Mai Kobayashi
Super Robot Spirits character
Voiced by Ai Orikasa (Japanese)
Nicknames Levi Tolar
Gender Female
Species Human Psychodriver
Nationality Japanese
Known relatives Aya Kobayashi (Adoptive sister),
Kenzo Kobayashi (Adoptive father)
Military History
Affiliation Balmarian (SRS, @1, OG1, OGs),
SRX Team (OG2, OGs, OGG, 2ndOG, OGTMD)
Mobile Weapons Judecca (SRS, @1, OG1, OGs)
R-GUN Powered (OG2, OGs, OGG, 2ndOG, OGTMD),
SRX Altered Banpreios (@3),
Mai Kobayashi is a fictional character from the Super Robot Wars series. In the Alpha timeline, she is one of the pilots of the SRX Altered Banpreios, alongside the other members of the SRX Team, Ryusei Date, Raidiese F. Branstein and her sister Aya Kobayashi. In the Original Generation timeline, Mai pilots the R-GUN Powered.


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Theme MusicEdit

  • Marionette Messiah - Default theme in all appearances

Personality And TraitsEdit

A very shy and silent girl, with particularly powerful Psychodriver abilities. Mai is loyal to those that have helped her, including her sister Aya, her father Kenzo, Ryusei Date and the rest of the SRX Team. She also seems to be particularly close to Latune Subbota, Shine Hausen, Arado Balanga and Seolla Schweitzer, probably due to their similar ages.

Mai has a crush on fellow SRX Team member Ryusei Date. This gives her a sort of rivalry with Latune Subbota for his affection, however, they remain close friends. She's adapted some of his mannerisms, including shouting during attacks. In Super Robot Wars Original Generations Mai (piloting the ART-1) and Ryusei (piloting the R-1) get a combination attack, the T-Link Double Knuckle.

As Levi, Mai has a completely different personality. Believing herself to be the leader of the Balmarians, due to brain-washing, Levi is ruthless, sees humans as nothing more than weaponry for the Balmarians, and seems to have little concern for anything other than her. She's also particularly egocentric, thinking that nothing can defeat her and her Judecca.


Mai Kobayashi, actually, is not the biological daughter of Kenzo Kobayashi, but one of his test subjects for his research on the T-Link System, years before the events of Original Generation occurred. Kenzo merely altered Mai's memories so she would respond to him like any daughter would to a father, but also to heighten her Psychodriver abilities, for Mai possessed unusually, strong psychic abilities. However, unlike her "older sister" Aya Kobayashi, Mai would be discarded, and she'd be considered dead for her sister in an attempt to heighten her Psychic powers.

At some point, Mai was kidnapped by the Aerogaters, and brainwashed, turning her into Levi Tolar, making her believe she's a Balmarian, as well as the leader of those on the Neviim. She's made the core of Judecca. However, she'd be eventually defeated by the SRX Team and ATX Team, but not before Aya confirmed that the one they had just killed was, indeed, her sister.

However, Mai managed to survive that attack, thanks to Septuagint's regeneration capabilities. However, Septuagint would be stopped before it could finish healing Mai, resulting in her losing her memories as Levi. Still, the memories of Levi were deep in Mai's mind, constantly tormenting her.

During Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2, Mai can join the SRX Team as the pilot of the R-Gun Powered, able to do a "Twin Contact" with Aya to allow the SRX to use its powerful HTB Cannon attack. She'd also fight, and finally win, against her memories of Levi.

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