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DCAM-006 (RAM-006) Guarlion

The Guarlion is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared in the Super Robot Wars Original Generation series, both as an enemy unit and a playable unit.


While its predecessor, the Lion, is reminiscent of various fighter planes, the Guarlion resembles a humanoid mobile weapon more like the Gespenst Personal Trooper does. Though a wide range of colors exist, it is primarily shown as gray with highlights of black on its hands, feet, and shoulders and purple on its rear wing binders and crown.

Technical And Historical[]

Using combat data retrieved from various Lions during the Divine Crusaders War, the Divine Crusaders sought to develop a new line of Armored Modules, one where the combat and maneuvering capabilities are increased and greater than its predecessor. Through research on sorties against the Earth Federation Army's Personal Troopers and the Aerogaters' Megillots, the DCAM-006 Guarlion was designed and created. Although it wasn't mass-produced to the scale that the Lion was, the Guarlion and its variations would be fully utilized by the Divine Crusaders and the United Colony Corps.

Like the Lion, all Guarlions are equipped with the standard Tesla Drive unit, giving it sustained flight. Its mobility, however, is greatly increased because of the reduction in weight and the aerodynamic figure that closely resembles a humanoid machine. A number of variations were created to round out the Guarlion deployment: the DCAM-006C Guarlion Custom, the DCAM-006LB Guarlion LB, and the DCAM-006T Guarlion Trombe. A Test Use Guarlion was also built, but its main purpose was to train pilots for Project Terrestrial Dream, rather than be used for battle.

When the Divine Crusaders War and L5 Campaign ended, most Guarlions were either destroyed or became integrated into the Divine Crusader Remnants. The Earth Federation Army saw no need to produce and utilize the Guarlion anymore, as Mao Industries' mass-produced Huckebein MK II M became the standard Personal Trooper for its pilots to use. However, one such Guarlion Custom, in possession of defected UCC member, Leona Garstein, would be turned into the XRAM-006VC Siegerlion.


Guarlion Specifications[]

DCAM-006C (RAM-006C) Guarlion Custom

DCAM-006T (RAM-006T) Guarlion Trombe

DCAM-006LB (RAM-006LB) Guarlion LB

DCAM-006CM (RAM-006CM) Guarlion Mumyou Custom

Distributed throughout the Divine Crusaders and United Colony Corps, the DCAM-006 Guarlion would be the successor to the Lion series, both in versatility and aerial combat. Unlike the Lion's Railgun, the Guarlion's Burst Railgun is not attached to its arms, but becomes a handheld weapon and can be stored away. All Guarlions are also equipped with a Sonic Breaker attack, where stored energy can be released to form a protective covering in front of the unit and act as a shield, but more commonly used to ram into enemies. The DCAM-006C Guarlion Custom would be introduced as a strengthened Guarlion and fielded by commanding officers and ace pilots, while the DCAM-006T Guarlion Trombe was Elzam V. Branstein's personal unit during the war. The performance on Elzam's model was considered to be the best during the first part of the Divine Crusaders War. The DCAM-006LB Guarlion LB, the main unit of the Last Battalion, the strongest unit in the Divine Crusaders, would be equipped with a missile jamming system and be greatly enhanced, but not on par with the Guarlion Custom.

Height: 18.9 meters

Weight: 30.4 tons

Weapons Systems:

  • Vulcan
    Body-mounted guns on the torso of the Guarlion for quick strafing attacks.
  • Assault Blade
    A mecha-sized sword used for close-combat enemy encounters relying on motorized teeth, similar to the ones on a chainsaw.
  • Divine Blade
    A solid metal sword used for melee combat. It has the same name as the sword used by the Valsion, but it is much smaller and comparably less powerful. The Guarlion Custom, Guarlion Trombe, and Guarlion LB use this weapon to replace the Assault Blade.
  • Burst Railgun
    A handheld railgun that fires the same rounds as the Lion's Railgun attack.
  • Sonic Breaker
    The shoulders of the Guarlion open up, releasing the stored energy within the machine, creating a blue energy field that surrounds the front of the unit. As the Guarlion flies straight towards its enemy, it rams itself towards the target with the energy field piercing through the enemy armor.
  • Shishioh Blade
    Available only on Divine Crusaders officer Murata's Guarlion Custom Mumyou, this Personal Trooper-sized katana easily slices through any enemy. Its attack animation is the same generic attack animation for the weapon when equipped onto allied units in Super Robot Wars Original Generations. A smaller dagger can also be used during this attack, which is driven into the enemy before executing a much stronger two-handed slash.

Siegerlion Specifications[]

XRAM-006VC Sieguarlion

The XRAM-006VC Siegerlion is the result of Leona Garstein's Guarlion Custom unit after an extensive remodeling of the machine. Designed by Leona's boyfriend, Tasuku Shinguji, and overseen by Dr. Marion Radom, the Siegerlion incorporates the latest Personal Trooper data during its development and features additional Tesla Drives for greater mobility and maneuvering and the T-Link System, which only Real Troopers were equipped with. The T-Link System on the Siegerlion, however, is only used for the Sonic Acceleration attack, giving it increased firepower (Dr. Radom believed that someone of Leona's skill would not need a defensive barrier, thus the Siegerlion does not produce a Nendō Field). A new set of weapons was also added, and its capabilities far exceed that of the original Guarlion.

Height: 20.8 meters

Weight: 30.6 tons

Weapons Systems:

  • Machine Cannon
    Body-mounted guns on the torso for quick strafing attacks. Stronger than the standard Vulcan on the original Guarlion.
  • Divine Arm
    A sword used for melee combat. Same type as the one wielded by the Valsione.
  • Burst Railgun
    A handheld railgun, more powerful than the railguns on a Lion and is standard equipment on all Guarlions.
  • Blade Railguns
    A pair of smaller, lighter railguns, equipped with blade-like bayonets, that are detachable from the waist of the Siegerlion. Using the Blade Railguns, the Siegerlion executes a pattern of shots and slashes with the railguns at close-range.
  • Sonic Acceleration
    Charging towards the target, the Siegerlion activates its Break Field, which is then focused forward as a pair of large laser beams. Trapping the opponent between them, the attack is enhanced by a boost from the T-Link System, firing a massive laser wave at point-blank range into the target.


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