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The Huckebein (ヒュッケバイン) is a Banpresto Original Mecha, debuting in The 4th Super Robot Wars. It is the starting point of the Huckebein Series, one of the most prominent mecha linage in Super Robot Wars and had spawned numerous variations and upgrades throughout various timelines. In the Alpha and OG timeline, it exists as the Huckebein 008R and Huckebein 008L respectively, with the 008L later upgraded into the Huckebein EX in Alpha. A green-colored 3rd unit known as Huckebein 009 is also present. Data from the Huckebein would be used to develop the Huckebein Mk-II.


The Huckebein is a unit with a very humanoid design. It is a homage to the Gundam-type Mobile Suits from the Mobile Suit Gundam series, and shares many design characteristics, such as the distinctive gold "V-fin" on the head, red chest cockpit, and red "chin".

The Original Generation Huckebein has a darker tone of blue compared to its other counterparts.

Technological and Historical[]

The Huckebein is a high-performance general-purpose Personal Trooper installed with a Black Hole Engine, allowing it to use the powerful Black Hole Cannon. It can create Afterimages to fool enemy units, which is said to be somewhat based on the M.E.P.E system of the Gundam F91 (outside Alpha and OG). In Classic, a brainwave controlling system is also installed as piloting aid. Aside from its special systems, the mecha also boasts high mobility and hovering capabilities, along with being equipped with standard Personal Trooper weapons such as Vulcan Cannons. In Alpha and OG, Mao Industries used the data from the Huckebein to develop the Huckebein Mk-II, while the 3rd Huckebein unit was designated as the Huckebein 009.

Classic Series[]

Unlike succeeding timelines, only either the Huckebein or the Grungust will be built in the Classic timeline, depending on the player's chosen route. The Huckebein was developed by the Earth Federation as a successor to the Gespenst Type-R after the Inspector Incident in The 3rd Super Robot Wars, however the project was frozen by the Titans' budget cut. Fortunately, the Haran Conglomerate owned by Banjou Haran provided financial backing for the project, allowing the Huckebein to be secretly completed within the Tesla Reich Institute. In all Classic games, the Huckebein's brainwave controlling system is tuned specifically for the hero, making them the only person capable of piloting the mecha.

4th SRW/4th SRW S[]

The Huckebein will be given to the hero by their father as a birthday present. For Space Route, the hero will receive the Huckebein in Stage 26, delivered to the Londenion space colony at Side 1. For Earth Route, the hero will receive the Huckebein at the start of Stage 25, stored in Hangar 3, as Londo Bell arrives at the Tesla Reich Institute to receive new robots.

SRW F Final[]

At the start of Stage 21, the hero will be asked by Banjou Haran to head to the Tesla Reich Institute, where they will receive the Huckebein as a birthday present from the hero's father, stored in Hangar 4.

Alpha Series[]

The Huckebein was developed as first mecha to use EOT discovered within the SDF-1 Macross by Ingram Plissken. Mao Industries ended up developing 3 units, which were the RTX-008L Huckebein 008L, the RTX-008R Huckebein 008R and the RTX-009 Huckebein 009. The 008R and 008L were equipped with Black Hole Engines based on EOT while the 009 is loaded with a standard Nuclear Fusion Reactor. Raidiese F. Branstein and Ling Mao served as the 008R and 008L's pilots respectively. During the 008R's startup test, however, a malfunction occured with the Black Hole Engine, causing a reactor meltdown that wreaked havoc to the Moon-bound Technetium base, as well as the destruction of the 008R. The accident, which earned the Huckebein the infamous nickname Vanishing Trooper, left behind only 3 surviors, who were Major Raidiese (though the explotion costed him his left hand), Lieutenant Irmgard Kazahara and Professor Kirk Hamill.

