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Kukuru is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. She has appeared as an enemy character in Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 only. In canon, she pilots the Magarga.

SRW Appearances and Roles[]

Personality And Traits[]

Kukuru is a stern and serious woman, devoted to her duty as a warrior. A skilled dancer who dazzles her enemies before striking, she translates this skill to her mecha, the Magarga, which can follow her every move. Although she fights fiercely no matter who is commanding her, Kukuru is driven by the unresolved issues of her past. Much like her rival, Sanger Zonvolt, Kukuru makes a habit of announcing herself with the title, Youmi no Miko (Priestess of the Underground Spring), and repeating dramatic phrases, such as "I'll be your guide on your trip to Hades!"


Alpha Timeline[]

Kukuru began her life as the princess of a small kingdom in ancient Japan that was overrun by forces of the Jamadai Oukoku (Great Evil Kingdom), the villains of Steel Jeeg. She could only watch as her home was destroyed and her family put under a curse by Himika, sending them into a deep slumber. With no other choice, Kukuru then devoted herself as Himika's servant, developing her skills in battle in order to one day have her family's curse broken. Despite proving herself a valuable asset to her new queen, Himika's other underlings held her under constant scrutiny as a mere human that was granted agelessness in order to serve.

When the Jamadai Oukoku revives itself in the modern era, Kukuru's first mission is leading a force of the Haniwa Genjin to destroy the Earth Cradle, seen as a great insult to the subterrenian empires. Her force quickly destroys a portion of the facility's outer shell and disables the supercomputer Magus. But before going offline, it launches Sanger Zonvolt in his SRG-03 Grungust Type-3. Sanger confronts Kukuru, damaging the Magarga. In reprisal, Kukuru dashes back to the Earth Cradle and attacks Sophia, making it look like she had killed her, but actually captured her, instead. Subsequently, Kukuru would find herself constantly pursued by Sanger, until she temporarily disables his Grungust.

In Himika's pursuit of the Bronze Bell, she revives General Takeru to fight Jeeg. Kukuru notes a great many similarities between herself and Takeru, whom Himika had promised the revival of his wife, Miyazu, in exchange for his victory. Takeru's defeat and recruitment into the Alpha Numbers (if in-game conditions are met) prompts Himika to cast out Kukuru as well, but Archduke Gorgon interrupts, saying that Kukuru, as well as Sophia, could still be useful to the Mycenae Empire‏‎. Himika agrees, thinking that having someone on the inside of the Mikene forces could also be useful for her. When the Alpha Numbers assault the Great Evil Kingdom's main base, Himika is defeated, giving her life to perform the ritual that would revive the Ryuma Emperor, but instead, revives the Mikene's ruler, The Emperor Of Darkness. Gorgon absorbs the remaining Haniwa Genjin into the Mikene Empire, on the promise that The Emperor Of Darkness could revive Himika. As only Himika can undo her own curse, Kukuru continues to serve the Mikene. Working under duress, Sophia produces Machine Cells, which Kukuru incorporates into her Magarga, granting it regenerative abilities. Using her enhanced machine, Kukuru attacks the Alpha Numbers as they prepare to launch into space from G-Island City. Sanger remains behind to ensure his comrades' successful launch, but finds the Magarga far more than his Grungust can handle. Transferring to the new Dygenguard machine, with the help of Rätsel Feinschmecker, Sanger defeats Kukuru once more.

With the Mikene viewing the Jamadai Oukoku remnants as excess baggage, Archduke Gorgon tells Kukuru to leave and not return until she has defeated the Alpha Numbers. Before she leaves on her mission, Kukuru visits Sophia one last time, reaffirming that she will defeat Sanger for the sake of her family. Sophia says that the two of them are alike and, under different circumstances, could have been friends. Kukuru gives Sophia the mirror she wears on the center of her kimono, a heirloom of her long-lost home, saying that this way she would have something to return to. With that, she heads into space, confronting Sanger in a last, one-on-one duel. Sanger emerges victorious, and he tells her she should live for her own future, rather than be tied down to the past, as he had done. The moment is broken when the Custos, acting on Irui Gan Eden's desire to protect Sanger, appear and viciously attack the Magarga, mortally wounding Kukuru. Kukuru tells Sanger that Sophia is still alive before she passes on, content that she could finally reunite with her mother and father, even through death.

Original Generation Timeline[]

In the Original Generation universe, Kukuru's role to damage Sanger's Grungust Type-3, forcing him to switch into Dygenguard, is taken by the Inspectors' Vigagi. Despite so, she returns once again as an enemy in the 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation, this time as a servant of the Garden of Baral. Kukuru came to its servitude when she witnessed her whole family and clan devoured by Toutetsu-Oh and she's next in line. However, Son Ganlong offers her mercy and urges her to serve the Garden of Baral instead of dying, if she did, then her clan would be revived. Left between dying and that choice, Kukuru became a servant of the Garden of Baral.

Kukuru was involved in various schemes of the Garden of Baral's design, including the theft and reprogramming of KoOhKi and unleashing the Toutetsu-Oh. She often clashed against the Jigen-Ryuu practicioners, Sanger and his master Rishu Togo, with Kukuru viewing them as worthy opponents.

During the Kouryuu Sentai's last assault on the Garden itself, Kukuru also planned what was meant to be her last stand. But after being defeated, Son Ganlong showed up and gleefully revealed that her parents ceased to exist once they were devoured by Toutetsu-Oh and no resurrection process could reverse that, meaning that Kukuru has been duped the whole time. Before Toutetsu-Oh could consume her, Sanger defended her and spared her life. In gratitude, Kukuru joined forces with the Kouryuu Sentai and they defeated Son Ganlong, destroying the Garden of Baral, and later on defeated Irui Gan Eden and Euzzeth Gozzo.

Unfortunately, because of her servitude with the Garden of Baral, Kukuru's life was linked with the Garden, and with its destruction, Kukuru's life eroded away, but she was content with the help she provided for the Kouryuu Sentai and she passed away along with the destruction of Magarga.