Masaki Andoh
2nd Super Robot Wars character
Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa
Nicknames Masa
Aliases Randoll Zan Zenoskis
Age 17
Gender Male
Species Human
Military History
Rank N/A
Units Piloted Jaohm (Gaiden, MKI, @Gaiden),

Masaki Andoh (マサキ・アンドー) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. He was one of the first Banpresto original character, and his mecha, the Cybuster, was one of the first Banpresto original mecha. Both made their debut appearance in Super Robot Wars II.


Masaki has appeared in the following games:

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Theme MusicEdit

  • Hot Winds! Hurricane! Cybuster (熱風! 疾風! サイバスター, Neppuu! Shippuu! Cybuster; retitled Cybuster, God of Wind in the North American localization of Original Generation 2) - Default theme in all appearances.
  • Endless Battle (終わりなき戦い, Owarinaki Tatakai) - Used when piloting the Jaohm in Alpha Gaiden.
  • Winds of La Gias (ラ・ギアスの風, La Gias no Kaze) - Used in Original Generations, Original Generation Gaiden and The Inspectors anime when Masaki first appear in that games and anime.
  • Possession - Used since Masou Kishin 2 when Masaki uses the Cybuster in Possession mode.

Personality And TraitsEdit

17 year-old Masaki Andoh is the last of the main summons to the netherworld of La Gias, by the emperor of Langran. A typical hot-blooded character, he's great in all sports, but not so great in terms of thinking straight. He's also somewhat awkward around the company of women (this is ironic, since he has acquired an unofficial harem in his stay in Langran). Because of his extreme emotional ups and downs, he was chosen as the pilot for the Masō Kishin, Cybuster, which requires high amounts of prana. When he first arrived in Langran, he was given the Wind Masōki, Jaohm, to pilot, and later he is chosen by Cyfis to be the pilot of the Cybuster. He was the last of the four Masō Kishin pilots to be chosen, albeit by Cybuster, arguably the best of the Masō Kishin.

Both his parents died when he was young, leading to a loneliness complex he developed as a child. However, this was dispelled by the people he met in La Gias. Forever indebted to his mentor, Zeoroot Zenozakis, who was like a father to him, he treats his only daughter, Presia, like a sister he never had. He has feelings for Wendy Rasm Iknart, the designer of the Langran Masōki Project, but things are more complicated when Lune Zoldark has thrown her hat into the ring. Becky, another Masōki pilot, always reminds him that polygamy is common in La Gias, which turns off Masaki and gets him all embarrassed.

Since the guardian spirit of the Masō Kishin only accepts a person with a good heart, Masaki was granted freedom in Langran. He can openly disobey the ruler of Langran without receiving penalties. In fact, it's his duty to oppose any ruler of Langran who threatens the peace of La Gias. The name bestowed onto him, Randoll Zan Zenozakis, is actually an ancestor of Zeoroot, hence in Langran theory, making him Zeoroot’s son. Randoll was also the hero who sealed off Shiva Volkruss several years ago.

Masaki has no sense of direction. Without any guide, he can get lost even if he is inside a battleship, and is hesitant to admit it this weakness. Moreover, it explains why he never chases his enemies who flee from battle, even though the Cybuster is capable of moving at extremely high speeds. He carries two familiar cats: Kuro, a black female, and Shiro, a white male, who constantly make fun of Masaki whenever he’s lost, although they are usually helpless to direct him otherwise. They each pilot a "High Familiar", a funnel-type weapon which launches from the Cybuster.

Masaki's hate of Shu Shirakawa stems from the fact that Shu killed Zeoroot, before fleeing to the surface world of Earth, an event that occurs before 2nd Super Robot Wars in the Classic Timeline and before Super Robot Wars Original Generation in the Original Generation Timeline and most likely also happened in the Alpha Timeline.


Lord of Elemental part 1 Edit

In The Lord Of Elemental and his remake for the OG Saga, Masaki Andoh's story is split into two parts: the first part tells how Masaki is summoned to La Gias, and meets with Tytti Noorbuck, another Masō Kishin pilot, who tells him the reason he was summoned to La Gias, but they are interrupted by an attack from terrorists. Masaki finishes amid the battle, piloting the Jaohm. Upon seeing his talents, Feillord Gran Bilseia, the son of the current emperor of Langran, asks Masaki if he wants to stay in La Gias, giving him three days to decide. In the meantime, Masaki stays in the house of Zeoroot, eventually becoming his mentor, teacher and later, his stepfather, making him the stepbrother of Zeoroot's daughter Precia. After the three days and seeing the chaos that the worshippers of Volkruss cause, Masaki decides to stay in La Gias. He goes out finding about the things that are happening in Langran, making new friends along the way, including the other Masō Kishin pilots Hwang Yang Long and Ricardo Silvera, tomboyish mechanic Princess of La Gias, Xenia Gran Bilseia, but most importantly the Masō Kishin chief engineer Wendy Rasm Iknart.