In fact, the Black Hole Engine is a Balmarian technology given to Ingram by Euzeth Gozzo, in order to measure the technological and development capabilities of humanity. Due to this objective, the Black Hole Engine, which itself an already outdated Balmar technology compared to the latest Quantum Wave Engine, had a defect integrated into its design. This is so that humanity, in the event that they successfully analyzed the Engine, will not be able to weaponize it against Ze Balmary Empire in the future. Furthermore, Shuu Shirakawa discovered the defect in the Engine and colluded with Ingram, so that only the minimum amount of 3 people were present during the Huckebein's start-up trial, allowing Shuu to save them using his Granzon (a Super Gravity Boundary was generated around the Huckebein's cockpit, which is why Rai only lost his left hand) and preventing unnecessary loss of life. When questioned by Ryuusei as to why didn't he attempt to halt the trial in the first place, Shuu replied that if the development of the Black Hole Engine was successful, Ze Balmary Empire would have regarded humanity as a serious threat and attacked the Solar System in full might instead of only deploying the Imperial Army 7th Fleet, not giving humanity sufficient time to develop/gather humanoid superweapons as seen in Alpha 3.

After the Vanishing Trooper Incident, the remaining 008L unit being sealed away and transferred to the EFA Far East Branch. The sealed unit was later upgraded into the Huckebein EX following the Huckebein Mk-II development project, and was fielded in combat by Irmgard Kazahara. As for the 009, it was transferred to the EFA Far East Branch along with the 008L and used for data gathering by Irmgard.

Although the Huckebeins did not appear directly in any Alpha games as a unit, a model of it (which uses the official art of the Alpha/OG Huckebein) can be seen in Noriko Takaya's room during SRW Alpha 3.

OG Series[]

The Huckebein's origin in the OG universe is more or less identical to its Alpha counterpart. It was developed as the intended successor unit of the Mass-Production Gespenst Mk-II, as well as basis for the next line of mass-production Personal Troopers. Built-in weapons were reduced to the minimum to cut costs, its Plasma Generator was improved compared to the Wildschwein, and an updated TC-OS was installed for greater handling and accuracy with handheld weapons. 3 units were built and given the model number PTX-008. During their development, however, the Earth Defense Council decided to equip the first 2 Huckebeins with the Black Hole Engine discovered inside Meteor-3, drastically increasing the PTs' output and firepower much more than they were initially designed for. Due to this change, the first 2 units had their model numbers changed to RTX-008R and RTX-008L, while the 3rd unit still retained its Plasma Generator and was designated as RTX-009, more commonly known as the Huckebein 009. Similar to the Alpha timeline, the Vanishing Trooper Incident took place, destroying the 008R and only leaving 3 survivors. As for the cause of the incident, the game explanation is that a defect was added into the Engine during its construction by the Inspectors, due to humanity utilizing Balmar's Engine type found inside Meteor-3 instead of Zovorg's type, thus breaching the treaty. In Bad Beat Bunker, an alternate explanation was given, stating that the defect had already been integrated into the design from the beginning by the Balmarians, bearing homage to the Alpha storyline. Mao Industries sought to fully perfect the Black Hole Engine on the remaining 008L unit and eventually succeeded, allowing for the mecha to be deployed to the front lines.


If secret conditions are fulfilled, the Huckebein 008L will make its debut during Stage 37, piloted by Viletta Vadim (Kyousuke Route) or Ling Mao (Ryuusei Route), as reinforcements against an Aerogator assault on the Elpis Colony / Mao Industries' Moon facility. It will be incorporated into the Player Team after the battle.


After the DC War and L5 Campaign, the Huckebein is once again put into storage on Mao Industries' Moon facility. It was not yet ready for deployment during the Inspectors' first assault on the Moon facility but was calibrated in time for the second assault, once again piloted by Ling, providing cover for Ryouto Hikawa's Tausendfuessler carrying the Huckebein Mk-III Type-L (OG2 Stage 16/OGs2 Stage 23). After the Type-L's activation and success in driving off the invaders, the Huckebein was incorporated to the Hiryuu Kai crew that later arrived, with Leona Garstein serving as its temporary pilot. Ling returned as its pilot after regrouping with the Steel Dragon Squadron to help in subsequent operations (Stage 41).


