Katze Kotolnos
Endless Frontier character
Voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu(Japanese)
Gender Male?
Species Beastman
Nationality Formido Heim
Occupation Soldier
Military History
Affiliation Orchestral Army
Rank Vice-Captain

Katze Kotolnos is a fictional character in Super Robot Wars: Original Generation spin-off series, Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga series for the Nintendo DS and one of the antagonist of Mugen no Frontier. He was the second-in-command of Formido Heim's elite battalion named "Orchestral Army" once part of the frontlines of Formido Heim during the "Ten Year War".


  • just a little rest - Shop theme
  • ORCHESTRAL ARMY - shared with Ezel, Henne, and Kyon
  • NOBLE WANDERER - Exclusive battle theme in EXCEED


Katze was once the vice-captain of the Orchestral Army. However, he failed to notice the change of Formido Heim's king, which ultimately resulted in the "Ten Year War". Feeling guilty for failing to stop the war, he went AWOL and started doing war reconstruction efforts in Dunepolis.


Hare Hunting (ヘアー・ハンティング Hair Hunting?):

  • Launches the opponent with a somersault.

Scrap Kick (スクラップキック?):

  • Starts with Hare Hunting, then rapidly kicks them in mid-air.

Round Eighty (ラウンド・エイティ?) [Finisher]:

  • Starts with Hare Hunting, then a strong kick blows the opponent away. As they bounce back, Katze spins his body into a tornado before hitting them with a powerful divekick.
    • Note: This is also his support attack in EXCEED.

Mouse Eater (マウス・イーター?):

  • Rapidly spins his body into a tornado and hits three enemies.


  • He is based on the cat from the Bremen Town Musicians.
    • Katze means cat in German.
  • His other motif is a cat wearing boots (Puss-in-Boots).
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