When Saphine Grace, one of Shu Shirakawa's followers, tries to kidnap Princess Mónica Grania Bilseia, Xenia's twin, Masaki and the other pilots arrive to stop her, but Saphine steals the Cybuster instead. Masaki is chosen as one of the members of the search team, and is helped by Senia, to make sure he doesn't get lost. During the search, Masaki and Xenia face Saphine, and Masaki is chosen by the Cybuster to be its pilot, forcing Saphine to retreat, when Yang Long appears. After inheriting the Cybuster, Masaki is granted upon the title "Randoll zan Zenosakis", named after the hero that banished Shiva Volkruss in the past as well as Zeoroot's ancestor. Upon obtaining his familiars, Kuro and Shiro, Masaki decides go to and revisit Earth, the surface world. Meanwhile, Shu begins testing his new machine, the Granzon. When he recognizes the Cybuster, he suggests to Masaki that he return to La Gias.

Masaki later was given a prophecy by Monica that he would encounter something that would completely shock him. Shortly afterwards, Shu suddenly arrives at the Langran capital and declares his allegiance to Volkruss. Masaki angrily tried to repel him, but Zeoroot stepped forward to take up Shu's challenge, but was brutally killed in front of both Masaki and Precia. The step-siblings relationship were quite strained afterwards, and Masaki blamed everything on Shu. While trying to confront him, Wendy insisted on coming with him. Upon encountering Shu, Masaki and Cybuster were overwhelmed with the might of Granzon, until all of the sudden, Cybuster's protection spirit, Cyfis, possessed Masaki and tapped in Cybuster's hidden might, turning the tables and forcing Shu to retreat. Masaki lost consciousness afterwards and in order to save him, Wendy transferred some of her prana to him through a kiss.

However, that wasn't the shock that was prophesized. On the following patrolling days, Masaki is told by both Tytti and Ricardo to abandon the patrol and return to Langran. Masaki complied, but when he returned to the capital, he witnessed the whole kingdom already in ruins, nuked by Shutedonia from afar. Spotting Shu around, Masaki once again blamed Shu for this catasthrope, but Shu was being cryptic and instead returned to the surface to aid Bian Zoldark and the Divine Crusaders. Reuniting with Wendy, Yang Long and Tytti to recollect what happened, it was later revealed that Shutedonia was about to declare war to the ruins of Langran and that Ricardo died trying to protect Tytti from an assassin working in league with Shutedonias. Masaki, however, opted to follow Shu to the surface world, now considering Shu to be a threat to all that is good. With the blessing of his friends who'll stay to defend La Gias' remnants, Masaki returns to the surface.

Masaki also makes a guest appearance in Hero Senki: Project Olympus, to help the Zeus Taskforce.

Classic TimelineEdit

In the Classic Timeline, he helps the Londo Bell in the Divine Crusaders War. Masaki eventually kills Shu, after the Granzon transforms into Neo Granzon. Masaki returns to La Gias and finds that the Langran kingdom was at war with Shutedonias. Feillord, now the new ruler of Langran, summons more warriors from the surface world to aid him in the war. Along his way to enlist help from the surface warriors, Masaki reunites with Tytti and found a young girl from the surface, stranded in La Gias, named Mio Sasuga. Masaki decided to take her with him, but she was later revealed to be the next herald of Masō Kishin Zamzeed.

While Masaki helps Feillord at first, Feillord later becomes fascinated by the power of the Cho-Masōki (Super Elemental Machine), Dulaxyl. Masaki defeats Feillord and the Dulaxyl, when he tries to unite La Gias by force. During the war, Masaki also discover that Shu has been resurrected by the workshippers of Shiva Volkruss. Masaki return to the surface world once again, to aid Londo Bell in their battle against the Zuvorg aliens.