Following the Inspector War, the Huckebein was stored away at the Tesla Reich Institute and picked up by the Steel Dragon Squadron when they paid the Institute a visit, as preparation for the oncoming Shura Turbulence.

2nd SRW OG[]

The Huckebein 008L finally met its end alongside its sibling units (save for the Exbein and the Mk-II Unit 3) at the hands of the Galilnagant when they were about to be transported to Hickam Air Force Base for upgrades. The Huckebein units' wreckage along with spare parts was used to quickly patch up the damaged Exbein into the Ash.


The Huckebein is developed by the Nicola Willheim Institute, with 2 units being made, PTX-08R and PTX-08L. 08R is assigned to pilot Veltlav Text.

SRW X-Omega[]

The 08L debuts here, piloted by Shizuki Shizukawa, appearing in an official prequel storyline for SRW V that was added to X-Omega as a Unit Quest .

Armaments & Attacks[]

  • Vulcan Cannon (バルカン砲 Vulcan-Hou)

Mounted in the head area are a pair of 60 mm Vulcan Cannons.

  • Micro Missile (マイクロミサイル)

Numerous missiles are stored within the Huckebein's main booster pods, seen in Classic and V. They can be used against individual targets or for MAP attacks. It isn't equipped in OG since according to the settings, the storage area for the missiles is where the Tesla Drives will be installed, however for some reason the Huckebein still retained this weapon in Record of ATX.

  • 4-Tube Missile Launcher (4連装ミサイルランチャー Yonrensou Missile Launcher)

A weapon equipped on the Huckebein in Classic, however since no such device can be seen on the Huckebein's body it can be asssumed that it is an optional externally-attached weapon.

  • Roche Saber (ロシュセイバー)

A pair of energy swords mounted on the underside of the Huckebein's side skirts. The energy blade is generated through gravity waves utilizing the Gravicon System. Swappable weapon in OG.

  • Plasma Sword (プラズマソード)

Another energy sword variant that the Huckebein is equipped with, seen in Classic. It is unknown as to why was this weapon added despite the Huckebein already having a close-combat weapon, the Roche Saber.

  • Magna Beam Rifle (マグナ・ビームライフル)

A beam rifle for long to mid-range combat, originally developed for the R-2. Added as a swappable weapon in OG2.

  • Leap Slasher (リープ・スラッシャー)

Six arc pieces are released from the Huckebein, which then combine into a circular beam-emitting ring mid-air and sent to attack the enemy. In Classic, the weapon can be seen "leaping" through subspace when deployed, before warping right in front of the enemy and slashing them, hence the name. As for storage, in Record of ATX they can be seen being released from the rear skirt armor. Swappable Weapon in OG.

  • Graviton Launcher (グラビトン・ランチャー)

A long-range gravity-distorting rifle from the OG series. Seen used by the Huckebein in Record of ATX in place of the Black Hole Cannon, and can be mounted on the back hardpoint.

  • Black Hole Cannon (ブラックホールキャノン)

The Huckebein's ultimate weapon, a large external cannon that is launched from a carrier or base to the Huckebein's position at the pilot's request (similar to the Hyaku Shiki's Mega Bazooka Launcher from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam). The Huckebein then docks the cannon to its chest, connecting it to the Black Hole Engine, before firing a powerful gravity-distorting blast. The target is then effectively sucked inside a miniature black hole and crushed by the distortion. The Metal Robot Damashii figure released after SRW V added that the Cannon can be mounted on the Huckebein's back, along with the Kotobukiya model kit instructions detailing that the Black Hole Cannon is also equipped with its own Black Hole Engine, which is unusable unless docked with the Huckebein's Engine, making the Cannon essentially packing the output of 2 mini black holes.


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  • The Huckebein's name appears to be a reference to a troublesome raven named Hans Huckebein, the subject of an illustrated German poem made in 1867 by Wilhelm Busch.