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Ingram Prisken is a fictional character in the Super Robot Taisen series. In Super Robot Wars Alpha, he pilots the Astranagant; and in Super Robot Wars Original Generation, his machines are the R-GUN and R-Gun Rivale.


Ingram appears in the following games:

Ingram also appear in the 3rd Super Robot Taisen Alpha and a full appearance in the animated Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: Divine Wars.

Theme Music[]

  • Time Diver - Default theme
  • Emissary From the Void (虚空からの使者, Kokuu Kara no Shisha) - Used when piloting the Astranagant and the R-Gun Rivale.



Super Robot Taisen α - Final Fight Part 2

Prior to Alpha 1, Ingram Prisken is thought to be the clone of the Balmarian Euzeth Gozzo. As part of the Aerogaters, Ingram was sent to Earth to spy on the Earth government's activities, after Meteor-3 had crashed. After joining up with the Federation and promoted to the rank of Major, Ingram begins his search for the candidates for the SRX Team. When the Aerogaters finally began their invasion of Earth, Ingram acts accordingly, and turns on his former SRX teammates. While Ingram was following his orders directly from Euzeth, who was also controlling his will, Ingram had an agenda of his own: to break free of Euzeth's control over him and complete his role as a Time Diver, a unique individual whose purpose is to protect and maintain balance  throughout various time and dimensions in all universe. With the powerful Astranagant to use, it seemed like Ingram would achieve his goal. However, the last battle between the Londo Bell and the Aerogaters ended up with Ingram and the Astranagant missing, presumably destroyed. More or less, though, Ingram's body was no more, but his essence and influence allowed him to keep on controlling the Astranagant.

Ingram would not appear in the events of Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden or the 2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha, but by the damaged Astranagant, while floating in the darkness of space, encounters a lone Balmarian Varuch Ben, piloted by Ayin Barshem ,one of the clones based from ingram, who was on a recon mission to Earth. Taking the chance, Ingram fuses the Astranagant with the unit, creating the Werkbau; at the same time, Cobray Gordon, the fusion between Ayin's physical body and Ingram's consciousness, is born. Cobray, not knowing who he is, except his name, joins the journey with the Alpha Numbers as to discover his identity. From time to time, Ingram tries to take over Cobray's body, but because Cobray was unique, since he has strong will that he can reject Ingram from fusing into one , then  Cobray breaks free from Ingram's influence and refuses his control. Seeing that Cobray was fit to take on the role of the next Time Diver, Ingram entrusts the power that he had from the Astranagant to Cobray. Thus, the Dis Astranagant is born, and Ingram is not seen or heard until Alpha Number's final battle with Keisar Ephes, where his power gives support to Cobray.

The events in the Original Generation universe is very similar to the events that happened in Alpha. However, the most notable difference is that rather than being able to break free from Euzeth's control, Ingram's will was tied down directly to Levi Tolar's Judecca, as Euzeth seemed to be aware of what happened in the Alpha universe. As a result, he remained an protagonist even though he was playing the role of a villian for the sake freeing himself from Euzeth Gozzo in the Original Generation timeline until his final moments.


  • The prologue for the anime Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: Divine Wars featured Ingram and Cobray fighting one another in their respective Astranagant and Dis Astranagant machines. This is actually the memory of Ingram where he is trying to convince Cobray to fuse their existence to become one. Yet Cobray refuses because he knows that it will affect the power of time and dimesions through every world in the universe even Ingram should know about it.
  • Ingram has a habit of yelling out (in Super Robot fashion) the name of his attacks. However, he usually always yells out 'Dead End Shoot' after his ultimate finisher if it is a blast like attack, such as the R-Gun's Metal Genocider. Conversely, if one puts him in a robot with a blade finisher, such as the Grungust, he sometimes yells out 'Dead End Slash'.
  • Ingram is so far the only character able to defeat Shu Shirakawa in a one on one battle. However since he has passed down the power of the Astranagant to Corbray, technically now Corbray and Ingram can defeat the Neo Granzon in a one on one battle.