Alpha TimelineEdit

In the Alpha Timeline, Masaki helps the Londo Bell in the Balmar war. In Alpha Gaiden, Masaki appears again on the surface, piloting the Masōki, Jaohm, because the Cybuster had been damaged and was being repaired. Lune and Yang Long appear soon afterwards, and joins Masaki to help the Preventers, formerly the Londo Bell, against the Titans. Later, Senia, Wendy and the other Masō Kishin pilots appear on the surface, giving the fully-repaired Cybuster to Masaki. In the assault to retrieve the SDF-1 Macross, the Preventers engaged Shu in his Neo Granzon and even managed to cripple it, resulting in a rip of time and space that threw the Preventers centuries into the future, one where the Preventers failed to activate the Aegis Plan, bringing about an apocalyptic world. In this future, the Preventers, now known as the Irregulars, join forces with many warriors in the future to fight against the Ancestors.

When the Preventers return to their original timeline, Shu was there for one more challenge, intending, as in Super Robot Wars 3, to destroy the Earth and provide the souls required for Volkruss' resurrection. In a hard-fought battle, the Preventers overcame the Neo Granzon a second time. Shu died without regrets, realizing that it was simply his time to be destroyed as part of the universal cycle of life. After this, Masaki and the others Masō Kishin pilots return to La Gias.

Original Generation TimelineEdit

In the Original Generation universe, Masaki appears for the first time in the Antarctic, and helps the ATX Team defeat an Aerogater unit. In the Antarctic base, Masaki appears in front of Shu, who fought against the SRX Team with his Granzon. Shu flees and Masaki follows him. Later, Masaki joins the Hagane and its crew, and helps out in the war against the Divine Crusaders. He later disappears after the death of Bian Zoldark during the final battle with the Divine Crusaders, still on the search for Shu.

When the Hiryu Custom appears at the White Star and are attacked by Aerogater forces, Shu arrives to help the battleship and Masaki appears after him. Shu suggests Masaki should stay with the Hiryu Custom before he disappears again. Shortly after Masaki rejoined the SRX and ATX teams, Bian Zoldark's daughter, Lune, appeared, apparently out from hiding, in order to defeat Masaki. However, her intentions were not of evil intent, and willingly joined with the crew of the Hiryu Custom. Masaki also participated in Operation SRW and with the war against the Aerogaters over, Masaki went to the Tesla Leicht Institute in order to find some clues on Shu's whereabouts.

Unfortunately, Masaki got lost and took longer to reach the institute. By the time he's about to arrive, the institute has been taken over by the Inspectors. Masaki arrived helping both Kusuha Mizuha and Ratsel Feinschmeker fighting the pursuers from the Inspectors and ended up battling one of its leaders, Aguija and her Silbelwind. Masaki eventually got cornered and only managed to turn the table with the sudden help of Ibis Douglas. Both Masaki and Aguija would later form a brief rivalry, due to their encounter and the speeds of their respective mecha. Afterwards, Masaki went to join the Hiryu Custom along with Kusuha and Ibis, also reuniting with Lune. They later rejoin the ATX Team and become involved with the war against the Neo Divine Crusaders, Shadow-Mirror, Inspectors and Einsts. Shu would occasionally show up to intervene, offering some advice, but Masaki still couldn't trust him, though he would have no choice but to accept his temporary help. After the war is over, Masaki returned to La Gias.

In the 3-episode, non-canonical OVA, Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation, Masaki was once again involved in a mission investigating an abduction spree, conducted by a new series of robots called Bartools, as well as rescuing several of the Aggressors who were kidnapped during the spree. During this mission, he had no direct encounters with Shu, but according to the Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Sound Cinema, before he could return to La Gias, he received a cryptic message from Shu, leading him back to the Tesla Leicht Institute, where he found Lune, Ibis and Tsugumi in the middle of battle against Kyle Bean, along with his army of Mirongas, prototype machines to the Bartools. Masaki put up a formidable fight before he was disarmed. Eventually, Shu interrupts and partakes in the battle, killing Kyle. He left and gave another hint to Masaki, which he followed and resulted him meeting up with members of the ATX Team in episode 2 of the OVA.

In Original Generation Gaiden, the events of the OVA is canonized, and Masaki finds himself helping the Earth Federation Army in fighting Duminuss, the Shura and the Dark Brain. He also defeats Shu and the Neo Granzon, who betrayed them, after the battle with the Dark Brain concludes. He then returns to La Gias.

Another Century's Episode: R Edit

Masaki is one of the "warriors" summoned by Autumn-4 to the planet Aria, and with Ryusei Date and Kyosuke Nanbu are part of the "OG Team". However, Masaki appears in Aria on his own, so he is not summoned through an Aria Gate. Masaki appears when Kyosuke and Ryusei (in the OG route) or Kinkaid Nau and Tobia Annorax (in the Crossbone Gundam route) are trying to save Ark Alpha from some enemies. When Ryusei asked Masaki how he ended up there, Masaki answered that he got lost again. At the end of ACE:R, Masaki, Ryusei and Kyosuke returned to the "OGverse", but Masaki returned to La Gias instead to the surface world along Kyosuke and Ryusei.

