A Psychodriver is a human who has powerful psychic abilities. This allows them, among other things, to pilot robots without the need of previous training or medication.

Pyschodrivers are most similar to Mobile Suit Gundam's Newtypes.

Psychodrivers have been called "those with the blood of the ancients" by the Einst.

Units with the T-Link System require a Psychodriver to be used to their full potential. As such, certain weapons, like the R-1's T-Link Knuckle and T-Link Sword, can't be used by non-Psychodrivers. In-game, the Psychodrivers possess the "Telekinesis" ability, which increases the user's chances of hitting with an attack and dodging attacks, as well as allowing them to use certain weaponry when they reach a certain level.

The Choukijin RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh can only be used by two Psychodrivers. The SRX is also meant to be piloted by two Psychodrivers, while its powered up version, the SRX Altered Banpreios must be piloted by three.

List of PsychodriversEdit

List of abilities that need a Psychodriver/the "Telekinesis" skillEdit

  • SRX's Dominion Ball (Level 4)
  • SRX's Tenjou Tenge Muteki Giri (Level 5)
  • SRX's Tenjou Tenge Nendou Bakusai Ken (Level 8)
  • TK-Field and TK-Field S (Level 1)
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