and Jua-Mu Dalbi.

Only in Super Robot Wars J the Raftclans is piloted by either Touya Shiun or Calvina Coulange, the two original pilots in the game. They are assisted by Festenia Muse, Katia Grignarl and Melua Melna Meia, though only one of them can accompany the pilot in battle. The main pilot handles attacking and combat, while the subpilot handles the rest of the functions.

Technical And Historical[]

In Fury deployments, the Raftclans is assigned to leaders of attack squads, and are piloted by Fury Knights - pilots of exceptional skill and rank, or any pilot at the level of Fury Knight. As a point of pride, each Raftclans is customized for its pilot's tastes and fighting style. Fu-Lu Mulu has a white Raftclans, Al-Van has a dark gray one, and Jua-Mu's is maroon. Only 4 Raftclans units were produced: 3 belonged to the Fury, while the last unit was hidden by former Fury Knight El-Selda Shun, which was unveiled after either Touya's or Calvina's Vorlent was heavily damaged by Al-Van, as they defended the ORB Union from attack. This Raftclans is bluish-violet in color.

The Raftclans is intended to be an upgraded Vorlent. It carries additional weaponry that a Vorlent, or any Fury enemy unit, would not be able to utilize, such as a multi-purpose rifle, shoulder cannons, and a shield that can be transformed into a claw. Like the Vorlent, the Raftclans is equipped with a Larseilam Canceller, a device which negates the Fury's ability to stop time, their favorite tactic when engaging enemies and leaving no evidence of survivors, a Cytron Control system, which allows a subpilot to interface with the machine and enhance its performance in various ways, depending on the subpilot, and an Orgone Cloud, which acts as a barrier that can negate damage at times, allowing the machine to do a short time-space jump, effectively evading any attack thrown at it, no matter how accurate the attack is, and ignore terrain and enemy unit formations when moving.


Weapon Systems:

  • Orgone Rifle
    A long-ranged beam rifle, it may not be fired while the Raftclans moves in for close combat. It can fire short bursts, or extended Orgone blasts.
  • Orgone Sword
    The rifle becomes a double-edged sword, where the edge of the weapon becomes solidified Orgone energy. This attack can also be used against a group of enemies in a line, with the proper skill.
  • Orgone Claw
    The Raftclans' transformable shield becomes a large grappling claw powerful enough to crush enemies in its grasp.
  • Orgone Cannon
    This is a MAP weapon, a weapon capable of striking multiple non-adjacent enemies, that has the same caliber as a battleship's main gun. Two shoulder cannons mounted on the Raftclans, along with a third cannon, on its chest area, fires a wave of Orgone energy at its targets.
  • Orgone Rifle Final
    The Raftclans extracts ambient Orgone energy from its surroundings, and brings out its rifle, trapping the enemy with a stream of Orgone energy, solidifying the enemy. The rifle is thrown up, the Raftclans opens the third cannon in its chest area and flies up, connecting the rifle to the cannon directly, and fires a destructive Orgone blast at the entrapped unit, resulting in a cataclysmic explosion. This is the preferred finisher of Fu-Lu Mulu, and is also available if Katia has been the preferred subpilot for most of the game.
  • Orgone Sword Final
    The Raftclans extracts ambient Orgone energy from its surroundings, and pulls out its rifle. The barrel of the weapon opens, and a solid Orgone boardsword is produced, similar to the Colossal Blade. The Raftclans dashes in, first delivering a horizontal slash, knocking the enemy far and away. The Raftclans chases the enemy and finishes with a thunderous vertical slash, shattering the oversized Orgone blade. The barrel of the rifle retracts to its original position, and the enemy unit explodes, unable to withstand the force of the attack. This is Al-Van's preferred finisher, and becomes available if Festenia has been the preferred subpilot for most of the game.
  • Orgone Claw Final
    The Raftclans' transformable shield becomes a large grappling claw. It extracts ambient Orgone energy from its surroundings, and dashes in for the attack. With the enemy in its grasp, the Raftclans throws the unit away, and creates solid Orgone copies of itself, which fly off and grapple the enemy. The clones then turn into a crystal prison around the enemy, allowing the Raftclans to accelerate to great speeds and cut the prison and the enemy inside in half using a solid, Orgone-produced claw. This attack is Jua-Mu's preferred finisher, and becomes available if Melua has been the preferred subpilot for most of the game.


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