Space Noah-class warship Hagane

The Hagane is a fictional battleship in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as a playable unit in the Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation series.


The Hagane is the second ship in the Space Noah Class of battleships. A total of six Space Noah Class ships are referenced as being constructed - the Shirogane, the Hagane, the Kurogane, and three additional ships, which are under construction on the moon during the events of Original Generation 2. Of the latter, the fourth ship of the class is known to have the same bow module as the Shirogane. This module is, during the events of OG2, installed on the Hagane, temporarily depriving the ship of its Tronium Buster Cannon.

Given the callsign Steel 2, this Earth Federation Army vessel carries multiple Personal Troopers and a crew consisting of technicians, medical personnel, pilots, mechanics, and officers. The Space Noah class is characterized by its enormous size, rivaling the Hiryu Custom, and a modular design with three interchangeable bow modules. That of the Hagane mounts an enormous Tronium Buster Cannon, which is its primary and most powerful weapon. The other two modules, seen on its sister ships Shirogane and Kurogane, mount an additional pair of launch decks or a Titanic Drill, respectively.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

The Hagane was built in the wake of Dr. Bian Zoldark's announcement that aliens existed outside of the galaxy and would likely mount an attack on the Earth. As a Space Noah Class battleship, the Hagane was designed to have an interchangeable bow, allowing it to be fitted with a different superweapon, such as the Tronium Buster Cannon. Its two sister ships mount a catapult-type module with two additional launch catapults (The Shirogane) and a module equipping a warship-sized giant drill (The Kurogane).

In Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation, the Hagane was first unveiled after the Antarctic incident, where the Shirogane was destroyed by Shu Shirakawa and his Granzon. Commanded by veteran Captain Daitetsu Minase, the battleship was used during the Divine Crusaders War against the Earth-based faction, the Divine Crusaders. Members of the SRX Team and other pilots would reside on the ship and assist it during the DC War. The Hagane was used as part of Operation SRW, against the invading Aerogaters. The ship would be destroyed during the latter part of the operation by Gaza Haganer (though in retaliation the Hagane would use the last of its power to destroy his Ezekiel Adom), and the Kurogane would be used in its place.

In Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2, the Hagane is fully repaired and under the command of Captain Daitetsu Minase again. It would be used in numerous sorties and operations against the Neo Divine Crusaders, Shadow-Mirror, Inspectors and the Einst. During this time, it would temporarily be fitted with a catapult-type bow module of the same model as the Shirogane's taken from the fourth, unnamed ship of the class, prompting its crew to nickname it the Shiro-Hagane. The Hagane remained in service until during Operation Plantagenet, when it is engaged by the traitor Lee Linjun with the repaired Shirogane. Daitetsu would be killed in the attack, and the Hagane would suffer significant damage, rendering it unusable for the rest of war. Executive Officer Tetsuya Onodera would take command of the Kurogane, while the Hagane was docked for repairs.

In Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation OVA, the Hagane, now repaired, would be under Tetsuya's command, and used against the rebelling Bartools and the invasion of the Hellgate facility.

In Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers, after the installation and successful testing of Zuvorg Alliance spatial warp device on the Hiryu Kai, Hagane also received and installed a Zuvorg Alliance spatial warp device sent by Special Envoy Mekibos Bolverde. With both Steel Dragons Squad's battleships equipped with the spatial warp device, the Steel Dragons Squad can easily and rapidly deploy anywhere on Earth to deal with future threats against Earth and its people.


Super Robot Taisen OG 2nd ~Hagane All Attacks~

Super Robot Taisen OG 2nd ~Hagane All Attacks~


Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Weapon Systems:

  • 120mm Machinegun Cannons
    Using the mounted turrets surrounding the ship, the Hagane fires near-endless rounds of bullets at enemy targets within close promixity of the battleship, as a last defensive option. Rarely used as an offensive weapon.
  • VLS Homing Missiles
    A set of long-range missiles are fired from the portside of the Hagane, intended for supporting allied mechs during sorties.
  • Torpedo Launcher
    Stored close to the Hagane's interchangeable bows, these are the primary armaments used whenever the ship is submerged.
  • Sub Guns
    Located on the port and starboard extremities of the Hagane, four twin-barreled solid-firing cannons is the battleship's secondary weapons, mostly to attack targets with barriers against energy attacks.
  • Impact Cannons
    Located on the deck of the Hagane, these twin-barreled beam cannons are the battleship's main weapon, built to destroy multiple targets in its line of fire.
  • Tronium Buster Cannon(Triumph Cannon in SRWOG OG Tasien 2 English)
    Fitted onto the bow of the ship, this Tronium-powered beam cannon fires a massive wave of pure energy that can take out installations and cripple enemy fleets, usually as a preemptive attack. Unfortunately it can only be used once per battle.
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