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Lamia Loveless (ラミア・ラヴレス Ramia Ravuresu) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In canon, she pilots the Angelg and later the Vysaga. Her name originates from the lamia, a Greek mythological creature.


Lamia appears in the following games:

Lamia also appears in the animated Super Robot Wars OG: The Animation.

Theme Music[]

  • Ash To Ash  - Default theme in all appearances
  • Kiwamete Chikaku, Kagiri Naku Tooi Sekai Ni (Extremely Near, to the Exceedingly Distant World)- Used when piloting the Vysaga in OG2/OGs.

Personality And Traits[]

When she first appears, Lamia Loveless is known for having a somewhat stilted speech pattern (causing her to have troubles in speaking in the proper grammar) or a stutter. She tends to be very calm and relaxed, but also a bit awkward socially. Her skills as a pilot are exceptional and efficient, and can operate complicated technology with ease. Her gentle beauty creates an atmosphere that makes it hard for other people to approach her. In Original Generation 2, she shares a mutual friendship with fellow ATX Team member, Excellen Browning, addressing her as "Ms. Excell" (Ex-Oneesama; literally Dear Sister Ex in Japanese) often (although it was really Excellen who suggested that Lamia call her that). She sometimes has trouble understanding human behavior, such as when Excellen gets Buddhas and hot cakes confused in the saying "Like a Buddha in Hell". She is also oddly vulnerable through other means, such as passing out from ingesting bad food or drinks from Kusuha Mizuha's beverage . 

There are two characters that share appearance and personalities based on Lamia from other franchises, both of them, not surprisingly, voiced by Lamia's voice actress, Kaori Shimizu, using a similar voice and tone:

  • Aschen Brodel, in Super Robot Taisen OG Saga : Mugen no Froniter , is a battle android with a color scheme closely resembling Lamia's. The two share the same theme song Ash To Ash and the Mugen no Frontier drama CD explains this, as Aschen is Lamia's direct predecessor W-07. This is further reinforce in Moon Dwellers as Lamia acknowledge that Aschen is her predecessor.


Original Generation[]

The events in the Original Generation universe are practically the same, following the scenario if she is chosen as the protagonist in Advance, though she joins the ATX Team instead. Lamia is also tasked with finding Helios Olympus, a former Shadow-Mirror operative who previously jumped into the Original Generation dimension before the rest of the Shadow-Mirror. Although most of the Original Generation cast welcome her presence, SRX Team member Raidiese F. Branstein has his reservations about her, as did ATX Team leader, Kyosuke Nanbu. After Vindel is defeated, she and Gilliam Yeager transport Vindel to a faraway dimension, where he will never be able to return from. Afterwards, Kai Kitamura invites her to join the newly-reformed Aggressors unit, alongside Latooni Subbota, Arado Balanga and Seolla Schweitzer.

Exclusively in Original Generations, Lemon does not repair her speech device completely, instead just updating it, as she states completely repairing it would cause Lamia to lose all her memories. However, as time pass, the speech device becomes worse than before (from a comical point-of-view, after her speech device is repaired, attacking will sometimes cause her voice to totally change without her consent, reflecting the other roles of her voice actress, which ranges from an enthusiastic woman to an adorable, little girl).

After joining the Aggressors, for some unknown reason, Lamia left behind her Angelg and piloted a Guarlion instead (she pilots the Angelg on one occasion to help the Cry Wolves). During a visit to an exhibition of the VTX-001 Bartoll in China, along with her fellow Aggressors team members and Kusuha Mizuha, Lamia was abducted and placed into the core of a Bartool unit, which gives the mass-produced Bartools abilities equivalent to hers. Professor Wilhelm von Juergen attempted to make her submit completely to him, but after remembering ATX Team leader, Kyosuke Nanbu's promise at the end of Original Generation 2, Lamia was able to resist Juergen's influence. She is later placed inside a manned Bartoll unit. In the non-canonical OVA, Super Robot Wars OG: The Animation, the Bartoll was launched to space, where she met Kyosuke and was briefly taken over by the ODE System, before she was bailed out and taken to safety.

In the bonus segment of Super Robot Wars Original Generations, she would encounter Kyosuke inside the Hellgate Facility. Unfortunately for her, right after he successfully rescued her, Juergen, piloting a Valsion Custom Type-CF, delivered a shot at Kyosuke's Alt Eisen Riese , seemingly aiming for Lamia, who was grasped in its fingers. Thrown out of the reach from the team, the Original Generation characters proclaim a missing-in-action status on Lamia, while they proceed to defeat Juergen.

In the subsequent continuation of Original Generation Gaiden, Lamia was, in fact, not destroyed. She was abducted by Duminas while the Earth Federation Army fought Juergen. After Duminas killed Juergen, she resumed the operation of the ODE System, and Lamia was placed as the core of the system again. She was brainwashed, referring to herself as W17, and put in Juergen's Valsion Custom Type-CF and was sent out with a squad of Bartolls to confront Kyosuke and his friends. She fights the Earth Federation Army twice, and in the second encounter, a re-emerged Axel Almer, who survived the battle inside the White Star, allies with the Federation and defeats her. Duminas, having reprogrammed Lamia, orders her to initiate Code: ATA, but Axel pursues and chastises her on the decision, going so far as mentioning Lemon's name. Lamia is able to grasp a hold of herself, enabling Axel to activate Code: DTD (Dust To Dust), a command rebooting her memory before she was reprogrammed by Duminas and bails her out from the Valsion. When Lamia awakes, Axel had already left the vicinity.

She reunites with Axel during a rescue mission of the Cry Wolves, and Lamia shows her gratitude to him. She joins the assault on the Swordian Fortress and confronts Duminas, as well as defeating the Dark Brain and Shu Shirakawa.

Even though she was restored to normal from the ODE System, Lamia didn't fully recover mentally, as not only the events surrounding it were extremely mind-scarring and humiliating especially to her, the usage of Code DTD to her made her question her own humanity. As such, when the team threw a party in the Azuma household, she just took the sidelines, looking depressed despite the team celebrating the birth of Garnet Sunday's babies.

Fortunately, by Second Original Generation, Lamia has put aside such difficulty and humanity, and instead focuses fully as a full member of the Aggressors. While she wasn't involved mainly in big events, she nevertheless helped out be it on the battlefield or gathering information. She is reunited with Axel once again, and this time also helps out his eventual feud with Duvan Org and his attempts to rescue Alchemie. She is also thankfully not hit with such big misfortune as she had in Original Generation Gaiden.

After the battle with Gaia Sabers and Euzeth concluded, Lamia is sent to help out the other artificial bioroid and newest member of the ATX Team, Ariel Org, to solve her short lifespan problem due to her nature as a product of the Idealant Project. The plan is to have Professor Eric Wong to investigate Lamia's architecture and reverse-engineer Lemon's W-Number design from her, hoping that an element from it would be able to solve Ariel's problem.