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Haken Browning
Endless Frontier character
Img chara13 in chara.png
Voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese)
Age 23
Gender Male
Species Human
Known relatives Lemon Browning (Mother),
Aschen Brodel (Sister)
Military History
Units Piloted Gespenst Haken (The Moon Dwellers)

Haken Browning (ハーケン・ブロウニング) is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars OG Saga series and the protagonist of Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier. He is a cool, chivalrous, yet slightly perverted (though it is implied that this is because of his foster fathers influence as his father is shown acting in a similar manner) 23-year-old bounty hunter from Lost Herencia. He was originally found by John Moses on the Mai Tierra being cradled by Aschen Brodel and they are both adopted by him, upon growing up he takes over Moses's job of managing the ship Zeit Krokodil (Time Crocodile in German), serving as its captain and is noted to be similar to his mother in many ways including their penchant for reckless almost insane plans.

Haken considers himself to be an "Amateur Ladies' Man", and often tries to chat up beautiful women he comes across. The only real exception to this is Aschen, whom he considers more like a mother or sister. He also has a habit of giving nicknames to the people he meets, both friends and enemies. He takes this surprisingly seriously, such as the time he nicknamed an enemy Skull Knight, only to find that really was his given name.

His weaponry consist of a customized rifle with a built-in pile bunker and bayonet called the Night Fowl and a long-barreled handgun called the Longtomb Special. Haken's move-set consist of gunplay and an explosive set of playing cards. In addition to his own abilities, Haken is also often accompanied by the Phantom, a three-meter-tall robot resembling a miniaturized Gespenst.


Haken has appeared in the following games:


  • All Correct! - Default theme


Endless Frontier[]

Endless Frontier begins with Haken and Aschen preparing to explore the Mai Tierra, having obtained the license to do so. Inside the ship, they find princess Kaguya Nanbu of Kagura Amahara. After finding out about the bounty to return her safely to her home, They travel back to her world, but eventually get caught up in a mystery involving crystals growing in infesting areas around the Endless Frontier worlds, the wandering war machines Gespenst Phantom,Alteisen  Nacht, and Weissreiter Abend, Arkgain and many more.

Over the course of this adventure, Haken finds the truth of his origin deep within the bowels of the Mai Tierra: He is W00, the intial of the W-Series from the Shadow-Mirror. But rather than a bioroid, Haken is a genetically-engineered human designed to be a combat soldier and pilot. After having determined that it would take too long for such soldiers to grow up, the W-Series project was switched over to androids instead. The infant Haken was placed inside a tube on the Trilobite-class battleship Neverland, which was lost in the dimensional jump from the Shadow-Mirror universe. The rear half, containing Haken and the first samples of the W-Numbers ended up in Lost Herencia, where he and Aschen (W07) were found by John Moses.

Endless Frontier EXCEED[]

Project X Zone[]

On another expedition through the Schlaffen Celeste, Haken and Kaguya encounter Sanger Zonvolt, who suddenly appears in one of the ship's teleporters. This takes them through a whirlwind encounter against an organization trying to merge several worlds together. Fighting alongside a motley collection of soldiers, adventurers, and martial artists, they manage to defeat the organization and return to the Endless Frontier.

The Moon Dwellers[]

Having inadvertently brought Sanger back to the Frontier, Haken tries to use the Shafen Celeste's teleporter to return him to his own universe, using the data from Axel and Kouta's previous arrival. However, a malfunction(further forced by Aschen) brings both Haken and Aschen to the New A.D. Earth as well. Stuck on a tiny island in the south pacific, they quickly find themselves caught in a fight between two forces who traces the energy of the Celeste's teleportation beam. Fortunately, one of the factions was the ship Kurogane, which picked them up. Inside the ship's hold, Haken was surprised to find a giant copy of the Phantom: The Gespenst Haken.


Endless Frontier[]

Texas Hold'em

  • Haken knocks the enemy into the air with Night Fowl's blade, fires a string of bullets, then blasts them away with the Night Fowl's stake driver.

High Low Draw

  • Haken slashes the enemy into the air by tossing Night Fowl upwards, then fires his Longtomb Special several times into the enemy until his rifle comes down.

Best Flush

  • Haken spins his rifle, slashing the enemy and knocking them into the air, then juggles them with several explosive cards.

Five-Card Stud

  • Haken pierces the enemy with five charges of the Night Fowl's stake driver.


  • Haken opens fire with both the Night Fowl and Longtomb Special, knocking the enemy into the air and finishing with a leaping point-blank shot.

Blind Bet (Support)

  • Haken jumps into the battle shooting both his guns at the enemy as in Jackpot, launches them higher with the Night Fowl's stake driver and knocks them back.

Last Showdown

  • Haken starts with High Low Draw before rushing behind the enemy to slash them like in Best Flush. He charges in front of the enemy again to stab them with the Night Fowl's stake driver. Finally, he unleashes a supercharged energy beam from the extended Longtomb Special.

Rampage Specter

  • The Nacht and Abend double-team a single enemy with a version of the Alt Eisen and Weiss Ritter's Rampage Ghost combination.

Ultimate Gespenst Kick

  • A combination attack with the Phantom. Haken and the Phantom attacks the enemy with a combination of gun and blade attacks, and the Phantom finishes with a powerful diving kick and a beam cannon blast.

Endless Frontier EXCEED[]

Texas Hold'em

  • Haken slashes twice before spraying bullets from the Night Fowl, then slashes two more times before knocking the enemy away with the Night Fowl's stake driver.

High Low Draw 2nd

  • An improved version of High Low Draw where after the Night Fowl returns, Haken juggles the enemy with his Night Fowl by shooting at it.

Fire Mouse

  • Haken knocks the enemy into the air with an exploding card and shoots them with the Night Fowl before surrounding himself with playing cards that push away the enemy.

Full House

  • Haken quickly slashes the enemy multiple times with the Night Fowl's blade before releasing an arc of bullets.

Seven Stud

  • An improved version of Five Card Stud where Haken pierces the enemy with seven charges instead of five.

Best Flush 2nd

  • An improved version of Best Flush where instead of letting the cards blow up themselves, Haken proceeds to shoot them with his Longtomb Special.


  • Haken opens fire with the Night Fowl and the Longtomb Special before leaping into the air, firing a point blank dual wielding shot.

Quad Solitaire

  • Haken opens fire with the Night Fowl, does an upwards slash and stabs the enemy with the Night Fowl's stake driver before quickly charging a laser beam that blows both the enemy and himself away.


Haken Browning in Endless Frontier.


  • Haken's last name comes from Excellen Browning - Or rather Lemon Browning, his mother. He also shares many similarities with Excellen, such as their flirtatious nature towards the opposite gender.
  • Haken references Kyosuke Nanbu, with a number of gambling themes (even moreso than Kyosuke), and a weapon that involves a stake .
  • Haken's weapon, Night Fowl, appears to be built with technology similiar to Alt Eisen's Revolving Stake, as seen in the manga that he pierced a Einst's armor and core while preforming a Texas Hold'em.
  • Haken and his Gespenst are featured in the 3DS crossover game Project X Zone, partnered with Kaguya, as well as together with Sänger.