The Persönlichkeit is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Taisen series. It has appeared as an enemy unit in Super Robot Taisen Impact, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 and Super Robot Taisen Original Generations, but made playable later on in the games, and appeared as a fully playable unit in Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Gaiden.


Persönlichkeit (German for personality) is one of the machines created by the Einst. The body of the Persönlichkeit is one of the few Einst machines with a definite, human shape. Its body is clad in red and white biomechanical armor formed over green, vine-like cables and wires emanating from a central point within. The plating on its forearms, shoulders, and knees bear strange, skull-like shapes, with hollowed eyes and long horns, like the heads of demons; adding to the demonic visage is a pair of demonic skulls hovering around the Persönlichkeit at all times -- its familiars.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

In battle, the Persönlichkeit is a dangerous foe. Like other Einst units, it is capable of instantaneous teleportation.

in order to strike quickly; however, unlike most other Einst, it is designed to battle individually rather than as a collective. Its high speed is bolstered by the use of a large katana, with which it can create shockwaves, as well as a variety of energy blasts which emit from the eye sockets on its armor and from the mouth of the Persönlichkeit's head, when it reveals its true face: a snarling beast.

However, the Persönlichkeit is not only a battle unit, but a life support system for its controller, the Einst-human hybrid, Einst Alfimi. Alfimi uses it as her means of searching for Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning, two individuals with whom she has a strange connection. It also acts as her grave; while freeing herself from the control of the Einst Regisseur, she helps her former enemies to destroy its evolved forms, the Neue Regisseur and Stern Regisseur. With the Einst leader destroyed, all Einst elements in the universe begins to fade from existence, including the Persönlichkeit and Alfimi, as she cannot cannot survive outside the machine she was born in.

Original Generation Gaiden changes this fate, as a resurrected Persönlichkeit appears, with Alfimi as its pilot again, now fighting alongside Axel Almer inside his Soulgain.


Model Number: Unknown

Height: 21.9 meters

Weight: 50.8 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • Yomiji
    The Persönlichkeit summons its familiars and proceeds to fire two straight beams of energy at multiple targets from the mouths of the familiars.
  • Mapuitachi
    The Persönlichkeit summons its katana, and quickly brandishes, creating an energy wave that cleanly slices its target in half. The Impact animation of this attack slices the target diagonally in half, instead. The Original Generations version of this attack has the wave plow through the ground, igniting it as it passes through its target, upon a successful hit.
  • Raigoue
    Charging up, the Persönlichkeit's body brims with energy, and removes its faceplate, revealing its snarling face. Beams of energy are then ignited from the eyesockets around its armor, familiars and its mouth, aimed towards multiple targets.
  • Mabuiguri
    The Persönlichkeit brandishes its katana and summons its familiars. With a wave of the sword, the familiars head for its target, grasping it between their newly-formed legs. The Persönlichkeit then rushes towards the target, impaling it with the katana, and violently skewers the target multiple times, before swinging a wide arc, releasing the sword from its enemy. This is the Persönlichkeit's strongest attack.
    • In Original Generations, the familiars take shape, forming two oversized arms from its head, holding a giant sword in one hand. The familiars fly towards its target and repeatedly hammers it with their weapon, finally impaling it and holding it high in the air. As the Persönlichkeit moves in, it slowly brandishes its katana and upon stabbing the enemy, time comes to a standstill. The Persönlichkeit repeatedly skewers and stabs the target, finally swinging its sword in a giant arc, pulling it out from the target's body and flies away. As time returns to normal, the target finally explodes from the Persönlichkeit's assault.

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