2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation Edit

Masaki becomes involved with the Langran Civil War after the events of Another Century's Episode R, as with the SRW EX scenario. This time he is assisted with the crews of Hagane. The scenario that plays after is similar with the one in SRW EX, whereas he had to put down Feillord to quell the chaos of Langran Kingdom.

He still keeps contact with the Kouryuu Sentai even after staying at La Gias, and eventually took Yang Long, Tyutti and Mio, also along the way, Lune Zoldark, Precia zan Zenosakis and Zashford van Valfarbia into the surface, but only the main four Elemental Lords first appeared, in space, witnessing a confrontation between Gaia Sabers and Guests, whereas Shu interrupted the clash and brought proofs that the accused Kouryuu Sentai are actually innocent, under the manipulation of Gaia Sabers. Masaki then declares that he and the Lord of Elementals will fight in defense of Earth and join forces with the Kouryuu Sentai. He later also picks up Lune, Zash and Precia and save them from the attack of Ruina.

Once the threats of Ruina, Guests, Baral Garden, Gaia Sabers and eventually Euzzeth Gozzo, were quelled, Masaki returned to La Gias once more.

Lord of Elemental part 2Edit

The second part of Lord of Elemental tells of the events after the return of Masaki to La Gias. Masaki, now bringing along Lune, who opted to stay at La Gias after the events of EX or 2nd Original Generations, return to Langran, to protect it from the surrounding kingdoms' invasion forces. In the final battle against Volkruss, Masaki and Shu join forces to defeat him. Alternatively, however, Masaki can also storm through Shutedonia and defeat the ambitious Lasett Nobaste to stop his invasion for Langran. If this path was taken, however, Masaki also had to deal with Wendy's evil twin sister Tudy, who resided in Wendy's body and occasionally possessed her.

Revelation of Evil GodEdit

Some time after the final of Lord of Elemental, the war with the other kingdoms still continues, but now Masaki has to deal with the mysterious Eran Zenozakis, another descendant of the hero Randoll, who is the pilot of the Masō Kitei Zelvoid, an ancient mecha Cybuster was based on. Also, Erushine Grace, the sister of Saphine (a follower of Shu) is involved in a plan to resurrect Volkruss and the second of the three gods of La Gias, Rafiistoto. To succeed in this plan, is necessary the sacrifice of a maiden of the Zenozakis family, and the only one in this age is Presia, Masaki's step-sister. Masaki is not alone in this task, however. Along whit Lyune and the other Masō Kishin and Masōki pilots, Masaki has to guide a new generation of Masōki pilots in the battle to protect Langran against invader forces and the threat of Volkruss and his minions, in the newly formed Antiras Squad. Also, during a training battle with the ghost of Feillord, Masaki was able to make contact with Cyfis, the guardian spirit of Cybuster, unlocking some of the true abilities of the Elemental Lord of the Wind.

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  • Kuro and Shiro, Masaki's familiars, are voiced by Rei Sakuma and Ai Orikasa, respectively. Rei also voices Radha Bairaban and Ai voices Mai Kobayashi, two other Banpresto original characters in the Super Robot Wars franchise.
    • Kuro and Shiro are based on the talking cats from the popular Magical girl anime and manga series Pretty Guadian Sailor Moon, Luna and Artemis. Kuro and Luna are black female cats, and Shiro and Artemis are white male cats.
  • In Super Robot Wars Z, the character Asakim Dowen is heavily based after Masaki. His mecha Shurouga resembles a dark version of Cybuster, and both of them share the same voice actor (Hikaru Midorikawa). Also, Asakim's name is an anagram of Masaki's. The main difference, however, is that while Masaki is heroic, Asakim is psychopathic.
  • Masaki's name is similar to JAM Project singer Masaaki Endoh's, who with his band has sung many songs for Super Robot Wars games and anime.
    • Plus, Endoh performs Hot Winds! Hurricane! Cybuster vocal version for "Super Robot Wars Alpha ORIGINAL STORY D-2" album.
  • Masaki appears in Super Robot Wars X along with Shiro and Kuro can be unlocked early only if orders Super Robot Wars X (Day-1 Steelbook Bonus)
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