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The Octopus Platoon (オクトパス小隊) is a squadron from the Original Generation Saga, it is an actual combat unit belonging to Hiryuu Kai, and the captain is Katina Tarask. The common name and abbreviation is "Octo Squad", and it is rarely called by the official name. At first, it was a two-man cell of Katina Tarask and Russel Bergman, but the number of members gradually increased. The team is often stationed on the battleship Hiryuu Kai. Later, the team is integrated as part of the Steel Dragon Squadron.


Captain. The rank is lieutenant, and the call sign is Oct-1. At first, the selfishness was conspicuous, but now the captain is a reliable and caring subordinate.

The rank is second lieutenant, and the call sign is Oct-2. In addition to being in charge of Katina's defense, he also holds down Katina, who tends to get hot.

  • Tasuku Shinguji

The rank is Ensign, and the call sign is Oct-4 (Octo-3 in "Divine Wars"). Although he is in charge of the defense of the entire corps, there is a side to rush for Leona, and as a result, he is doing both.

  • Leona Garstein

The rank is Ensign, and the call sign is Oct-3 (Octo-4 in "Divine Wars"). Among the platoon members, he has the skill of an ace pilot, and acts as an attacker who takes advantage of the mobility of the boarding aircraft. Originally a member of the "Troye Corps", a group of female-only ace pilots of the Colony Integrated Army, the only survivor.


  • Giganscudo Duro: