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Kusuha Mizuha (クスハ・ミズハ) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. In Alpha canon, she is considered the main heroine and pilots the Shin RyuKoOh; in Original Generation canon, she currently pilots the RyuKoOh.


Kusuha has appeared in the following games:

Theme Music[]

  • Vanishing Trooper - Used when piloting the Huckebein MK II in Alpha 1
  • Ace Attacker - Used when piloting the Huckebein MK III in Alpha 1
  • Koutetsu no Cockpit (The Steel Cockpit) - Used when piloting the Grungust Type-2 in Alpha 1
  • Ware ni Teki Nashi (None Can Oppose Me) - Used when piloting theRyuKoOh/KoRyuOh in Alpha 1, and the RyuKoOh in Alpha 2/OG 2/OGs/OG Gaiden
  • Ano Aoi Sora e (Towards That Blue Sky) - Default theme in Alpha 2/3
  • Ryuko Tenshou ~ Warera ni Teki Nashi (Dragon and Tiger Soaring to the Heavens ~ None Can Oppose Us) - Used when piloting the Shin RyuKoOh
  • Blue, Blue Sky - Default theme in Original Generations

Personality And Traits[]

18-year old Kusuha Mizukha speaks like a typical girl for her age. She is kind, sweet and cheerful, though at times she is grieved by all the chaos that has enveloped the earth. Before the war against Balmar, she hoped to become a doctor or run a health food shop.

Kusuha is known for taking long baths (up to 3 hours), collecting shopping catalogs and experimenting with health drinks. Her health drinks have earned some degree of infamy, in that while very healthy and capable of curing most ailments (as well as restoring energy), their taste leaves much to be desired, and they often cause the drinker to faint. Even many people, like  Ingram Plissken , Sanger Zonvolt, and Lamia Loveless have been laid low by her concoctions, her health drinks can restore energy even when it is not drunk (When one of Kusuha's health drinks were offered to Masaki during a battle he vows he would rather die than drink it and began fighting harder). There are only four people known to withstand this dreaded beverage: Arado Balanga, Rätsel Feinschmecker, Heero Yuy (from Gundam Wing), and General Bat (from Getter Robo). In 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation, a mild version of the drink was created and consumed by Ing Egret, Glacies, and Michuru Hanaten. Although Ing and Glacies, enjoyed the drink for it's taste and health benefit, Michiru complained about how bitter it was.


Alpha Timeline[]

Kusuha's Mech, the RyuKoOh

Kusuha's actions in battle would heed the notice of the Earth Federation, and she would be drafted into the army, allying with the Londo Bell, when the Balmarian War broke out. During the course of the conflict, she would end up facing Brooklyn, whom she thought was killed in the crash. Bullet, however, seemed to have lost his memories temporarily, and attacked her a number of times.

Kusuha's destiny would be revealed to her when the RyuOhKi and the KoOhKi break free from Dr. Hell's control, exclaiming both she and Bullet were destined to become their pilots. The two machines fuse with Kusuha's newly upgraded Grungust Type-2 and form the legendary RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh. Kusuha and Bullet would utilize these super robots in their fight against the Aerogaters, and end the first war with the extraterrestrials. However, the Earth Federation orders the RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh to be dismantled, but Bullet successfully saves both the RyuOhKi and KoOhKi and places them in hiding.

In Alpha 2, with the RyuOhKi in Kusuha's possession, Bullet would watch over the KoOhKi. However, he would slowly be controlled by the KoOhKi, which in turn, was controlled by Irui Gan Eden. Under Irui's hypnosis, Bullet would engage the Alpha Numbers in combat multiple times, before breaking free of the mind-control. With the KoOhKi, he would combine with Kusuha's RyuJinKi and reform the RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh. With Bullet by her side again, the two would defeat Irui Gan Eden. However, the RyuOhKi and KoOhKi would sacrifice themselves in the final battle, in order to prevent the Earth from being sealed.

In Alpha 3, the GouRyu-Kai, developed by the Tesla Leicht Institute, would be handed down to Kusuha for use, knowing the Earth would be invaded once again, just like the Aerogaters did. Sure enough, the Balmarians arrive, along with the mysterious Son Ganlong, who pilots the Shin RyuOhKi. Although the Shin RyuKoOh would appear, Bullet's soul would be sealed inside the machine, and he would not reappear, until his reawakening with the Shin KoRyuOh. Kusuha and Bullet would continue fighting against Balmar and defeat Keisar Ephes, ending the war. Back on the Earth, while Bullet stays in the Tesla Leicht Institute as a researcher, Kusuha decides to return to her studies and become a doctor. As a resolution to the Alpha series, he finally asks her hand in marriage.

Original Generation Timeline[]

Kusuha's default mech, the Grungust Type 2

Kusuha's background story was changed in the Original Generation universe. Here, she becomes SRX Team member Ryusei Date's high school classmate and childhood friend, developing a crush on him. However, Ryusei never shows his interest in women and their relationship is far from that of a real couple. While accompanying Ryusei to the Burning PT Tournament, Kusuha was injured when the stadium was attacked by Aerogaters. Kusuha eventually drafts into the Earth Federation Army, as the medical crew of the Hagane, in order to help Ryusei, after he was recuited into the SRX Team. Through Ingram Plissken, Kusuha becomes the pilot of the Grungust Type-2, due to her newly discovered Psychodriver background. She doesn't meet Bullet until the end of the Divine Crusaders War, when she and the SRX Team particpated in live-fire exercise against the ATX Team. When Ingram betrays the team, he would manipulate Kusuha into siding with the Aerogaters, but be rescued by Bullet. With Operation SRW over, Kusuha transfers to the ATX Team.

In Original Generation 2, Kusuha would be assigned to a secret confidential project, and was ordered to go to the Tesla Leicht Institute. She rejoins the ATX Team, just as the Einst and Inspectors appear. The story of how she and Bullet become the pilots of the RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh are similar to how they received the units in the Alpha universe, with some exceptions. Kusuha and Bullet piloted a Grungust Type-3, instead of a Grungust Type-2, and through the intervention of the Einst and Alfimi, the RyuOhKi and KoOhKi would awaken, and select the two to become their pilots, fusing with the Grungust. Kusuha and Bullet would use the RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh for the rest of Original Generation 2, against the Shadow-Mirror, Inspectors and the Einst. The events conclude with the RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh stored inside the Tesla Leicht Institute.

In Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation, Kusuha would be sent as the ATX Team's representative at the unveiling of the Bartolls. She would be captured by the machines, along with Lamia Loveless, Latune Subbota, Arado Balanga and Seolla Schweizer and held inside the Hellgate Facility, until the ATX Team and SRX Team successfully rescues them.

In 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation, Kusuha and Bullet had deal with the missing Chokijin, Jakubuoh and Bujakuoh, the Pheonix and Tortoise Chokijin. Their pilots are Kanan and Taiho who are in service to Baral.