Mugen no Frontier KOS-MOS
Age Unknown (appears to be 17)
Appearances Xenosaga series
Namco X Capcom
Mugen no Frontier
Mugen no Frontier EXCEED
Seiyuu Mariko Suzuki

KOS-MOS is an anti-Gnosis combat android who is one of the major characters in the Xenosaga trilogy. She first debuted in Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht for the Playstation 2. She also fought alongside Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu in Namco X Capcom, among other characters who also appeared in said game. Throughout the course of the Xenosaga trilogy, KOS-MOS has gone through four different versions; in Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, she is currently in Version 4.



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Endless FrontierEdit

KOS-MOS appeared in the Endless Frontier.

Endless Frontier EXCEEDEdit


Moveset from Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot War OG Saga :

S-Sault - A mix of R-Blades attacks and a flip kick.

Valkyrie - A mixed attack with handgun, blade and cannon.

G-Shot - A combo using Dragon Tooth, cannon and gatlings

Dragon Tooth - Attack with Dragon Tooth in saber mode.

X-Buster - Starts out with R-Drill, followed by a lightning blow and finishes with X-Buster.

WS-Sault - Support attack. Somersaults twice, followed by X-Buster

D-Teneritas - Unleashes R-Blade, Dragon Tooth and X-Buster attacks, before entrapping the enemy in a sphere using the Phase transfer Cannon. The sphere then implodes before detonating.

Spell Blade - Based off the skill used by Shion Uzuki in Xenosaga. Slashes multiple enemies while reciting poetry.

Hilbert-Effect - Kos-Mos activates Hilbert Effect generators, inlficting status ailments on all foes

Moveset from Mugen no Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot War OG Saga :

S-Sault - Remain the same from prequel

Valkyrie 2 - Upgraded version of Valkyrie

G-Shot - KOS-MOS now uses gatling only.

Dragon Tooth - Remain the same from prequel but with a few changes

Storm Waltz - Starts out similar to X-Buster, however, KOS-MOS will then throw some mirrors onto the enemy and shoot at them with a handgun which will reflect onto the enemy. This is a move taken from the character Jr in the Xenosaga series.

X-Buster - Starts with a blast from her cannon followed by lightning sphere and finishes with X-Buster Blast.

D-Teneritas - Remains the same from prequel

Spell-Blade - Remains the same form prequel, but with an extension. An additional phrase is added to the poem, along with an attack where KOS-MOS takes a scythe and launches shockwaves.

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  • She will say a different quote than normal when using her overdrive to KO T-elos.

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