The Kurogane is a fictional battleship in the Super Robot Wars series of strategy role-playing video games. It has appeared as a playable unit in the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation series.


The Kurogane is the third battleship in the Space Noah Class of battleships. A total of six Space Noah Class ships are referenced as being constructed - the Shirogane, the Hagane, the Kurogane, and three additional ships, which are under construction on the moon during the events of Original Generation 2. Nothing is known of ships 4 through 6 except that the 4th has the same bow module as the Shirogane. Given the callsign Iron 3, the Kurogane is painted in Elzam V. Branstein's personal colors of black, red and gold. Its crew is made up of former Divine Crusaders members.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

Like its sister units, the Kurogane was built as a response to Dr. Bian Zoldark's warning that the Earth would come under the threat of aliens and the Earth Federation Army's current force would not be enough to oppose them.

Unlike the previous two Space Noah Class battleships, the Kurogane was built with the Titanic Drill, a battleship-sized drill located on the bow of the ship, which gives it the advantage of being able to burrow and travel underground.

In Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation, the Kurogane remained in the hands of the Divine Crusaders, after the declaration of war against the Earth Federation government. It served as the flagship of the Divine Crusaders during the Divine Crusaders War, and was involved in the final battle with the Hagane and Earth Federation forces. The ship would be captained by former Aggressors member, Elzam V. Branstein. The Kurogane would survive the collapse of the Divine Crusaders and evade capture. Later, the Kurogane would join in the final fight against the invading Aerogaters, and would replace the Hagane, after it was heavily damaged by Gaza Haganer. During this time, it was commanded by Captain Daitetsu Minase, as Elzam would take to the battlefield in his personal unit.

In Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, the Kurogane would be absent, as it underwent intensive repairs at the Far East Brigade Base. It would not be utilized until the Hagane suffered major damage by former-Earth Federation Army officer, Lee Linjun and the Shirogane, during Operation Plantagenet. Daitetsu's protege, Tetsuya Onodera, would replace Daitetsu as the temporary captain of the Kurogane, following his mentor's death. The Kurogane would be used in the recapture of the Earth Cradle, and in the final battle against the Inspectors, Shadow-Mirror and the Einst, where Tetsuya would avenge Daitetsu by using the Titanic Drill to destroy Lee and the Shirogane. However, Super Robot Wars Original Generations would retcon this event, allowing Lee and the Shirogane to escape.

Unlike the Hagane, Hiryu or the Shirogane, the Kurogane was extensively designed to combat the oncoming threat of aliens, is extremely durable and difficult to track down. If it wasn't for the Kurogane's capability of subterranean movement when the core of the Earth Cradle is collapsing, the EFA crew that came to take the Earth Cradle would have not survived. It had also garnered a reputation for the flagship that took down the Aerogaters 7th fleet, Neo Divine Crusaders, Inspectors, Shadow-Mirrors and the Einst which forced Elzam to keep the whereabouts of the ship in secret.

In Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation, the Kurogane would reappear during the siege of the Hellgate facility, now commanded by Ratsel Feinschmecker, and used to break through the shielding surrounding the facility. In the bonus segment of Original Generations, Ratsel is in command of the battleship, with Sanger Zonvolt, Yuuki Jaggar and Ricarla Borgnine as part of its crew. Raul Gureden, Raji Montoya and Mizuho Saiki, the protagonists of Super Robot Wars Reversal, would also be a part of the Kurogane's crew.


Super Robot Taisen OG 2nd ~Kurogane All Attacks~

Super Robot Taisen OG 2nd ~Kurogane All Attacks~


Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Weapon Systems:

  • 120mm Machinegun Cannons
    A series of machineguns located throughout the ships exterior, used to launch a near endless barrage of bullets. Usually used as a defensive option against enemy mechs.
  • VLS Homing Missiles
    A set of long-range missiles are fired from the portside of the Kurogane, intended for supporting allied mechs during sorties.
  • Sub Guns
    Four solid ammunition cannons located on the port and starboard extremities of the Kurogane, used as an anti energy barrier weapon, or to conserve energy.
  • Impact Cannons
    Located on the deck of the Kurogane, these twin-barreled beam cannons are the battleship's main ranged weapon, built to destroy multiple targets in its line of fire.
  • Titanic Drill
    The Kuroganes signature weapon, the Titanic Drill is a massive drill module located on the bow of the ship. The attack varies from game to game: in Original Generation and Original Generation 2, the Titanic Drill begins spinning, before the Kuroganes Overboost is activated and the ship charges into the foe. In Original Generations, a barrage of missiles, solid rounds from the Sub Guns and a volley of the Impact Cannons' blasts from the Kurogane precedes the activation of the Overboost.
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